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Found 7 results

  1. Steam Details Steam Name: pinejack Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:80614652 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pinejack In Game Details In Game Name: 63-RTTR Bloodhound In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Riot Trooper Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent (Community Ban) Which staff member banned you: Management What date did the ban occur: 18/11/2018 What was the reason for the ban: Attempting to get members of the Event Master team to resign in order to negatively impact the Head Event Master. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: In November of last year, I went to Sydney to meet up with another member of the Imperial Gaming community. Whilst I was away, the person I was staying with, Goliath, decided to resign from his Event Master role on the Imperial Roleplay server due to personal reasons. Due to this, I decided to contact another member of the community who was also an Event Master on the server at the time, Bailey, and decided to try and convince him to leave the Event Master team alongside Goliath, as at the time I believed he was sitting on the fence in regards to leaving the Event Master team (a matter in which I had been mistaken). Whilst I was trying to convince him to leave the Event Master team, I also suggested for him to see if anyone else wanted to leave the team as well, in order to cause a mass-exodus of Event Masters, as it would damage the Head Event Masters reputation on the server, and make it look like he was neglecting or failing at his duties in a hopes of getting him either suspended or removed from his position. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Bailey was also relaying my messages to the Imperial Gaming Management Team after I had told him to leave the team with as many other members as possible. Because of my behavior, and what I was asking Bailey to do, I was promptly banned on the forums and from all of the Imperial Gaming Servers. Shortly after this happened, I received a message from the owner, Wolf, telling me that I was being Community Banned from Imperial Gaming for my actions and that I could appeal the ban at some stage in the future, but for the meantime, I had no place within the Imperial Gaming Community. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I believe that I should be unbanned and given a second chance within the Imperial Gaming Community because over the past 7 months since I was banned, I have had quite a long time to reflect on my actions in the hours leading up to my ban from the Imperial Gaming Community. I honestly do not know what I was thinking at the time when I was sending those messages to Bailey, nor can I even begin to defend my actions at the time as it was extremely inappropriate to ask Bailey to resign from the staff team and to try and get others to follow suit. Not only were my actions inappropriate, but they were also disrespectful not only to those I was talking about, but also towards the Imperial Gaming Community as a whole as my actions at the time did not demonstrate any of the virtues a member of the Imperial Gaming Community should have. In saying this I would like to also express my most sincere apologise to all of those involved in my ban, and to the entirety of Imperial Gaming as my actions were extremely out-of-line as my actions would have negatively impacted the community, all due to a personal disagreement I had with the Head Event Master. I would like to say that if I was to get unbanned, I would try my hardest to show the Imperial Gaming Community that I have grown since this event transpired and be able to show everyone that I can demonstrate the virtues I did for the years leading up to this event within the Imperial Gaming Community. I also understand that I will not just simply get back the respect or trust I may have once had within this community, but I will try my best to earn it back over the coming months if this appeal is successful. I also need to point out that after some careful re-reading and thorough reflection of my previous ban, I can now see that there were a large host of issues, errors, and half-truths strewn throughout it and would like to offer my deepest apologise for this as I should have been more direct and truthful in regards to it, instead of bending the truth to fit what I though happened that night, which I can now clearly see. I would like to make myself available to anyone who would like to speak to me in regards to this matter, or anything else at all via steam, teamspeak, private messages or discord. I would also like to let everyone know that before I posted this ban appeal, I went and spoke to the Community Manager of Imperial Gaming, Chopz, to get his permission to post a ban appeal, something I did not do last time which turned out to be a rather large mistake. I have also recently had a chat to Bailey in regards to the incident that occurred in November and both came to the agreement that there were no hard feeling between one another. He also told me to quote him in my upcoming ban appeal stating that "You should be unbanned as I think you have served your timeout long enough, and have had more than enough to think about what happened.", something I am very grateful for. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to read this ban appeal, and hopefully, those of you who are able to respond to this post are able to forgive me for my past actions and once again allow me to be a member of this community. Regards, pinejack
  2. Steam Name: As Seen On TV Speedy John Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33727238 In game name and rank: Brainlett (aka BiggSmonkk Reverend Lovejoy, Chad Chadigan, Stacy, BuzzLittYeah, ST private How long was the ban: Permanent Staff who banned you: Darth Vader: STEAM_0:0:88826514 When was the ban: 11/25/17 21:38:11 Reason for ban: "No" Explain the situation: I was perma-banned for accumulated warns over the course of over a year. Why you deserve to be unbanned: Ima good guy and want to see my friends on the server.
  3. suna

    Ban Appeal.

    Firstly I would like to thank and apologise to some people. I would like to apologise to Little for my actions, I never should of said what I have and i deeply regret it, I don't expect you to forgive me due to my actions being far from outrageous. I truly hope we can see past this. I would like to thank Wolf, Little, and the management team for giving me this second chance to prove that I can play the server by its rules and be apart of the community again. Users in game name and rank: ST Private Suna Date: 17/02/2018 Explain the situation: Reason 1: There were two main reasons for my community ban, one I feel like was sort off deserved the other I do not believed deserved a community ban. Firstly I will explain the first reason of my ban, which is my minging phase. During my final days on the server I (after I resigned from staff) did partake in some minging on the server which I believe that everyone has a minging phase, I also believe that a small minging phase should not deserve a community ban nor a permanent. Now for the reason that I minged, before I was banned I had a long past on Imperial Gaming going back to before the custom gamemode and I genuinely enjoyed the server as a roleplayer and staff. However I started to get bored of Imperial RP and so did some of the staff at the time so besides doing the right thing and resigning and leaving the server peacefully, I decided to do some minging which I now regret obviously. But you may be thinking if I do not enjoy Imperial RP anymore why should I come back and play? Well, I know that Imperial has drastically updated their server to improve its roleplay and gameplay, so that's why I want to join back and prove that I can follow by the rules and not minge. Reason 2: Second reason would be the spoiling of the Last Jedi. How I did this was by drawing pictures related to the movie which I know 100% does not deserve a permanent ban. To support my case I looked at another ban appeal about spoiling the movie and the user was unban or his ban was made shorter. I also have another great example of why I should be unbanned, another user had almost the same reasons as me and was a ex-staff like me, his banned was shorted, I believe this is unfair. Evidence(Video, Screenshot, witnesses ETC) No evidence.
  4. Steam Name: KKK.Daddy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59058545 In game name and rank: Can't remember How long was the ban: Permanent Staff who banned you: Revan When was the ban: 10th of February 2017 Reason for ban: Minge Explain the situation: Can't remember Why you deserve to be unbanned: A well deserved break/punishment has been applied. I have come to conclusion that through the year I have become much smarter, intelligent and a more mature being. I am keen to seriously RP as I am currently bored out of my mind! Thankyou, Ferboi Out!
  5. In-game alias: I do not remember Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:75983130 When was the ban: 05/28/17 18:54:08 How long is the ban: Permaban Which admin banned you: Gamma(STEAM_0:0:32311414) Explain the situation: I tried joining the server because I hadn't played in a long time and when I tried joining I was hit with a ban screen. I'm not sure what I did to get banned if I did do something I am sorry. But I use to play the server quite often and had a lot of fun with the community and I miss that family vibe the server use to give me. Please unban me; and if I did something to offend or upset Gamma or your staff, I am sorry. Why you deserve a second chance: I do not even know if I should be given a second chance, or why I was given the ban in the first place. But staff always have reasons behind their reactions and I respect that it's just at this moment I am curious to why I was punished? I personally do not recall doing anything that would warrant a permaban from my favourite Gmod Server. But I guess in the end my second chance does not lie with me trying to convince you of my innocence but it instead is up to you, the admins and staff of Imperial Gaming to forgive me for whatever the crime it was I committed. Thank you. "Experience is the teacher of all things." - Gaius Julius Caesar
  6. In-game alias: Husky Your SteamID: STEAM0:0:76561198253561468 When was the ban: 09/01/2017 How long is the ban: Permaban Which admin banned you: Little Explain the situation: I hopped on the server just to hang out with everyone else, as this was my 2nd day in the server. Once I hopped on, I was ordered by my Lance Corporal to follow him as there was a parasite situation on board. As I was doing a firing line as told by our Lance Corporal out in one of the Hangars, I was then taken by Little and showed me that I was being racist on the teamspeak, saying "I hate Jews" etc.This was a lie however as I told Little that I would not say that in game or IRL. Little then Permaban me afterwards, enabling me to never return to the server. Why you deserve a second chance: I think I deserve a second chance because I would never say such things on teamspeak. I have never said those words to the many servers I have been on. I believe I was either hacked, or there could be another Husky like me on the server.
  7. In-game alias: Demi Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:22237338 When was the ban: 29-06-2017 How long is the ban: Permanent Which admin banned you: Kosmos Explain the situation: A bunch of st's wanted to try and start a mutiny, we marched out of the bunks and asked some guards to lay down there weapons. Someone started shooting (not me) and so did the guards I got hit and returned fire. I killed 1 guard, died and then killed my FRIEND when we got stuck in each other in spawn. I ran out and some cages fell on some people my game froze and crashed. I tried to rejoin and saw the ban. Why you deserve a second chance: I believe I didn't mass RP and I was just enjoying some RP with some other players which I thought were abiding by the rules. I don't think anyone else from the group got banned either. Just a bit of fun that I thought wasn't rule breaking. Cheers
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