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  1. INFJ-A’s rise up! Literally done a lot of research in and around this over the years and I can say it fits me perfectly. I’m an introverted extrovert. 😅
  2. Minecraft Event Master applications when?
  3. I once knew a guy like you. In fact, he was exactly like you, more or less. He'd muck around and he would get occasional warns, and he was always down for a joke or to minge where moderately appropriate. However, when it came down to it, he put in the extra effort to make himself out to be much better than he seemed on the outside. He RP'd well, he even enjoyed a bit of real, heartfelt talk from time to time. He even went on to Commander positions, I think even at one point a General and-or the Staff Team. He was respected, and, although he was initially looked down upon, this ultimately gave
  4. Star Wars RP is one of those things that's always been a fine line between a casual FPS, and an actual MMO. It's never really been solidified in any particular genre apart from "GMod RP", purely because the roleplay aspect of it allows for virtually anything to happen at any given time. What I will say, is that everybody's playstyle is different. I'd be lying if I said that their characters, whilst in-character, aren't inspired on / draw from their own IRL personalities. I know that I do. When I first joined IG in late 2017, I can confirm that what you say about old IG is true. It was a l
  5. The current issue, as it stands, is that anyone can currently get extremely easy access to high-tier weapons like the Cycler Rifle and the Smart Launcher, which gives the illusion that Event Characters are easily killable and are, as you say, 'laser sponges' when in reality they are, more often than not, actually set up properly to combat the Imperials. In my opinion, the first thing that needs to be looked at is weapon balancing, as @Rook suggested. There is an exceptionally large arsenal on the server as it is; a few of which are literal pea shooters whilst others can be cannon balls th
  6. Much love to everyone for their overwhelming support! Gonna reply to a few comments and also update my app with some new details... I would have added some individual character names if the event specifically needed them, but my thinking was to just let the players create their own names as they often do. However, I will put this into consideration for future event ideas. Thank you for your feedback! I have updated said event with some extra details regarding this, but event 1 is an Orto Plutonia event. --**CHANGELOG**-- + Updated Playtime + Updated In-Ga
  7. Agreed. Gherkin, you're a lad but personally I'd like to see a little more detail added to your application. Your PACs, however, look great. They are simple, elegant and quite pleasing to look at, and definitely give your character that unique flavor. It's a +1 for the PACs themselves, but I'd like to see what else you could bring to the PAC3 team in your responses. Best of luck, lad. <3
  8. +1 I've known Bickey since Day 1 of re-integrating myself with Imperial Gaming. He is mature, he is active, and a great role-player. I believe he would utilize PAC to increase his and others' immersion on the server, especially now that he is a part of the Inquisitorius. Best of luck, lad. <3
  9. A lad addressing a lad in the ladliest way possible. Well deserved. Best of luck <3
  10. Big +1. I've known Mauler over the years and there are a lot of good qualities about him that would make him an exceptional addition to the staff team. He's mature, well-known and active, and is always willing to see the best in those around him and for his regiment. Good luck, lad <3
  11. o7 Brother, best wishes and best of luck to you in your future. best EM he gave me a rotary cannon to fight off zombies <3
  12. Steam Name: Greyback SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:173700816 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/greybackx In Game Name: 17th Sky Division, Warrant Officer II, JM-754 Greyback Time Played Imperial RP: 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 12 Hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have had a few warns prior to the server reset that occurred whenever it did, however upon reintegrating with the IG community I have not been warned as of present. The aforementioned warns (only 3 total) were well over two
  13. Greyback

    IG Memes v2

    Some more old IG memes, enjoy x
  14. Since when did this become Oblivion RP? bye fren ;-;
  15. After two long years, it finally goes public. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the premiere. There's much more to come so stay tuned. <3
  16. A little IG Special I threw together shortly after @Tinky's resignation last Wednesday. I managed to scrounge up a few clips from my hard drives and from Shock Discord, massive thanks to @Binny for his clips. (also excuse my sniffles in the last few minutes, I was unwell at the time of filming) Fare thee well, as they say. And best of luck to you in your new job, brother.
  17. So I want to leave a bit of feedback about this update. There's a lot of good things and bad things which, personally, do not Anakin my Skywalker. Please do not take this as a total hate post, though; any seemingly toxic stuff is completely unintentional --------------------------------------------------==================================================--------------------------------------------- - New Hud I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw the changed HUD I thought it would just become annoying and distracting to look at, compared to the simplicity of the minimalism/transparency
  18. Greyback

    It's Time.

    It's here. On the 6th of January 2018, two men changed the face of Star Wars RP forever, and something was demanded to be done about it. Nine days later, I started what would become one of the biggest memes to bless the Australian Garry's Mod SWRP population. The coming videos will look like any ordinary compilation to those not well accustomed to The Best Of series that I've tirelessly worked on over the years, but to me, they are so much more. They are memories.... and it is a privilege to finally share them with the rest of you, and also the world. Unfortunately, all of these
  19. This is gonna be as bad as the in-game trivia... "Who directed the latest Star Wars movies?" Me: J. J. Abrams <nothing> <five seconds later> The answer is: J. J. Abrams Me: Have any of the answers so far been close at all?
  20. "...after his demise, but still during the siege of the ISD Chimaera, legend holds that Boshi ordered that the corpse of Colonel Misahu be fitted with his armor and set upon on a podium, to bolster the morale of his troops. The dead Colonel and his troops subsequently won a thundering charge against Chimaera's besiegers, resulting in another win for the 62nd Shock Division."
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