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  1. chuck in pac3 to make it spin?
  2. Nero


    Go to your gmod folder and run the factoryreset bat this will delete game data, download cache, and lua files.(will not delete addons) I'm sure you have important pac3 files which you need to backup. you can find the .txt in garrys mod data folder pac3 once you done that verify game cache jump onto server. This will give you new server luas and you probs won't join and pc will might go potato. If this happens wait till your ingame and then rejoin and you should be all g.
  3. use wallpaper engine. Sooo not recording It.
  4. this won't fix it. what I did it happen to me on a American server. add the ip to favourites list and kept refreshing and it worked also restart your internet.
  5. If games are mounted like tf2 disable it Tha what breaks gmod. go to your game directory run the factory reset.bat then verify chache.
  6. Hi, Im nero. Old member was a ISB member, Terror Trooper, Imperial Commando and all dat back in old days. Hope I see you around memers. Nero
  7. Nero


    Get outta here your not new. Just kidding, welcome to the server hope you enjoy prophets.
  8. I used this jetpack many times and it very configurable and the trail is good. Good lua editing and can modify it so it will not be abusable like rocket boots. +1
  9. To be honest adding more sith regiments is good and can be bad. I'd say mostly after the first week of coming out of prophet trainee. (Learning force powers etc.) just got boring. Idk why we couldn't add regiment reward systems etc. Going back on track. More RG/SG regiments could be cool.
  10. let his heart move on.. rip press f for respect.
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