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  1. Demonic

    Permanently Stepping Down

    Hey Mauler I hope you do well with whatever you strive for, while our interactions have been brief, they were full of good times and happy memories. Gonna miss you bud.
  2. Stevo: One of the first people I ever met back in July of last year, you showed me around the ship, and promptly told me to f*ck off and have fun, you've been the catalyst of this server's regimental development, And I am envious of your commitment to us white trash back in the day. I enjoyed our time together on this server, watching it (and you) grow to even greater heights, and it pains me to see you move on to different and better things, however the process is natural, and needed for a happy life, so for now, goodbye old friend <3
  3. Demonic

    Hornet's Farewell

  4. Demonic

    This is why i love this server... (IG Talent Show)

    Can we do this again. I'd love to sing with you boys.
  5. Demonic

    Flashback Photos...

    The Six Stages of what it was like looking through these.
  6. Demonic

    quick apology.

    There is none
  7. Demonic

    quick apology.

    i'll consider it. But only if I get free food.
  8. Demonic

    quick apology.

    Nah it's chill and you don't have to. I just wanted to say sorry <3
  9. Demonic

    quick apology.

    Hey so, uh. About a week back I made an introductory post, and came back to the server, and was lucky enough to be welcomed into the Inquisitor Troopers by @Carnifex. As fate would have it, this would be the absolute worst time to come back to the server, as just that day I received a callback notification for my examinations at school. I had to retake both my science and math exams. I would like to apologies both to my leader Carnifex for not being able to establish contact with you (other than you sending a grumpy cat picture ) and to my regiment for being a waste of a slot. @Carnifex if you want to kick me out of your regiment, I understand completely. I'm sorry for going inactive almost instantly, I will try to further balance my schoolwork and Regiment
  10. Demonic

    JD Pac 3 Tier 1 application

    Neutral, leaning towards -1. Sorry, but until I see some more original PACs, my response won't change. Considering I have yet to meet you, I'm only basing this off of your ability to use PAC with confidence and competence. And despite your use of these ideas, they are executed poorly, coming off as cluttered or messy. I would recommend placing your efforts on refining a project over time, I learned the hard way that spitting out PACs every 2nd day doesn't help my case, in this example, quality is everything. I would consider working on a PAC throughout the duration of this application, and keeping us posted about the progression of said project over time. Good luck.
  11. Demonic

    what's up nerds.

    Can't react anymore so i'll just reply Thanks You know it Old player, practically have PTSD at this point <3 nononononononononono I physically reacted to the comment, damn you.
  12. Demonic

    Snows Re-Introduction

  13. Demonic

    what's up nerds.

    remind me to beat you for leaving 212th. <3