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  1. I'm smelling an event map. An old clone ship, recovered by [insert enemy here].
  2. LePaul

    Name change

    @Little5avage @Imposing Name change request
  3. Steam Name: Cherry DudeRP Name: ThanatosSteam ID/Link: STEAM_0:1:43092351 / Steam LinkTime On Server:
  4. What's wrong with the current ones? First time I saw them I said "Holy shits, Dark Wizards from South Varrock. They look a lot like their lore, but they require maybe more equipment.
  5. I made two appearances in this; 2:17, 4:19. Top right hand corner.
  6. I think within PAC Hub, only PAC users can post topics and then the ppster can have the option to open it for public comments or to leave it with only PAC users only to comment.
  7. Would be great if someone made a functioning version Dejarik. Granted people would have to learn it, but lore friendly.
  8. I agree with @Moff Wibbles. Specialist regiments are just attack regiments. There are too many unnecessary regiments. Both from the imperial army and also sith. It makes for a lot more fun on the server but takes away from Lore. Sadly I don't think this will be changed due to it needing a complete regimental reconstruction. And the amount of sith regiments on the server is ridiculous. There is a total of 33 sith positions in the ship: 8 inquisitors, 6 rg & sg, 5 prophets, 5 marauders, 2 darths and 1 Sith Lord.
  9. Alright, I've got 2 things I need cleared up. The first one is a chain of command for; A. Requesting to book an area if NAVY are not on. Also, does NAVY include engineers? B. Patrolling. If MHC are not on, who do we then request it through?
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    Reg Help

    A good commander can sustain his regiment. A good 2ic is just as crucial. Look at JT, tried my best to bring it back and with Hunter's help, it worked. We've had days where no one shows up to tryouts and your troopers not coming onto the server or they leave for other regiments, you just have to push through it until you find the dedicated players. I have only 2 ppl over the rank of SGT and I've been commander for 2 months. It's about staying active and doing tryouts/training whenever you can. Just stick at it and grind it. The hard work will pay off.
  11. Tbh terror troopers, SCAR and shadow should be doing this already. I don't see EMs throw reconasaince in at the start of the mission. Just send the force forward. SCAR are very active. TT and Shadow not so much. If ARF differed I'd say replace TT and/or Shadow with ARF. If it doesn't replace then it shouldn't be a regiment. We have enough recon regiments.
  12. Probs should have read back to see who said it. Took a guess. Didn't pay off.
  13. That's why Kumo* suggested the HCOL+. Only people you could trust with it.
  14. "Jump Troopers are already well off at the moment, don't think I'm trying to get to you either, I'm just saying. Look you guys got enough especially with the jump packs, let some other regiments get that firepower, you guys do fine as it is." I'd be fine with this if we weren't denied jetpacks 85% of the time. But the facts are, we are not special, we do not have jump packs regularly enough. "Why would it be fair to give even bigger guns + Grenades, to spam at the Event characters practically, making it unfair both on event characters and other regiments." Not the intentions of the explo
  15. I'm going to add something here. People running past ID checkpoints in events. If 2 troopers are gaurding a doorway and ask for ID and reason for entre, provide it, don't just try to get in... Also my thoughts on the prop block checkpoint doors; if you need to replace troopers with a door, then why have the troopers? The secretaries could sit at the door and open/close it. Same goes for ISB/Brig. If a door can replace you, then maybe you should be replaced. Also, can more higher ups proactively give orders for troops to stop engaging light Saber duels. It's a rule you need to find on
  16. Thank you and good luck to the other candidates.
  17. Yet we can be denied our specialty (Jetpacks) by event masters. We're half special. We become STs with Pulse cannons when this happens. The denying of Jetpacks on most maps is insulting to me as a commander as they think I cannot command my Regiment. They will happily give rocket boots to cad bane, a jetpack to the MHC droid, yet their own troopers who are trained to use them and will follow orders are denied them. Riddle me that Batman. Honestly, why they have pulse cannons is beyond me. In events I just sit back and head poke from cliffs and the event characters can't deal wit
  18. Those are some interesting and good ideas, Chef. As commander I would limit the rocket launchers or grenades still to SGT+ rank, maybe OC+ if SGTs abuse it. I also think that the explosives would be used in different circumstances to how the 31st would use them. Based off what JT do in Star Wars Rebels, their explosive kit is more anti-vehicle and anti-air as JT are mobile and can get into position to use them. In SWBF2, their rocket can be used for anti-personal but it's best used against vehicles, as you often miss infantry. 31st have more controlled explosions, blasting through doors, terra
  19. I have asked them. Been talking to Hunter, James, Weedle and The Real Bob. They think it's a great idea but it could be a biased idea. That's why I want some more experience opinions.
  20. Hi all, With SWBF2 Origin/EA access out, we finally get to see some insight into a regiment that is barely shown from the Star Wars universe, being the Jump Troopers. We finally get to see which iconic gun the jump troopers start with on loadout. And there winner is the RT-97C. I'm proposing a weapon update for JT to better reflect the loadout shown in SWBF2. The first thing being the RT-97C to replace the E-11. Now the second thing is that Jump Troopers are known for having rocket launchers. Now I know that it would not be a good idea to give troopers rocket launchers. But we
  21. Thank you for accepting the idea, Admins.
  22. The current jetpack has some issues with it. Like pinejack said, you can hit insane speeds using it. There are no limitations to the fuel which means infinite flying. There is no hover which means fall damage, which is only an issue whilst trying to sustain yourself in the air when the server starts lagging hard during events. I do agree that the particles themself may contribute to the issues with server lag, so that's something to look into. The other problem with particles is first person perspective (FPP). The thrusters show Infront of your face in FPP which makes aiming in the air impossi
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