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  1. If it is too be good to be true it probably is
  2. I don't think you should be immune. The idea of self healing but it then taking longer is a better idea. Thank for the input
  3. This is quite simple so I will keep it short, I had an idea. When players fall from a certain height they injure themselves. What this means is they can't sprint and jogging as well as walking is also slowed down. I came up with the idea to combat troopers just jumping off of the MH1 catwalks as it is Fail RP. I think that this would deter people, as they don't want to have the reduced movement speed. Players would then have to go find a Medic and Medics would heal them similar to how they cure diseases. The feature should also turn off when there is no medics on the server similarly to diseases. This is just a very brief idea, and I would love to see what everyone else has to say about it. Thanks, Ramirez
  4. Ramirez

    Hello all

    Hello and welcome, hope to see you around.
  5. Great to have you back. Hope you stay a while.
  6. There was too much on my screen with the new template. It was cluttered and unorganised. The bar on the left with all the options I think should be able to be opened and closed. That’ll clear up the screen.
  7. 3rd or 4th or change for me. Can’t wait
  8. Ramirez

    A Tactician

    The voice!
  9. Ramirez

    Naval Turbolazers

    The location they’re in now would make it unpractical.
  10. Add a Health Pack to the donator shop that can be added on top of the one already available to everyone.
  11. Ramirez


    It’ll be the the largest PK of all time.
  12. The frequent Temple runs I would say
  13. Very nice Delta, congrats dude
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