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  1. Nah man my only memories are you having a go at me for being stoned all the time bro nah but gg wp and wish you the best my guy oh and i guess this'll be my last comment as an admin before someone ganks the title off me i'll never stop being admin damn it!!
  2. you already played that role last time doe
  3. clearly just a bad GI m8 come at me bruz
  4. i think it's seems to be causing a lot more of an annoyance for everyone than it is making people happy because they get to keep some "immersion"
  5. alright so i've done it i leave for england tomorrow so needed to give it out today i basically just counted how many comments there were and then did it this way so as you can see comment number 6 won which is actually me so better luck next time nah but fr it's vanilla since it was jerry's second comment so congrats to vanilla if you're in TS then i'll poke you the code or can gift it to you on steam
  6. nah never watched it nice try tho i watched recess m8
  7. hey lads so got the humble bundle and shadow of the tomb raider is on it but i've already got it so imma give it out to enter upvote this post cus i'm a rep leech.. nah just like chuck a comment and i'll chose someone random maybe with a number generator or something best of luck!
  8. Denzham

    Ban Appeal

    would like to hear del meeko's reasoning but leaning towards a +1 even if it is only an hour
  9. it's kinda like binding of isaac in that you collect random items to upgrade your stats and all but not to the extemt that binding of isaac goes with all the items that mix and all but you can get multiple of the same item which will upgrade it further for instance the crowbar does extra damage to healthy enemies so basically your first shot on an enemy does a bit more damage but if you have like 7 of them then it can take like 2 thrids of the default enemies health with your first shot but a third person shooter obviously with different abilities you can use depending on the character yo
  10. anyone got risk of rain 2 that's down to play?? just got it and it's well fun
  11. Cold Drink Chocolate Milkshake Iced Coffee Hot Drink PG Tips (English Tea) Hot Chocolate Coffee Soft Drink DR Pepper Solo Fanta Hard Drink Jack Daniels Captain Morgan Redbull Vodka (yea only really like bourbons with the 1 exception)
  12. Denzham

    Sith News

    nah bro this is just upvote bait don't even clown it bruz
  13. Denzham


    -1 i'm sorry to hear about your dog and everything but at the same time with all your warns and bans this isn't a 1 off occasion so you're saying you just want to come back and play on the server then i think you should take this week ban and actually make a difference because if you continue like this you will only end up getting a perma ban so whatever the outcome of this ban appeal is you need to fix your act if you really do wabt to continue to play on this server
  14. the man speaks nothing but the truth! nah but honestly everyone seems to think i'm some pac god but i would just chill and mess aroubd with different things till i liked how it looked i wasn't all that great at it i just took my time
  15. i'm honestly hoping i'm just sh*t at duelling so i can git gud again
  16. Hello my dear followers, worshipers and disciples I know I have been gone for a while but Iris the Goddess of Rainbows has returned. with all the egotistical talk out the way, i broke my pc deleting files i shouldn't have and have now finally fixed it so i'm back... yay but yea i'm pretty hyped to be back and hop on and hang out with you all so look forward to seeing you all in game after i eventually finish downloading everything.
  17. nah lads everyone be saying 1 colour i mean clearly it should be rainbow! sincerely the Goddess of Rainbows
  18. But as for mingiest thing i'm not too sure there's been a hell of a lot over the years i mean as Grand inquisitor to be fair i probably spent more time RP'ing as Iris the goddess of rainbows rather than the grand inquisitor but i still did my job so it worked haha buuut i'd just say that me as an st that's the emperors "personal ST so i'm allowed in the temple" and ST Iris (Saber Instructor) were pretty great along with Marvin The Martian Medic loved it all
  19. it wounds me that you don't even remember the circumstance correctly, i was building the public duelling arena i woke up pretty early so i went on the server like alright not many people on so i can just chill and take my time with building it and then i literally finished it all and just needed to add the stairs at the front of the bloody thing and you crash the server and i'm sat there like i've been chilling here building this for like 2 hours...
  20. cya bro everyone be sayin you had an impact on them but i know i had an impact on you, getting grand inquis and staff you like to try deny deny deny but you can't do that to the big boy himself anyways have fun with your life on black desert online i think i've carried you on this server for long enough, thought i'd get 1 last roast in before you're gone @Carnifex
  21. pffft nahhh m8 imma be making loads of alt accounts and just pkk duel everyone out of sith and claim sith as my own!! had some good laughs though man and best of luck with your life as a professional csgo player
  22. yea i'd say it was a tad bit harsh so i'll leave a +1 to removing or shortening the ban
  23. Denzham

    Ban Appeal

    -1 When I first ran into you you were trying to get into a ship I had spawned for pilots I told you to leave which you kept trying to hide around corners until I left so I gave you a verbal warning to stay away and start listening to staff then later found out you had gotten into a ship and shot up the place and when another staff member pulled you up you played dumb and got a verbal warning off him too which I then gave you a warning for as I had already told you not to do that exact thing, I had heard multiple people having problems with you over time and warned you again to start foll
  24. Denzham

    A Ban Appeal.

    Alright so i'm going to leave a +1 I remember you and you seemed perfectly fine on the server i wasn't on when all this went down but this seems like a very genuine appology towards both the staff and the community as a whole and i appreciate that you decided to go through with the proper procedure rather than trying to hide who you are and what you've done so i say either unban or put on a trial period which i'm sure you will be able to do the right thing, best of luck.
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