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  1. -1, don't deal with conflict appropriately to be a mod
  2. Someone should create a simple feature in your google sheet (if this is still used). Where you can input the server pop, amount of ECs, maybe EC dps. With a formula create a suitable HP for your event characters, that will be consistent and fair amongst all Events.
  3. Cya archer hope to see you around
  4. Plus one would be a good em
  5. Wow this is relatable. I remember seeing YouTube videos of people messing around in Starwarsrp so that’s why I joined. I often thought that I had been wasting all this time but I have had such a great time.
  6. +1. Would be a good mod, plus he has been waiting over a year like what???
  7. My mum told me this game was fun
  8. Has experience in making skins, and even making skins for SantosRP. Which probably could be utilised with the server reopening. +1, good luck
  9. I remember those shadows days, good times we had.
  10. Anything in that price range will run like every game
  11. For my final event I set my EC's health low, everyone really enjoyed it. Just means the Event Master needs to be on top of respawns. I was surprised to never see any Event Masters do it again.
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