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  1. I know I don't play here anymore, cause like ew Garry's Mod. but use more red channels :O
  2. Is there a way to sort the order of the emojis in the menu? Because it looks shit when the agree and disagree emotes are on opposite sides of the menu.
  3. Where I see an ongoing challenge is in the abilities of those providing a backstory to communicate in a way that is palatable, supportive, and attainable by the subject. Some people seem to come by this ability naturally and others have to learn it - you are a natural born master. Your short and concise dictation as a backstory brings a new method to the table. For so many years, we have seen extremely long backstories that drag on for pages and pages, but this, this is something else. I would give you a systematic and detailed assessment of the different elements of the work, evaluating
  4. bro that map is so hot i needa
  5. If shock are chads and riot are virgins, who are the simps?
  6. The following message was intercepted by Sector Monitors in the Tashtor Sector earlier this morning at 0900 Coruscant Local Time. Portions of the recording have been distorted in order to protect extremely graphic scenes. Please see the Ministry of Information if you would like to withdraw an uncensored version of the recording. Warmest Regards, J. Valentine Team Lead, Ministry of Art and Culture
  7. Dude you think TCW isn’t adequate, low blow.
  8. i'm not crying... you're crying
  9. conspiracy theory: Bailey doesn't know the password and is pulling random hints out of thin air.
  10. dude you just killed my brain
  11. that's cool and all, but what the fuck is the backing track for that video
  12. Butcher

    I like ISC

    nah dude everyone has an epl
  13. community graphic designer when?
  14. Same was said for santos Would be better to wait for if and when the community goes to Mod&Play...
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