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  1. 2727 - Stevo. General 2727 Stevo. was a member of the Imperial army in the High Command unit. He was trained to be a republic commando, served in the Clone Wars under the nickname "Doom" and was commander of both Talon Squad and Doom's Unit. He was also previously the leader of mercenary group Doom's Legion and most recently the Brigadier of the Storm Trooper Corps as well as the founder of Widow Squad. He was mainly deployed on the planet of Kashyyyk during his time in both the Republic Army and the Imperial Army. The Clone Wars Initially starting out as a Republic Commando trainee, Stevo. eventually left the commandos and joined the bulk of the Republic army in the Clone Wars. He fought in the clone wars as a member of Talon squad (which he eventually became the commander of) under the designation numbers 2727. Eventually after many Talon Squad members perished after a mass explosion and battle in the Onderon system, Stevo. gained the nickname "Doom", for defeating hundreds of battle droids during the battle and holding the line, and was given his own regiment called "Doom's Unit". This regiment was made up of the surviving members of Talon Squad whilst also having members from the Shadow Clones and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit. By the end of the Clone Wars, "Doom" became the Marshal Commander of his detachment, and became well known for his use of heavy weapons, defending tactics and ability to counter enemy strategy. The End Of The Clone Wars - Order 66 Upon the commencement of Order 66, "Doom" and his troopers were amongst the very few regiments to defy the order, having removed their control chips months prior. This however proved to be for nothing, as Doom's Unit's generals had both been killed prior to Order 66. "Doom" used the confusion, his high position in the army and lack of preparation however to aid with the escape of many Jedi before being exposed himself months after. Now detailed under the de-classified document 006J, "Doom" and his troopers were eventually exposed whilst helping many Jedi escape to other systems. They managed to escape and disappear from the face of the galaxy, with brief sightings as a mercenary group called "Doom's Legion". Dealings With The Force - Joining The Empire After many dealings and assisting Jedi, "Doom" was assigned an unsuccessful mission, which led to "Doom" and many of his troopers left stranded in the Unknown regions. "Doom" and his troopers eventually were saved by an unknown entity that gave them the gift of additional life, and cured their genetic deterioration. This very same entity told "Doom" to join the Imperial army to save the Jedi. "Doom" knowing that he had a debt to the Jedi for saving his life on many occasions, accepted and came out of hiding with his men and joined the Imperials. No longer having the disabilities of clones, they easily infiltrated the Imperial army, Imperial navy and Imperial Security Bureau. Imperial Days, Widow Squad, The Oppression Of O'Hare (Little will kill me for mentioning that name) Initially starting out as an ST private under his old name, Stevo. stood out when compared to his fellows because of his leadership experience. Rising up the ranks quickly, Stevo. achieved the rank of Sergeant, he was given command of his own squad of troopers. Whilst initially under the name Window Squad, the name of the squad was changed to what we know today as Widow Squad (insert link when regimental backstories come out), an elite group of Storm Troopers. It was also during this period after multiple deployments that Stevo. gained a hatred for the rebel alliance. After fighting against rebels on the planet of Kashyyyk his face was permanently scared after a piece of shrapnel from a rebel improvised explosive hit him. It was then that the rebels reminded him of the CIS. After the promotion of Commander Little, Major O'Hare was promoted to commander of the Storm Trooper Corps. Not much is remembered of O'Hare, however this was the period where Widow Squad was disbanded, due to two of the three squads in the squad system being unable to perform to standards. This is also the period in the Storm Trooper Corps where O'Hare's "Anti-initiative" policy crippled the Storm Troopers, robbing it of various troopers due to deaths or early retirements. Brigadier Zach, The Storm Trooper Revival And MHC Once O'Hare had disappeared during Ibuyn incident, LT. Zach was promoted to commander, and eventually Brigadier. Being a ex-Widow Squad trooper himself, Zach reinstated Widow Squad, whilst also creating Beta and Theta Squad. Colonel Hornet was eventually promoted to High Colonel during this same period. Whilst the other squads eventually disbanded, Major Stevo. kept Widow Squad afloat with troopers Alex (who eventually become a commander of the Storm Troopers), Pebbles and Storm (also known as Gulliman). After the disappearance of Zach, and the injuries High Colonel Hornet had sustained, Stevo. was the only trooper left to command the Storm Troopers. With only three higher ranking troopers in his detachment left, Stevo. turned Widow Squad into the backbone of the Storm Troopers, eventually reviving the Storm Trooper Corps in a very short period of time. Having served for a rather short period of time as commander, Stevo. achieved the rank of Brigadier, whilst Hornet replaced him as commander. After serving some time as Brigadier, Stevo. was then asked to join Imperial Military High Command as a Major General, and later as a General. Stevo. currently serves as the IHC Army Overseer and still is the Overseer of Widow Squad. He tries his best to save Jedi whilst fighting the rebels he hates with a passion. (This backstory is being treated like a wiki, DO NOT USE THIS IN RP UNLESS BROUGHT UP BY STEVO! This information may be changed at any time) (A video/audio/extended version of this backstory may be uploaded separately)
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