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Found 2 results

  1. Day 1. First day on the job, I got transferred to the Chimaera after I got out of training, I am so hyped right now. I also met this other trooper named Maxine, I didn't really know much about her but we hung out a lot during our free time. On our first mission together, we went to a planet that I don't know much about, hell I don't even know the name of it, it just looks super plain. The mission was easy and a major success, at the debreif, Maxine, me and another trooper all got promoted to Private First Class, and it was on my first day too! I can't wait to see what'll happen next, I hope I get to mingle with the higher ranks. Day 9. The 224th had a tryouts today and man it was a tough tryouts, they had one position left and I was competing against 8 other dudes and Maxine was one of them. We did our basic faces, formations and then we got to do a race, climb course, trench run and fight a wookie with our bare fists, though I got knocked out by another trooper who may have confused me for the wookie cause if I am being honest my legs are super hairy. After like an hour of that junk Maxine was chosen to be the 224th trooper and I was dissapointed in myself but I shrugged it off anyways. Later the day one of the general dudes were yelling in comms asking for all VS members to go to IHC, I wonder what's VS anyways. Day 52. Yesterday the entirety of the ship landed on a remote part of Naboo, the area is very flat, has very few hills and there's a village down somewhere East of our FOB. Apparently we are here due to their being a mini rebellion or militia at this area, I think they were named the SAS or SIS or something stupid like that, I wouldn't know. Oh apparently there's an entire underground bunker and train station under us right now, maybe I should go check it out, they are probably hiding in there. Day 53. We (The ST Corps) were searching the underground bunker for any hostiles but I got separated from the group due to Bounty Hunters pulling me aside so I had to track the guys' steps, but I think I am lost, this place is way bigger than I thought. I haven't seen anyone ever since those Bounty Hunters, I have been walking here for the past day and found nobody, I think I saw the 224th guys but they blended in with the mud so I couldn't really tell. I lost my transmitter and my Comms Device so I can't confirm my location and ask for help, looks like I am going to be here for a while. I just found this hole and it leads to a weird tunnel with orange and blue lights and if I remember correctly that's what the guy leading this operation described the train station's appearance to be. Okay I have been walking down the train station for the past hour and damn, this thing is pretty long. Oh shit, I found a weird guy standing in the tunnels, I am in hiding right now and I can't contact anybody, all I can do right now is pray. I see him talking with another person, I think they maybe the SIS dudes the operation leader was talking about, but I may need to investigate it myself. Day 61. I woke up in a bed in the medbay this morning, apparently I have been in a coma for 8 days as what I am told. The MT told me that I have suffered injuries to my legs after encountering the SIS and that my legs had to been amputated and be replaced with robotic legs. I am quite distraught about this situation honestly, but thanks to some support by acquaintances I have been trying clinging onto life and get used to my new legs. I don't know what'll happen next, but surely it has to end with me being happy. For now I will walk and stand with pride. Day 93. Yesterday the ship was sent down to investigate the planet of Kashyyk about wookie's escaping and attacking their captors. I am pretty nervous as I heard these wookie's are strong enough to rip an entire trooper's torso off, however, I have fought a wookie general before, with my bare fists, so this may not be as hard. We have set up base at the bottom of a tree and we are going to head towards the slave compound that is currently being overrun by the wookies, as long as I stay calm I can make it through this. Day 95. 2 days ago during the mission on Kashyyk the last thing I remember was me having a fist vs. fist fight with a wookie slave and getting my left arm ripped off. The pain was unbearable. I managed to escape with the help from troopers firing away from afar. I was sitting in a corner in a room filled with dead bodies of both troopers and wookies, I thought I was going to die alone in a cold room but I was then greeted by a random Engineer and I blacked out from there. Here I am sitting in the medbay writing this with one arm, I am waiting for a replacement, prosthetic arm I can use just like my fake legs. Just as long I work for the Empire and under Emperor Palpatine I have a purpose to live for. Once I get out of here I will try my hardest all the time, I can't wait too see what their reactions will be when they see what'll come next out of me. Journal was written and signed by
  2. Sentry

    '0327' Sentry

    You must have Clearance 5+ to access this document. Punishment will apply. You have been warned (OOC) highlight black text to see information (OOC) this is my story before the server reset. (OOC) this is more of a personal character story instead of a report. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sentry Colonel Storm Commandos 0327 Human 24 Male ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview '0327' Sentry was first assigned to the Storm Trooper Corps, after completing training in the Academy. '0327' was then assigned to Storm Commandos, an elite branch of Imperial Scout Troopers formed by Crix Madine during the Galactic Civil War. '0327' was trained in Marksmanship, stealth, and sabotage. History '0327' was born on the planet of Coruscant, his parents were killed when he was age 4. Living by himself, '0327' had time to Harnish his skills in stealth and sabotage. '0327' signed up voluntarily for the Empire at age 16. Sentry aimed to fight with brilliance and valor, and his training was successful. He was moved into Navy recruited by Navy Chief Barron. '0327' did not qualify for Navy as he did not have enough knowledge about the Empire. However, Barron accepted him into the Imperial Navy. After serving awhile in the Navy, '0327' decided to head into the front lines and requested a transfer to the Shock Trooper Corps. He was recruited by Sergeant Mist and served under Brigadier Imposing '0327' eventually left the Shock Trooper Corps. '0327' was given an invite to join the 501st Regiment, Vader's Fist. '0327' decided to join Vader's Fist, recruited by Staff Sergeant Edwards and served under Commander Wilson '0327' spent a lot of his time in Vader's Fist, but after the time he started losing excitement, he thought he lost his only friend in battle, after never seeing him again, time went on and on, his loyalty lied within Vader's Fist, trying to do his best for the regiment. Returning from the Mission to Mustafar, he realized that he was being kicked out of the 501st Regiment. '0327' spent 8 days back in the Storm Trooper Corps. He still wanted to serve the Empire, but he was lost to find a regiment that felt like true home. '0327' saw his other Vader's Fist member Edwards, return from Battle, and took the rank of Commander of the regiment Storm Commandos. '0327' signed up for the Storm Commando tryout and completed it with ease due to his past experience and childhood. He knew this was the right regiment, and swore his loyalty to his new Commander. '0327' was recruited with his fellow members Ralla and Ty. '0327' recruited other Members like Bonky Meat, Excalibur, and Veteran. He was mentally broken and rebuilt by his Commander to make sure he was the best he could be. Sentry feels his Team treats him with the utmost respect and honour. -----ERROR----- Retrieving Current Data.............................. Sentry was killed in battle. 4ABY, Endor.