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  1. Always hear about that game, never touched it or seen game play.
  2. I thought this was for Imperial RP Would be useful
  3. I wonder why this man is asking.......................................................... learn all the Code Geass songs please!
  4. Application is well written and his thoughts are clear, +1
  5. In support. I can sort of understand such a situation. You're in the heat of the moment and you're having fun, your brain is going 1000 miles an hour and you're probably pumped with adrenaline. Once you're at that stage and you've made bad decisions already, you're probably going to keep doing so. You finally get banned and you laugh about it and probably find it laughable for the next 1-3 days until you realise all the good times you had and probably regret your decisions. I make a lot of bad decisions and I often don't analyse a situation as it folds out. I step back and reflect on the
  6. Coles coconut water got me some type of way

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