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  1. If you've been around for some time, you'd remember the Media Team, the talented non-staff team who used their skills in production (such as: filming, editing, script-writing, set design, etc.) to create videos and graphics based around the server and community. In fact, I was encouraged by a friend to buy Garry's Mod to play Imperial Gaming as I had an interest for Star Wars, and I was shown a server advertisement on youtube created by the Media Team, with all that glorious 2017 IG aesthetic. Any how, I've never wanted to join the Media Team but always admired them and they were my favourite team in the community. I remember reading through so many Media Team applications and seeing the production skills so much of this community has. Everything looked good but it came to a stop, motivation decreased and eventually on September 9, 2019 they were disbanded and it seemed less content was being produced by the community, which I believe lead to an idea in CFP. Coalition for Progress was great, a regiment with multiple branches and a really good roleplay oppurtunity in propaganda creation. A lot came from them as well, some really great posters and videos, but I never saw much? I think creating a regiment for this wasn't the greatest, even though they still had a lot of oppurtunity with other branches in the regiment, it clashed with ISB in my belief. And as motivation decreased here, another disband occured. In the recent community meeting, @SCHEFF raised a question on the Imperial Press Corps, which was a job (regiment) made for public use after the disband of the Media Team, but here I didn't see to many community members use it. Now looking at the context, it looks like the actual job was removed but it looks like it may be brought back (unsure if still a job). If we bring back this job and people are willing to use it, I think it'd be great to bring back the Media Team, a team which is non-staff is great in my opinion, people have a proper position in the community without being staff. I've been thinking about this after wanting to redo my regimental showcase and thinking of doing a video but having little skill in production. Then to add more thought on the Media Team I hop on team speak and then remember my donator channel which I named "Kamelieon's Media Team" as a joke. Anyhow, I've thought about it for a little while and I think bringing back the Media Team is a good idea, I'm putting it up for discussion because I want to hear other people's opinions on it as well.
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