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  1. Patrol Troopers are so hot, I'd literally give them myself https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Patrol_trooper
  2. I thought of it, but thought it was too much of a sub reg. There is also that camo reg I cant grasp the name of.
  3. Weren't included on the list because not 2017 player : 31st Demolitions 6th Army Brigade Darth Revan Incinerator Troopers Juggernaut Knights of Zakuul MHC + MHC Secretaries Magma Troopers Range Troopers Remnant Company Scout Troopers Sith Marauders Sith Prophets Snow Troopers Storm Marines Talon Squad Terror Troopers The Fallen Order Vector Company
  4. A straw is a form of a hole. Straw is also a dead plant.
  5. You didnt have to go so hard It was just said jokingly but I appreciate your help to make me see that it'll never happen <3
  6. @Setsuna they'd gotta be pretty pepega I mean......... (there is still room for the models )
  7. Cool shtuff, bought ARMA 3 and havent played since :O
  8. Where the contextual information I beg.
  9. If they are blind Totally different shades of blue Also has medical backpack and patterns
  10. If only https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2099455327
  11. Note: Nerf also creates added stress, loss of enthusiasm/interest for events, and people who think they understand, but aren’t actually experiencing it.
  13. Rebels because I like the Lothal and the little details. Resistance because I like First Order.
  14. -1 Decided to use spoilers for frickin links +1 great guy, nice app, good intentions, and despite pac examples not being the best, you show great potential
  15. I got subway yesterday and didn't know what to get, haven't been in yonks
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