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  1. Everything yall said I put together and it finally worked so yipee ty
  2. Hi, I honestly dont know what the hell is going on with either my computer, garrysmod or just the server, because whenever I TRY to join IG i never can without failing to connet at leat 5 times. (This takes usually 30 minutes of trail and error) and sometimes it doesnt even let me load in so I ultimately just give up. Its either one of these as to why I cant connect and I got no clue why this happens: 1. When downloading it takes a weirdly long time for a model to download which shouldnt take as long is it does, therefore I time out. 2. Sometimes it just crashes or I just dont connect to the server and it just takes me back to server lists. 3. When I get in it takes at least 5 minutes of loading for me to FINALLY MOVE, IF IM LUCKY. Most recently its been doing the reconnecting in blah blah amount of time in red text in the top right corner of the game. I also have to point out, IG is the ONLY SERVER which for 3 years has been the hardest for myself to connect to and play on. I literally dont understand what the hell this server has on it that my computer doesnt like but whenever I finally get on IG, my whole computer shits itself and slows down and cannot compute at all and it drives me crazy. I have been able to deal with it for 3 years but recently its been way too much than usual. Help. Im going to lose my mind. Thanks
  3. There's a difference between choosing not to be friends with someone and downright ignoring them. One requires maturity which you still obviously don't have. This application has caused so much drama I truly wonder why it's gotten to this point. Maybe because you shouldn't be a moderator. I still stand on a -1
  4. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION ON YOU, NOT FROM ANYONE ELSE. MEANING NOONE ELSE HELPED ME ON THIS POST OR THE FOLLOWING THINGS LISTEN BELOW. Hi Excalibur, Becky, Al - .. whatever I called you. Yes I don't play on the server anymore and we haven't contacted in over a year, and yes I will let you know what this is based on. On the forums. As you know, we did know each other outside of gmod, and before joining IG all those years ago, and we were good friends, and from my personal opinion, as soon as you get a rank that positions yourself above others who don't, the rudeness and complete lack of care for others feelings and opinions started to grow. I know that makes it out to look like you're a horrible person, which your not, it just that some of the things you said and did, whether you thought it was right or wrong did have a negative impact on myself, and other people. You may not have realised this, but over the course of you being a moderator from IG to EG etc. A lot of people slowly started to dislike you as you were not nice at all. Personally, if I had a problem, I would go to you, as you were my friend as a moderator and it was chill and easy and had memes. But as your lack of care grew, I never wanted to go to you ever, as you would always flick me off or say some other smart ass response. Even to the point of ignoring me and I would guess you did this to others. Now yes we had our jokes but sometimes it got me questioned if we were even friends. Now I know I can't play the blame game and point my finger at just you. So, I will take responsibility for some things that went down, maybe I wasn't nice to you sometimes as well. And for that, I am sorry. But I always wanted to start again and talk, but you always pushed me away with smart ass comments. This might just have been me and because it seemed maybe we had personal problems? It probably affected how you acted towards me in-game, ooc and ic. Or its just that the position was getting to you and your actions could be completely looked over and I couldn't do anything because I wasn't staff, who honestly knows what you were doing, only you do. And trust me, I'm not the only one who thinks that. There are events that had happened, but that'll get pretty off topic. Many people have seen it countless times before, someone get a moderator, gets to admin, maybe even management but they start to get power hungry, minge, does nothing positive for the community and worst of all, gets away with it because they are a higher position. So I highly doubt its just beef, especially when I am not the only one who felt that way. In response to your application, there are no hints as to your actions and position on Empire Gaming. Ooft just saying that gives you chills, na i kid i kid. But you haven't spoken about it at all in this application, as justifying your actions on EG and potentially apologizing for them will definitely earn respect from many people. I know its an application for moderator on IG, who cares about EG, but the things that you did as a staff member on EG, NEED to be addressed. A lot of the people on IG don't know what you did on EG as they didn't swap over. But the constant minging, abuse of powers, everything that a moderator shouldn't do, is what you did and from my eyes and many others. It also looked like you took advantage of situations, as the EG management team had so many dramas, you were going against peoples back, doing whatever you wanted on the server by minging and abusing powers. That type of stuff is not okay. Maybe you did apologize behind the scenes but its still not okay, and that caused major trust issues between a lot of people for your place in any staff position. As for a result, you did get community banned. I'm honestly surprised you were able to gain the trust to even post an application on Imperial Gaming, was it lies? Was it backtracking and turning your backs on more people? Saying you wish you never left IG in the first place when you were dissing them constantly when you did. You had accused Cody of lies and deceit all those months ago yet your doing the same thing. Stop trying to cover up everything by saying "I WILL STRIVE FOR BETTER RP EXPERIENCE" because that is complete and utter crap. In response to your call out, yes I don't play on the server anymore, but for the future of the server, I believe all voices should be taken into consideration. I had tried to contact you for months. And what did you do? Ignore me. I texted you on discord and steam, nothing. Yet your confused why we didn't contact. Heres the receipt: (Need more proof? call me out again..) (CheeseQuackbar is my steam and discord name) Thats months ago. So it just goes to show how much you turn your back on people to get your own way. And don't say thats an old discord account or something, because you've changed its name multiple times and go online from time to time. Yes this whole EG stuff was a while back, but you have never done anything to make it right, although this was a while ago, it still just goes to show that you are certainly not suited for a staff position as you blew it. Ild rather you own up to everything publically because you may be fooling the IG community but from the people who had been with you from day one of EG and even IG see through your deceitful ways. If the community of IG respect you again and forgive you, well done, I'm honestly proud and wish you luck in the future, and yes, you did leave IG on good terms with Wolf. But I believe I say on behalf of the people who were on EG to stop sugar coating and covering up multiple and other past mistakes on EG just to look like you've changed and bettered your ways etc. People whose names aren't Excalibur, if you disagree or even agree with what I've said, please PM me, as this is actually an application where you give your opinion on it and on them, not a war zone for discussion. If your name is Excalibur and is going to be responding, be careful in what you say. Thanks for reading.
  6. You were recording???
  7. +1 Bruh, he has so much experience
  8. Honestly this has blown out of proportion. Now there has been a few cases in which Ridge has stepped over the line, and I commend people for having footage to support their opinions, good job. Another thing. @Shekelburg, that time when Ridge was AOSed was completely unfair in a matter of in RP. Being super admin in such a great community is such a great privilege. Would suck to throw it all away after all the work to get to that spot, just to play around for your own enjoyment and not others. I may not know what it takes to be a staff member since I never have been in a staff team on gmod. But i do know that this is not what being a staff team is about, especially someone who actually represents the server as a whole as a leader... Staff is the privilege of setting an example, rewarded for your dedication and hard effort, and from day one, there are rules and regulations that must be met, that most follow. Super admin means that you are devoted and trusted to a higher standard that not many people get, especially on such a great community. In all fairness, ridge has not been setting these examples and meeting requirements, and this has been for quite a while. So I do agree with some posts. Does not mean I dislike a group, or individuals. I like ridge, I like to have a meme. But to abuse your powers that have been given to you for a specific reason, just for your own enjoyment, is a big no no. And to see it happen quite often is pretty sad. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I believe it is best to keep it more constructive and not abusive. Thanks
  9. Parks

    Joshua EM app

    What was your rank and regiment?
  10. I like you and the first few questions you have definitely put effort into. But where are your scenarios?? -1
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