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  1. In-Game Name: Mic (Tucker) Steam Name: Tuckerbox Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TuckerboxFTW/ In-Game Playtime: 4w 2d 5h
  2. Never heard of you, welcome to the server
  3. +1 Nickarino would be great with Pac and not abuse it at all. Also he loves Gin so why not +1.
  4. Tuckerbox

    V.5 complete

    Where are my pants nice touch
  5. Sad to see you go Kix all the best with what you do and where you go
  6. 100% a huge +1 for Yam. He is one of the best players in this community full stop. He is always RPing and respecting higher ups which is great for this server. He would be very trustworthy with Pac and would make some great things including items already listed.
  7. Big -1, majority of the hours are AFK overnight as you would leave the game going for hours for application time. This is not something that a trusted PAC user would do to achieve PAC.
  8. +1 this man has helped loads with his PACHub tutorials he is very well deserving of PAC and could help out so much more having it on the server
  9. +1 Atlas is a great lad and has been on a lot recently and would be very trustworthy with Pac and could make some great RP
  10. +1 For this man he has helped me with Pac a load now and is very good at making immersive Pacs to enhance RP so Tier 2 would mean even more possibilities
  11. +1 Rooster made some of the best events and was really passionate in his events and it could be seen by the players as he planned and executed the events to such a high level
  12. +1 Splonter or as we all know him Blitz, is a great member of the IG community and would make a great EM as he is active and always engaging in RP/events so he could make/lead some good events for the server to play on and his event ideas sound like they would fit well and work out great for the community
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