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  1. @Dallas | Attack Helicopter Jump on TS3 and poke me please, I'll be in the support rooms.
  2. LePaul

    Lua Panic

    @Carnifex @Imposing @ANiX Hi Ben/Solo, sorry couldn't resist, we are aware of a current issue regarding the Lua panic. We are working to fix it. If you could jump on TS3 and wait for Carnifex, Anix or Imposing. If they're on TS3, poke them. They should know what to do. Regards, LePaul
  3. Fully auto for 6 seconds, clip it, watch and count. *10 for 60 seconds worth of shots and you have your rounds per minute.
  4. Hi @mynamajeff, Set r_flashlightdepthres 1024 - in console before loading in. If that doesn't work, let us know for some more help.
  5. LePaul

    PAC3 Camera Issue

    So when this happens, right click anywhere in the black and click reset camera in the list. Does that work?
  6. LePaul

    PAC3 Camera lock

    Cool. @Imposing issue has been resolved.
  7. LePaul

    PAC3 Camera lock

    1. Whilst in the stationary camera press ctrl+E and let me know the results. 2. Unsub to PAC3 in the workshop and resubscribe to it. These are two simple steps to try a quick fix. If neither work, let me know.
  8. @LordTrilobite looks really good. Thank you for expanding the SD.
  9. The only regiment that is able to see cloaked units on the server atm is DT. I remember one of the higher ups saying a while ago that DT is the only regiment that can do this. Also don't see the point giving it to regiments as I haven't seen a cloaked event in a while. If there is one, they're far and few. In terms of cloaking, I think it's already at a good point. Also, thermal through walls already sounds too OP. Might be good for event characters to hold certain points, but even then it devalues cloaking by quite a bit and whether or not it would be considered by an EM to give to event char
  10. Let us know when you can jump on next @Lincoln. someone had the issue yesterday and setting them to ST recruit whilst they loaded in fixed the issue. You'll have to load in, we set you as recruit, it will crash one more time then you should be able to join next time. Let us know so we can try this.
  11. What has been tried so far? Just so I know. Have you tried joining any other servers as of yet?
  12. LePaul

    JT Jetpacks

    Mate. I ran JT successfully for 3 months. It happens man. They get denied for RP reasons. When we did get a weapon used version it was only myself and my colonel who got it. Build up a good reputation for JT and maybe one day they will trust you with them.
  13. Jetpacks have always been an issue. I tried to get it changed. Martibo had something in the works but never came out fully developed when I was JT CMDR. Rocket boots are the best option I've seen. The rest lag the server too much.
  14. why do you need tazers when you have lazers?
  15. Thank you @Tatsumaki & @Ben For your assistance. I've narrowed it down to people making bones 0 size in order to get certain things from different models. I have not found a solve for this yet. It will require further testing.
  16. @Twinkie I'll bump you on TS3 when I get home and we'll try work this out. If not I'll grab someone experiencing the issue and we'll see if we can solve this and post results.
  17. Verify your game cache, let us know the results. 1. From the library section of steam right click on Garry's mod and click properties. 2. Click local tab and verify integrity of game files.
  18. What have you tried already? @Twinkie
  19. Have you tried reinstalling PAC3 from the workshop?
  20. @Little5avage @Imposing this issue has been solved.
  21. @Nevada if you are still having the issue, please get in contact with the support team so we can continue remedying the issue.
  22. LePaul

    Issue with ships HUD

    I'll look into it, see if we can come up with any temp or permanent fixes.
  23. LePaul

    Issue with ships HUD

    That is extremely weird. I played around with resolution settings and the tie fighter HUD scaled with my resolution every time. Further more, the basic HUD looks to be fine and fit perfectly. If you have any more issues after adjusting resolutions, let us know.
  24. LePaul

    Issue with ships HUD

    @kix Any update on those screen shots? Also, are any other huds not scaled correctly, or only the ship hud?
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