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Found 9 results

  1. After two long years, it finally goes public. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the premiere. There's much more to come so stay tuned. <3
  2. alright its in the title, simple. it doesnt have to be IG events, swrp in general. ALRIGHT GO! my favourite was on EG and we were on a desert planet surrounded by rebels next to some cargo. inside the cargo was weapons and the EM spawned weapons everywhere for you to pick up. at the end of the event, i had every weapon in the game.
  3. To the ex-members of Republic Gaming, I feel I owe it to you that The Best Of series comes to its final conclusion, and what better place to put it than one of the two places that people fled to upon RG's crumbling ruin. I'm not even going to detail the amount of effort that's gone into this, so without further adieu. . . . The time has come. (execute order 66) - Greyback x
  4. i was going to put this up yesterday but it took a lot longer to upload than i thought it would ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My friends, romans, and countrymen... On the 23rd of September 2017, I was introduced to the magical world of Star Wars Roleplay. Since then I have formed many new friendships, created many cherished memories, and, of course, conjured from the depths of memelivion the almighty Best Of series which has now spanned across three communities. I would like to take this moment to thank you, all of you, for allowing such a thing to come to light. I've learnt so much more than I would have ever
  5. - Greyback <3
  6. So, of course, I'm no longer on the server anymore. But there's still a lot of hilarity to be shared with you all. And thus, behold! The grand finale of IG's best and proudest moments, The Best Of (Part 3), is here. No explanation is needed. Enjoy. The previous two Parts below, if you haven't seen them. It's been an honour to play my part in the aforementioned clips, being the secret ever-rolling camera to capture some of IG's "Best Bits". I'd go on and thank a lot of you, but I think the videos can speak for themselves. Nonet
  7. As promised, here's some more clips that were "gathering dust". Big thanks to @ABBA Queef for his clip submissions. I'm definitely planning on doing more of these. If anyone has any clips they'd like to be featured in the next one(s) PM me... <3 - Greyback
  8. It's a little early for the next IG Best Bits, but this was too good to wait for. You're welcome. Give this man a promotion - Greyback <3
  9. So there were a numerous handful of clips gathering dust on my hard drive that I just couldn't ignore. Thus, I decided to put together a little 'montage' of IG's Best Bits (so far). VIDEO REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT. REMASTERED VERSION COMING IN 2019. More to come in the future. <3 - Greyback
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