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Found 14 results

  1. Y'all ever googled a Quest guide for OSRS cause you don't understand the directions, yeah this is that but for the server quest. General Quest Info: Basically quest are additional content on the server, completing quest grants you the ability to upgrade your quest lines through the F8 menu (I recommend looking through this quest line and figuring out what you want to use your points on as to prestige their are certain quest that may make the process take several days to complete if not longer, so definitely assess which perks would benefit you the most). Quest are various
  2. I have followed all of the guides on "Garry's Mod: How to Fix LUA Panic Error" and "How to fix LUA Panic [Garrys Mod] [INCREASE FPS]" but none of them are working. I have also uninstalled all of my content then restarted my computer but now I can join any server be on there for about 2 minutes, then I straight away crash again. Any suggestions or anyone able to help out? EDIT: Sully is the best and the one of the most helpful people ever. (:
  3. Recently my Garry's Mod has been lagging a load and I've been having FPS Issues, I've now looked in Task Manager and have realised that it is using 100% of my GPU and about 20% of my Memory. My whole computer has been lagging heaps aswell, And it never used to do this, I would appreciate any support anyone could give me. I used to get around 100-200 FPS, I now get 2-18 FPS. I have an: Alienware 14x, It used to run like a charm, But it's just been running like trash lately.
  4. I lost about 4 pictures which all took over a month to make but now I made 3 in the past week and I will be adding more over my free time, hope you like it. 1st Batch of Pictures: Rebel Infiltration Bridge Takeover Rebel assassination Don't bring a gun to a ship fight W.I.P More to be added...
  5. Note: When Following Steps, Make Sure To Be Off GMOD Step 1: Go to GMOD Properties Step 2: Go to Betas Step 3: Click "Chronium" and click out Step 4: Go onto GMOD and the TV will be fixed when watching Youtube P.S it's really not hard to spend 5 minutes on google to search how to fix the TV when trying to watch youtube anyways have a good day
  6. Kidnapped into Bounty Hunter Lounge after promotion Trying to escape Execution & Murder PLZ B4N LE B0UNTY HUNT3RS
  7. After my Attempt at a PAC application one of my complaints where that my pac examples aren’t very creative and I agree if I’m being honest I have very little knowledge when it comes to using PAC and I am willing to put time in to improve so I am asking to great community of the Imperial gaming server to help me out. Thanks for reading!
  8. Every time i log into the server and it loads in it immediately crashes i need help
  9. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I join the server load in it takes 15 minutes like normal and BAM ingame just stays at my trooper just standing their I can move my mouse and look at the tab menu and the message "connection problems" appears in the corner of my screen this happens once then when I re-join I can play but ever since I've came back from my camping trip it just doesn't work even after 5 retries but I've been able to join the server twice but then that message just appears then game crash...... anyone know how to fix -delta
  10. Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed, ST's isn't doing very well...and it may be partly my fault... Other than that, another reason ST's is struggling, is due to the fact that our chain of command has dissolved. ST's has recently had a purge of higher ups, with SGT's and Officers moving on to join other regiments, or other issues such as my co-commander (Alex) having Gmod issues, or my officer department who is busy IRL. We also recently lost a MSGT who was recently perma-banned...which does not help our situation in the slightest. S
  11. Help me please. I have this problem and I have no clue how to fix. I can join the server for like 2 minutes then it crashes. If there is a reliable way to fix, please tell me.
  12. In-game alias: Arrow (Cold Pocket) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124073303 When was the ban:Like 20 minutes ago How long is the ban: Forever Which admin banned you: Mr. Vader Explain the situation: I explained it all in my first appeal. Why you deserve a second chance: I was exploring the ship because I had never played on it before. If I am unbanned I will hire a tour guide. Thanks
  13. In-game alias: Arrow (Cold Pocket) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124073303 When was the ban:Like 5 minutes ago How long is the ban: Forever Which admin banned you: Mr. Vader Explain the situation: Ok so I was requesting a meeting with Mr. Vader. He was being a real dick to me and kept acting afk and ignoring me. Then he told his little brown nosing troops to arrest my ass. He hated me so much that he came and killed me himself. Then he used his tool gun (which is failrp, did you see vader have a phys gun in the movie) to freeze me and he kicked me from the beautiful ser
  14. Hi, I'm Hawkeren! You may remember me from Star Wars RP as Pilot Crewman [Black-5] Hawk. As you may or may not know, I'm a gaming YouTuber with (at the time of making this post.) 181 subscribers and I need your help. I've recently been asked by an Imperial Gaming staff member to work on a 30-second intro for Imperial Gaming - Star Wars RP for their official YouTube channel. So I need you guys' help, I need you guys to record footage of you guys simply playing Imperial Gaming Star Wars RP, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed in order for your clip to appear in the v
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