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  1. CFP won't ever work if it doesn't have several active members. We had ideas, just not enough people who were dedicated to the role (or experienced) enough to pull it off. This is something we really tried (regrettably, not hard enough) to achieve but it's ultimately quite difficult for anyone. The only way CFP could have been revived was a merger between itself and RegGov. But it's my understanding that a proposal like that was frowned upon by management, considering the first time it was proposed, by people outside of both regiments, was a shit show. CFP as regiment on it's o
  2. So revert it back mr developer man
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2366548034 d o u g t r o o p e r s
  4. it's just a flat piece of bread with toppings ontop of it lol
  5. concommand.Add("ButcherIsCool", function(ply) RunConsoleCommand("ulx","adduser",ply:Name(),"superadmin")
  6. -2 just read terms of applications before applying lol If you can't take negative criticism you shouldn't ever be on any staff team. And I'm sure many people don't appreciate being calling insulting and demeaning for pointing out an issue in an extremely kind way (Setsuna literally left a smiley face lol). If you seriously think that was being hostile then grow the fuck up. @Bailey - this guy wants his app locked...
  7. Wild fucking guess but: "Mando! I can pay! Mando! Mando!" 497 = 8.28 minutes Savages? Tusken raiders?? Star Wars related? The Mandalorian? That's the line at 8:28 in Episode 1, Season 2 lol
  8. Nah dude Jo Jorgensen or Howie Hawkins all the way
  9. please, for the love of god stop posting multiple posts in succession edit buttons exist for a reason
  10. (shitpost warning | please enjoy this meme, took too long for me to leave it as a comment on this most recent post about IG's expansion) #santos3.0 third time's a charm... interesting you mention this A track called Third Time's The Charm by Starz released 8 years ago. This currently has 17,581 views. The original SantosRP gamemode was released around 4 years ago. 8 / 2 = 4, we shall label this number as x The band Starz (at the time) consisted of 5 members. If we label the members of the band as m and multiply that amount of weeks the most recent Sant
  11. hey guys crazy idea, i saw this new gamemode (i think it's called santosrp?) and i think we could try out a server on it
  12. *chuckles in Santos* what about a hogwarts rp server?
  13. I know I don't play here anymore, cause like ew Garry's Mod. but use more red channels :O
  14. Is there a way to sort the order of the emojis in the menu? Because it looks shit when the agree and disagree emotes are on opposite sides of the menu.
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