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  1. Someone should create a simple feature in your google sheet (if this is still used). Where you can input the server pop, amount of ECs, maybe EC dps. With a formula create a suitable HP for your event characters, that will be consistent and fair amongst all Events.
  2. Cya archer hope to see you around
  3. Wow this is relatable. I remember seeing YouTube videos of people messing around in Starwarsrp so that’s why I joined. I often thought that I had been wasting all this time but I have had such a great time.
  4. My mum told me this game was fun
  5. I remember those shadows days, good times we had.
  6. Anything in that price range will run like every game
  7. Ramirez


    For my final event I set my EC's health low, everyone really enjoyed it. Just means the Event Master needs to be on top of respawns. I was surprised to never see any Event Masters do it again.
  8. It looks like the Corvus, Inferno’s ship.
  9. When we tried to steal a holocron
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