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  1. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    Wait is that supposed to be secret? Or were you just not online?
  2. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    Fine, ill just wait i guess no point in arguing.
  3. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    I couldnt play 3 days ago i was at my other house... I got to this house on thursday and got banned on thursday, So that doesnt make sense.
  4. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    Yes i have minged before about 2 months ago since then i havent. And since then i was in a regimen... (I got demoted because i was not active enough as i had to get my computer fixed)
  5. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    And can you tell me what exactly i was doing Nero?
  6. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    What? I am only friends with 2 people on that server but fine
  7. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    But if there was “more” to the story he could have at least told me. Instead of just banning me without even saying anything about it. But ill just have to be more careful i guess.
  8. Morty

    Ban Appeal

    BAN APPEAL In-game alias: Morty Your SteamID: 76561198128983371 When was the ban: 09/29/17 How long is the ban: 3 days Which admin banned you: Darth Vader (little) Explain the situation: It was an event on ship and i was shooting at the rebels, i then died and got trapped in spawn by a couple of afk storm troopers and after asking 3-4 times no one responded. So i killed them to get out. And after i did that i was teleported to Darth Vader and i tried to explain myself but he was not responding. I also tried to ask what i did but he still didnt respond. I unde
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