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Found 4 results

  1. Im creating this thread to show you all, of how crazy about Star Wars i am, and why im so passionate about the things i do, i will be sharing some photos of the 501st Knightfall Garrison here, and if you are interested in joining feel free to send me a message. Enjoy
  2. Guess I should share this with the public again like my storm trooper I have built a TIE Fighter Pilot and X-Wing Pilot from ANH. Yes I built all of this expect the helmet for the tie pilot. (Look up a guide on how to build it and you will realise why) and for the x-wing pilot I bought the soft parts for everything. X-Wing Pilot: Tie Pilot:
  3. I’ve been working on this for a while and am currently in the last stages of putting everything together to join the 501st Legion currently ordered everything expect the Storm trooper armor at this point with everything else coming in this week or next. AMA about it and will be updating it on new items. Requirements for the armor to pass | ✔ = received | ✘ = not ordered |✦ = ordered | Price list : E-11 ✔- $250 Helmet Fans ✔- $40 Boots and Neck Seal ✔- $250 Holster ✔ - $64.50 Armor Kit ✔ - $1539.59 Gloves ✔- $4 Under suit ✔- $40 Mic System and AMP ✔- $60 Canvas Belt ✘ - $30+ Paint, Rivets and E6000 glue ✔- $72 Strapping System ✘ - $87.35 or $62.52 Clamps and Magnets ✔ - $28.10 Estimated Total $2465.58+ AUD Picture of items I’ve picked up so far: Blaster: Boots: Neck Seal: Under suit and microphone: Paint, glue and rivets: Helmet Fans: Amp for mic system: Holster:
  4. Torrent Company for 501st [or carnivore company/battalion] why in the eff, does 501st have the ARC sub regiment? ARC troopers were in either thicc rancor battalion or designated to legions and battalions n shit To fix this blatant immersion breakage Make ARC training and selections a thing, so then multiple regiments can have them [people within the Current arc thing can become 501st ARCs] then add torrent company in its place or carnivore company [torrent company guys are Kix, Dogma, Hard-case, Tup n such for donations] and torrent boys can have a few extra spots for the best members of the 501st or the previous arc guys, also big Rex can lead it. [so basically like the heavy donation thing] [also, i'm pretty sure most if not all trooper regiments have a arc model] Simples.
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