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  1. +1 trusted and has a lot of play time also is a very trusted person in the community
  2. In-game alias: groovy smoothie Your SteamID: Groovy Smoothie When was the warn: 10/1/17 Which admin warned you: Jester Explain the situation: a guy was going around rdming and I had just killed two sts In my bunks to get out of bunks. this made jester accidentally grab me instead of the guy rdming. evidence of accidental warn: this was from jester after I got banned and warned I'd just like to apologise for banning you. I have no excuse other than I got the wrong guy. I'm fully at fault. I hope I didn't give you a bad idea of Imperial Gaming and I hope
  3. it doesn't tell me how long but I think it was a day
  4. In-game alias: smoothie Your SteamID: 76561198050667045 When was the ban: 10/1/17 How long is the ban: (unknown admin did not tell me) Which admin banned you: Jester Explain the situation: a st was going around rdming everybody and changing his name. so I called a admin (not jester) and he got killed by the person and I respawned and then had to kill two stormtroopers to get out of spawn because I was stuck in them. Why you deserve a second chance: because the admin got the wrong person I was not rdming infact I even called a admin on the guy who was r
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