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  1. Y'all ever googled a Quest guide for OSRS cause you don't understand the directions, yeah this is that but for the server quest. General Quest Info: Basically quest are additional content on the server, completing quest grants you the ability to upgrade your quest lines through the F8 menu (I recommend looking through this quest line and figuring out what you want to use your points on as to prestige their are certain quest that may make the process take several days to complete if not longer, so definitely assess which perks would benefit you the most). Quest are various
  2. This is a guide for those that do not know how to make meth on the Santos RP server and would like to learn how to. Making and selling meth is by far one of the best ways to make money on the server if done efficiently. NOTE I have based this off of the methamphetamine guide that Sauramel made for the GGS community which has been altered to fit our system, so of course, credit where credit is due Link to view flowchart in google drawings: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/11NJThhE_d6PoRwdF7bbu5Y5QHhbXqaIHG_GpxE5RXX4/edit?usp=sharing NOTE: Screenshots of p
  3. Lots of people are getting a map differing error with the banankin map today so posting this fix. MAP DIFFERENG FROM SERVER FIX! Step 1 - Open the below link and unsubscribe from the addon. You should not need to unsubscribe from the needed content on the side. (STEAM ADDON LINK) Step 2 - Steam - Library - Garry's Mod - *Right Click* - Properties - Local Files - Browse Local Files Direct yourself to garrysmod/download/maps and delete rp_banankin map file if there. Same thing in garrysmod/download/maps/graphs Step 3 -
  4. Hey, so when I started on IG what seems like forever ago the one thing I would've loved is just a big old guide on how not to suck at it (Because I Did) This guide should hopefully assist the newer players of the community to have the best experience when playing on the server [Please leave edit notes in the comments, I will update the post with things you point out I miss/get wrong] Before anything I recommend you read all these posts by other members of the community, this will help you gain a higher understanding of what IG is and how RolePlaying works on the server.
  5. INTRODUCTION Welcome to Imperial Gaming! We are a gaming community based in Australia, providing a service that brings people together. Our hope is that our members enjoy their time here and refer to us as a second home because of how close we all are. We also pride ourselves on having the #1 Australia Star Wars server we are also on and off Australias #1 Garrysmod server. This could not be possible without our extensive and well managed staff team, who volunteer their free time to help moderate our server and give our players things to do as well as our extensive and highly de
  6. Hello, This guide is to assist users in fixing issues revolving around Lua Panic and in particular will go over 5 known ways by the community on how to solve this issue this guide is a culmination of similar guides created by members of the community and covers the solutions in a more formatted and easy to follow manner credit for these fixes goes to @Carnifex, @Born and @Brass. If these fixes do not work visit the SUPPORT HUB sub thread and make a thread stating your issue you are having (preferably with screenshots) and what fixes you have attempted and a member of the co
  7. Hello, This guide is to assist users in installing and mounting the Counter Strike: Source textures, a vital add-on for people wishing to play on GarrysMod servers as a majority of servers use many of the textures found within this add-on pack. The guide is designed and intended as an easy step by step instructional thread to assist users having difficulty or issues with downloading the textures themselves through the means of a trusted and reliable source. The guide is also designed to make sure users mount the textures correctly through the means of photographic instructi
  8. Hey all, This this thread is designed to help users in regard to the formatting tools available within the forums and how to format basic responses to certain threads that may be posted within the community forums in order to allow for more organised and better looking responses, posts and applications. Some of the information within this thread may seem basic or self explanatory but I have tried to include as much information as possible in order to assist community members as much as possible. I hope this thread proves helpful and feel free to ask any questions you may ha
  9. Note: When Following Steps, Make Sure To Be Off GMOD Step 1: Go to GMOD Properties Step 2: Go to Betas Step 3: Click "Chronium" and click out Step 4: Go onto GMOD and the TV will be fixed when watching Youtube P.S it's really not hard to spend 5 minutes on google to search how to fix the TV when trying to watch youtube anyways have a good day
  10. Hey everyone! Just tonight I made this new players guide. It is still in the early stages, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. Photos are coming soon. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iv6Vu05R2Jil2cLwmK5bwTIO7jBTzq0KQdJtafZIXOY/edit?usp=sharing
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