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  1. Hey all. I started messing about in MSPaint a couple weeks ago, to help with my Coordination Disorder. And these were the pieces I'd made. They were being made using references but all were drawn freehand with a mouse. It's a pretty big accomplishment for me, and I'd like to hear your critiques. So yeah. Have fun tearing me to shreds I suppose.
  2. Hey all. This is a small issue, but something I'm sure we can agree will turn into something undesirable down the line. SantosRP is a game about permanence, and choice. If you choose a life of crime (IE; the commision or police dept.) you will need to work yourself dry to get out of it. It's a game where you need to be smart about your choices, and actions around other people, else it could lead to dire consequences. In this game of choice, and permanence, I've always found it a frustration whenever the Mayor slot comes up; namely because it makes no sense whatsoever. The Mayor's job is to get his hooks deep into the city as quick as he can, making and maintaining contact with syndicates and gangs to make deals, keeping the police in check, regulating specific laws and requirements of the city. This is the job of the Mayor (and his secretary if need-be). So why is it, must I ask, that the Mayor can be voted off at any time during 15 minute intervals. What. At the very most, it should be a 2-week election, in order to actually build desire for the role itself, don't make it so that people can just talk to others, gain approval, attempt to take the office, fail, have a spot of tea, and try again in 15 minutes. To be frank, that's a garbage system. And it should be reworked in order to establish an actually functioning government body among all the crimes about to be committed after the 1-2 week grace period. I ask that this issue be taken into consideration, weighed, and acted upon. It will present issues further down the line, and it's an extremely simple fix.
  3. I mostly made this because I knew if I was going on the server, it wouldn't be as what people percieve me on the SWRP one. Because of this, people may feel attacked and/or offended by my shift in behavioral patterns. And just having people be offended isn't all that beneficial. So I'm explaining why. I absolutely am making excuses, that's the whole point of the post.
  4. It's hardly brave. But I do somewhat appreciate the correlation between sociopathy and good roleplaying. I guess. Good luck to you too.
  5. I don't know why I feel the urge to respond in gifs and images, likely because the topic's been so twisted it's hard to dignify with a linguistic response.
  6. Sorry to minmax, but I couldn't resist.
  7. I feel emotion perfectly fine. Being a psychopath would be nothing short of mind-numbingly dull (literally). I'm aware that the server has rules to uphold, and I'm willing to abide by them. So forgive my attempts at conversing with fellow human beings, and I'll try to stay in line.
  8. Imperial regulation dictates annual psychiatric analysis of their assets, including the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. Yes they're grunts, but that doesn't mean they let anyone in. It's like any military, people are checked for that specific thing, as the empire doesn't exactly want to be putting a blaster in the hands of madmen (save that for the rebels). Holding onto specific pieces of information could work, but you'd need an essay and a half to explain why and how exactly you got to sit on that information, and how you haven't already been found out. Keep in mind, this was Vaders and Palpy's prime, they could sense that sh*t like a shark with blood in the water. Akin to a shark, they will find you. But with the proper circumstances, I can see it's application in RP, depends.
  9. Someone gets it. Finally, someone gets it. But yeah, you'll never be able to understand me, and that's fine. It's in the same regard that I will never be able to understand you (from lack of empathy or otherwise) in fact. This is probably the most respectably post on the topic I've seen thus far. So good job. That's a shame, I was rather hoping my being an asshole would incite some kind of challenge. Damn.
  10. Although most of the replies are frustratingly repetitive. I do respect your acceptance of me in this regard, I somewhat understand people's apprehension around this sort of thing. I'll be civil, it's just when you aren't that you'll know me as everything but civil.
  11. I am indeed a 'high functioning sociopath'. But I'm by no means that idiotic (or poorly written.) as people often associate sociopathy with him, ironically he doesn't cover the lads who do questionable things to kids for the fun of it. There's a much, much uglier side to the disorder barely scratched by his character. It's a lot more than having a sharp tounge, and a lack of empathy. **EDIT** I think I have to specify that this type of thing is a very misinterpreted topic. In that people often don't understand the depths of said disorder. Think of it as me being an edge-lord, but actually following through with the sh*t I say. It's obviously not as stupid as the aforementioned example. Holmes, while covering his aspect of sociopathy nearly-perfect; fails in almost every other aspect of the disorder. Which, while regrettable, is expected.
  12. It'll just pretty much just be me being backhanded and manipulative, nothing too new for the server. I won't directly oppose authority of course, that's no fun. But people's opinions will be challenged, at least initially. The reason this post was made was because I've noticed a shift in people's behavior when their opinions are challenged, hence I wanted to make it clear that will be commonplace when in contact with me. So yeah, not going to be outright malicious, just a people person, I swear.
  13. See how long that laughter lasts when the server goes live, sonny jim.
  14. Trust me, you don't. I'm laughing to myself at the thought of antic I'm going to be getting up to in the server.
  15. Eh. I can imagine it being far more enjoyable when they don't recognize it as a disorder, and they just think of me as an asshat. I just made this for people that do come across me, at least I have some form of self-clarification.
  16. This is a dicey topic as my extreme honesty sometimes gets mixed up with disrespect, as people generally (for whatever reason) can't tell the difference. Call me out on my bullsh*t if I pull something like that. And I'll behave. You too.
  17. Hello people. Most of you know me as a kind-hearted individual, willing to put my best efforts into the benefit of others around me. If you think this, it was likely picked up from my time on the SWRP server, a server which I have known for almost 2 years of my life, now. I'm pleased to inform you that with this new server, I will not be kind. New servers for me means new beginnings. I hold onto my identities on the SWRP server because they have been maintained for so long. I suffer from ASPD (Anti-social personality disorder), meaning I'm what's called a 'sociopath' in real life, and now, on the server. It has been a long time since I've let my true self out, and I'm using the new sever as an opportunity to express that. I will not be kind, I will not be caring, I will be me. If you want to hang out with me, spend time with me ect ect on the SantosRP server. Be warned of my actions, or potiental actions on the future. However, if you do accept this part of me, and my place among you, then you will have my respect (and that'a about all you can get from me). I do apologize in advance to the staff, if I'm in any way a hassle, because I will be. This isn't an excuse for me to minge, or go around. I just know that I'm going to be an asshole, and I think some explanation of that behalf needs to be expressed. Anyways, I hope to see some people on the server. And I hope for the best in regards to it's post-launch development. Cheers.
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