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  1. Hey all, so Ive been thinking about this for a while. And I am deciding to leave SCAR CO, and Gmod all up. Im passionate about SCAR, but just dont have the time or effort to put 100%. Dont want to be sitting in a position when someone else could take it and thrive in it and continue the legacy of SCAR. Thanks to all those along the way that made my SWRP experience amazing. Great year of my life. Met some of you IRL, and will in the future. Too many people for me to name, and cant be fucked to do so. GL to IG, I know you boys and girls will survive. Will pop in from time to time and Smash you c
  2. -1 You have been very mingy in the past and never seem to be able to change from that. I dont see you being a good moderator at this time. You do not hold the qualities of what a good staff member of this community should have and represent.
  3. @Anthony Sad to see you go just when Im getting back into it, oh well, IRL is more important, but I am thankful that I dont have to yell at you anymore about shining my shoes. Peace out brother!
  4. I have seen these two characters used on another server, (wont name), and the roleplay that they can bring is very intersting, the two people that played these characters had PAC, and made very nice PACs out of them. Would be cool to see them walking around alongside Vader.
  5. Wolf told him on his Ban Appeal to do it in this section.
  6. Welcome. I hate Aussie's. Im Robinson and I approve of this message.
  7. Well, never would of thought that Id be back here again but I am. Ive got a lot of explaining to do, but dont really feel like doing it. I know a few people in this community I had beef with back in the day, but Im coming back as a more mature person and just looking to make SCAR, the best regiment like the good ole days. Just want to thank those that have welcomed me back so far. I know some won't be too happy that Im back but that is understandable. Im keeping the past where it is, and opening a new chapter. Im not looking to go into staff or the EM team, nor would I even get it. I lost a lo
  8. Will def, be in this. Count me in, gonna assemble the King Squad. @Axx
  9. Trust goes both ways, and for you to not 'trust' me as to where you spectated me for 2 days...
  10. Got kicked off of the staff team and lost PAC. Pretty obvious reason, if anyone wants to talk about anything feel free to come in contact with me via private messages. Was fun whilst it lasted, and I do truly thank those who gave me the ability to help others, which is what I love to do. Peace.
  11. In-Game Name: SCAR High Colonel Kreel (Robinson) Steam Name: ♚ King Zeisty ♚ Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/preshzeisty/ In-Game Playtime: 5 weeks 1 day 13 hours
  12. NO! Im single and ready to mingle, anyone want to be mine?
  13. Thank you for being so warm and welcoming into your community.
  14. Hey, I haven't made one of these yet, so I thought might as well. Hi, I'm Robinson, you may know me as SCAR High Colonel Kreel (Robinson), also a Moderator on the server. Ive got about 6 weeks in game time, and enjoy the server. Thats all.
  15. Robinson

    Staff praise?

    -1 I dont think this would end well.
  16. I hope only for the best for you in your situation, but I have caught you 5 times, AFK time farming over night. So I do not believe some of this 1 but. Pretty shameful to lie.
  17. -1 AFK time farms. He did this when he was in SCAR, and was demoted for it. Now, since he has been in Juggernauts, has done the same thing, and had a talk with one of the Juggernauts yesterday and they agreed that he AFK time farms. This is a big no no, because he does it to get his hours up cause he wants to make an application when in reality he should only have atleast max 3 days on the server. Is a good guy, but still does this even when Ive told him to not multiple times.
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