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  1. My mum told me this game was fun
  2. Has experience in making skins, and even making skins for SantosRP. Which probably could be utilised with the server reopening. +1, good luck
  3. I remember those shadows days, good times we had.
  4. Anything in that price range will run like every game
  5. For my final event I set my EC's health low, everyone really enjoyed it. Just means the Event Master needs to be on top of respawns. I was surprised to never see any Event Masters do it again.
  6. It looks like the Corvus, Inferno’s ship.
  7. When we tried to steal a holocron
  8. Neutral, questions have been answered briefly. The PAC examples show an understanding of the basic PAC skills, some of the ideas are creative but for the most part have been done before. Best of Luck!
  9. +1, your event ideas and backstories are creative. The second event looks interesting and for the most part would work, I like how you outlined that the ECs will have the find the coaxium rather than you telling them, keeps it fair and avoids upsets. You seem to have outlined basic alternatives for when things change such as the HEL-150 being shot down. However, I do have a concern with the first event, it seems that everything different about it is the backstory, the action part is generic. You would need to ensure that people know about the backstory or else it’ll seem like another zombie event. I do think you can create some great events for the server, best of luck.
  10. If it is too be good to be true it probably is
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