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  1. Everything yall said I put together and it finally worked so yipee ty
  2. Hi, I honestly dont know what the hell is going on with either my computer, garrysmod or just the server, because whenever I TRY to join IG i never can without failing to connet at leat 5 times. (This takes usually 30 minutes of trail and error) and sometimes it doesnt even let me load in so I ultimately just give up. Its either one of these as to why I cant connect and I got no clue why this happens: 1. When downloading it takes a weirdly long time for a model to download which shouldnt take as long is it does, therefore I time out. 2. Sometimes it just crashes or I just dont c
  3. You were recording???
  4. Honestly this has blown out of proportion. Now there has been a few cases in which Ridge has stepped over the line, and I commend people for having footage to support their opinions, good job. Another thing. @Shekelburg, that time when Ridge was AOSed was completely unfair in a matter of in RP. Being super admin in such a great community is such a great privilege. Would suck to throw it all away after all the work to get to that spot, just to play around for your own enjoyment and not others. I may not know what it takes to be a staff member since I never have been in a staff te
  5. Parks

    A Real Masterpiece

    +1 Parks vs Maxine karaoke fight
  6. Thankyou Never the less I feel like everyone is out to get me now
  7. Did it out of respect fox <3 @Fox
  8. All good! @Imposing Move to solved
  9. Hey, did you try the things i said to try?
  10. Okay so... 1. Verify Game Cache 2. Disable Motion Blur 3. Unsubscribe from any post processing addons Let me know if anything works. If it doesnt you may have to wait 24hours or reinstall.
  11. Hmmm, I’ll provide you with a solution once get to my computer <3
  12. @bosterflaming 1. Verify Game Cache (Steam>Games>Right Click Garry's Mod>Properties>Local files>Verify integrity files) 2. Check that there is no firewalls or parental settings which are not allowing you to connect to servers. 3. Check that your internet is correct and secure 4. If this all fails, it could be your internet service provider (example: telsta). So you may need to chuck em a call because it could be a problem on their end. Just let them know that your trying to play a game but your internet cannot get server. If this doesnt help let me know
  13. Once I get to my pc I’ll find out a few ways you can fix this
  14. Parks

    New video!

  15. Parks

    Sal needs help

    This is why Jman needs to be PKed Jokes. But... @Sal Try verifying game cache. See if addons are downloading to the addons folder... Delete any addons you dont need. If it comes up with an error code then search it up... Try to use the legacy launcher to connect Doesnt work straight up? Wait 24 hours. If all fails, reinstall If not r
  16. Is this with every server or just Imperial Gaming? Try joining other servers and let me know.
  17. Bye cards good luck in the future, and good job you actually have a life...
  18. Also like to add. If Motion blur is enabled, disable it. (Options>Video>Advanced>MotionBlur)
  19. 1. Make sure your addons are downloading to the right file. 2. Make sure you are logged in with the same steam account as the one your downloading it with 3. Try lowering your computers resolution 4. If not try running it in windowed mode 5. Check to see if a certain addon adds a special screen effect that can occur and glitch your screen out. 6. Update your graphics card drivers using geoforce experience (may need to download if you dont have it) If these dont work then let me know <3
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