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  1. Damn bro. Y'all out here with some choice flavors and opinions of said flavors. But nothing compares to the ol' purge trooper classic, and my personal favorite type of chip:
  2. Demonic

    It's Time.

    I shed a fucking tear. What have you done to me. Who the hell are you. I love you so much.
  3. Can i get my promotion now? I'm sick of being secretary Valarie for this long
  4. Sometimes when I'm alone at night with nothing but my thoughts I can still hear frenchy screaming at me to pan the camera around to a mid shot.
  5. Quoted from the description: "This is a restoration project of an old IG advert team video designed to be a trailer for both ST's, and Widow Squad. Due to both the corruption of a large portion of clips, and the project being discontinued, the trailer is missing its intended voice lines. However, I have taken the time to put something together out of what I had at the time. Hopefully it serves as a reminder of good times on the server. Cheers. -Demonic."
  6. Howdy do, tis the redeemed Regi hopper himself. Back from the eternal abyss and now regularly playing on IG. I hope to meet a lot of new people, as well as reconnect with some old ones. I realize I'm coming up on my 3rd year in the community, which is mildly insane. So to commemorate that I'm going to start playing as regularly as I can and try my best to cement myself back into the community. Hopefully with a better reputation than my last visit, lol. Cheers.
  7. That's what you get for being a naughty RST Private Damn. It's been 4 years
  8. Something something beep boop INF droid. Ah, Wombatiacus, my old friend! How's the Black tar heroin addiction suiting ya? Incin Commander, more like, wholesome. hah, got him. I'll have you know that 40 years of age isn't that bad for a kid. Damn you.
  9. Wassup nerds. Happy 2020. I'm still here, lurking in the abyss. Love you all, even if you have no idea who I am lol. Egg.
  10. Not that great. Sifting through some stuff atm, but I'll be okay.
  11. Hey, it's me again. SWRP is naturally a very dedicated community. I often find myself amongst some of the most dedicated people I have ever seen in the midst of managing a regiment. I've seen a couple people's lives destroyed over this game... And their first reaction was naturally to contact this server and the people on it. For strangers over the internet, we have grown to become something much, much more. Though sometimes, I believe it is healthy for one to appreciate the lack of these means of communication, and experience what is around them. I've preached this message for a whi
  12. Hey lads, it's your ol' buddy ol' pal Demonic again. Lol. I want to practice my editing, mostly in audio, but some visual. However I need material to voice over in order to actually put that into practice. So I thought about it for a while, my brain was racked trying to come up with excuses not to write (as I'm already within the throws of writing my own book, lmao) that much for just editing practice. But then I came up with a great idea. What if I brought you guys' backstories to life with voice/audio effects? Essentially adding ambiance through audio effects and my own voice ove
  13. I was forced out of Media Team (not by them obviously, it was for most of my friend groups) and told to block my friends on there, couldn't tell them how much I appreciated them within that time, so I'm glad this post was made. @Kurt sorry if I left so suddenly and without explanation. Love you blokes, keep on keeping on. <3
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