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Found 3 results

  1. Yare yare, I've had this Idea For a long time now, and now i've uploaded it. My first Video Project so Please forgive the Sloppy Editing and picture movments, The intro was less than easy to work with Epic Video <---- Click to watch This is The Story to go with the video read AFTER you watch Btw This was made Before we Hit 50 players on Cwrp, so its set then i hope you all Enjoy, i might make another one i'm not sure. Who is who? Alright thats it for now, ask any questions down below -Delta <3
  2. Greetings. Not sure if people were playing around or being serious on wanting a list of anime that I recommended to Wolf so decided to create this topic. I cant remember what anime ive recommended to Wolf other than Gate. However this is a link to my anime list. The completed section is always up to date, yet pay no attention to currently watching I don't update that unless something on that section has been completed. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/zandrint If you have a question on one of the completed ones im more than happy to assist.
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