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  1. I've been asked to come and address this as I was the person enforcing and leading PAC on said server. 1. Bossk never had his PAC privileges revoked. 2. Bossk was asked to remove certain PAC's, but it was because our PAC restrictor did not function and we had to tell bossk that things were outside of his tier, he wasn't the only person, it confused a lot of people. If anything, shows he was capable of higher tiers of PAC. 3. Bossk stuck to the RP based rules closely, he constantly got in touch with myself and other higher ups to clarify if things were okay to use. Summary:
  2. Solid bloke. He focuses on what he does and always tries to exceed expectations. GL +1
  3. LePaul

    PAC3 Glitches

    What i meant was console commands. If you type PAC_ into console, you will see a bunch of settings you can play around with for yourself.
  4. Hi my friend, If you are crashing when trying to load a certain font on the load menu, here is what you do. 1. We need to locate the font file, because you already have it, it is just corrupted. So, take note of it when loading in if you are still having this issue. 2. Delete the file from your hard-drive. Alternately, you can re-install, just whatever your preference is. Note: You will need the content pack again if you re-install. 3. Downloads this servers version of Star Destroyer. 4. Open GMOD, go to Options>Other> Drop down box and select "Do not download an
  5. LePaul

    PAC3 Glitches

    Hey All, This is not good news, there is no fix to this. It randomly fixes itself. I've spoken to the developers of PAC and they have advised me of this. I researched this a while back, adjusted every single setting on PAC to no avail. It happens with bone merging a model to an entity with a bone size of 0 or bone to mesh ticked. I wish I could provide more insight but there isn't any at the moment. I'd suggest lowering your PAC render distance to 1000 for FPS increases. Regards, Jacko/LePaul
  6. +1 Xane is trusted with PAC. He never misuse's his PAC Previliges and has done a lot to create RP for others with PAC on other servers. Not to mention the amount of PAC examples he has provided.
  7. Looks like you'd be a good addition to the team. +1
  8. Did you seriously down vote Shekelburg for his statement? Honestly Ridge, how do you justify your actions? What is your thought process on this? All I'm seeing is a man that cannot accept any criticism. Your ego is so inflated and you are so insecure about receiving any sort of criticism that you would down vote the comment that goes against anything you say. Honestly, @Little5avage @Imposing @Wolf @Caboose lock this thread because the only thing this thread is doing now, is adding fuel to the flame. Wolf has already made his judgement, anything further should be taken behind the scenes from h
  9. I'm not going to argue any of the "points" you made. But I will say this; I don't want you demoted, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to bring to light a bigger issue. The staff team is the backbone of the community. They hold IG together. As a staff member, you represent IG to the community. When new players come on and see staff abuse their powers both IC and/or OOC, it doesn't put IG into a good light, and when senior players see this happen more and more regularly, it hits a breaking point. This server is meant to be serious roleplay. I know not everyone's perfect, and to be human is
  10. People are not angry at your point of view, people agree with it. It's the way you conveyed it.
  11. "Although Not holding much context at the moment, it's essentially trying to say, "what the fuck guys why do we all have to attack people and jump on the bandwagon and attack them more, what gain is anyone gonna get out of this?" "Let's start with this. People aren't jumping on the bandwagon. Bandwagon means you have no opinion you just agree with the majority. A lot of people here have had personal experiences with the situation and thus weighing in their opinion. " "i don't know about anyone posting on this forum but i'd venture to guess none of you actually want ridge demoted, your hum
  12. This is just ignorant and arrogant. All staff need to realise they represent the server and not abuse their powers, it's a top down situation. It starts with those in higher authority places setting examples for those below. Ridge is the topic of this thread, but a lot of staff need to learn discipline in their actions. The problem is, no one is dishing out punishment to the staff team. No one is regulating the team. Makes you wonder if they even care about their reputation and how they portray themselves and IG to new players that come onto the sever.
  13. Let's talk about this incident. A lot of you may know the story already, and Little gave a speech about how Ridge wasn't in the wrong, but a lot of us saw this situation as very suspicious. Giving the order to SCAR to enter the NAVY/ISB secret cave and then hid in the Sith Temple for 2 hours to avoid arrest, granted entry by Darth Revan. In-terms of RP, a lot of Sith disagreed with this and saw it as an abusive of in-game and out of game power. The fact that he is a Super Admin and couldn't resolve the situation himself as an OOC matter is inexcusable from a person in his position. W
  14. Not against server rules, just unethical to get up hours by AFK'ing. Just play and get the hours. Get the experience and meet new people. If you have 1 week playtime and apply for EM and no one knows you, you'll get a lot of neutrals or -1s for not being known enough or trusted. A lot of people see it as a moral issue. If your willing to abuse the system to gain hours instead of just accumulating them whilst playing, leaves people with a questionable impression.
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