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  1. When does the 5 Minute timer start. When you enter the brig, the cell, the RFA? In my opinion it should be when the prisoner enters the brig as the time can vary when entering the cell or when the RFA is processed. Some Shock aren't as fast, this means for an unfair time being held.
  2. Ramirez

    The Best Of IG

    Really enjoyed watching this can't wait for Part II
  3. Ramirez

    Fun Fun Fun

    They are still great Delta, but this definitely was Fun, Fun, Fun.
  4. Ramirez

    Master Mongo

    What even is this
  5. Damn that's sad... Really nice to see what the community did though.
  6. +1 Can definitely be trusted due to him having PAC previously. Is experienced and knows how to use PAC, while still keeping things clean and not cluttering his model. Mature and won't abuse. I think Peguin would do well with access to PAC3 and I look forward to what else he can create. Best of Luck!
  7. Looking forward to this campaign
  8. Cya Eclipse hopefully will see you time to time
  9. Pretty sure this was me
  10. Epic Games store actually has some pretty decent titles, not including Fortnite
  11. Ramirez


    Imagine posting this the day it shut down...
  12. It's too controversial but it themed elsewhere wouldn't be much different, in my opinion.
  13. +1, I like your Events are very nicely written, and I believe would run pretty well. You seem like you would be capable from what I have seen in game. Best of Luck!
  14. I heard Bounty Hunters has a few spots. We could do with some members
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