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  1. Everything yall said I put together and it finally worked so yipee ty
  2. Hi, I honestly dont know what the hell is going on with either my computer, garrysmod or just the server, because whenever I TRY to join IG i never can without failing to connet at leat 5 times. (This takes usually 30 minutes of trail and error) and sometimes it doesnt even let me load in so I ultimately just give up. Its either one of these as to why I cant connect and I got no clue why this happens: 1. When downloading it takes a weirdly long time for a model to download which shouldnt take as long is it does, therefore I time out. 2. Sometimes it just crashes or I just dont c
  4. You were recording???
  5. +1 Bruh, he has so much experience
  6. Honestly this has blown out of proportion. Now there has been a few cases in which Ridge has stepped over the line, and I commend people for having footage to support their opinions, good job. Another thing. @Shekelburg, that time when Ridge was AOSed was completely unfair in a matter of in RP. Being super admin in such a great community is such a great privilege. Would suck to throw it all away after all the work to get to that spot, just to play around for your own enjoyment and not others. I may not know what it takes to be a staff member since I never have been in a staff te
  7. What was your rank and regiment?
  8. I like you and the first few questions you have definitely put effort into. But where are your scenarios?? -1
  9. Grammar and detail is still lacking... Still subject to change. Fix it pavonis I know you can do better
  10. Not sure if you'd be the best candidate for staff, but prepares to give you a chance. But i love your attitude.. +1
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