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  1. was worried it was like this week IM so down dude
  2. REEEE WHY DID I ONLY SEE THIS NOW!!!! I would totally come along
  3. In-Game Name: [Command-Leader] Rooster Steam Name: Rooster Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071120219/ In-Game Playtime: 4 weeks 6 days 23 hours
  4. Who dis? Never seen or heard of you.
  5. Reeeeeee that was my event you slackers
  6. Rooster

    Regiment Idea

    -1 The loadout is the exact same as Shadow. its not needed.
  7. Oh please for the love of everything good and holy get these models implemented PLEASE!
  8. These models look amazing, if we can get these implemented as the new models it would be awesome. Pilota Commander Rooster.
  9. Little please dont get down man, all of us are here for you dude.
  10. Excellent idea definitely should be taken under consideration.
  12. As a shadow talking, the time limit on the cloak is already beaten by the current cloak we already have which doesnt have one. Its more of piece that event characters should have ddue to the fact that people already shoot cloaked individuals without even thinking OH that could a friendly instead they just fire and say sorry afterwards. at least with a time limit andd the fact that when shot it reveals them slightly it would greatly help that situation
  13. there there little pupper its ok i liked all 3
  14. Now @Puppy you know what you have to do right? EACH REGIMENT
  15. ;-; im not there either puppy im hurt
  16. Imperial Trooper Records: Please enter function... Access Files... Please enter Designation number or Trooper name... Chicane... Loading...4 files found...please select... 1. Chicane Family 2. Reed "Roosta" Chicane 3. Roostine Chicane 4. Rooster Chicane Access file 1... Accessing... Loading Chicane Database... The Chicane family on file consists of 3 siblings, Rooster 28, Roostine 26, Reed 21. All born on the planet Coruscant, all to the same father and mother, all raised on coruscant... FILES ON CHILDHOOD CORRUPTED... All enlisted in
  17. Steam Name: RoosterRP Name: SW LC RoosterSteam ID/Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ RoostertheboosterTime On Server (More than 1 week and a half & photo evidence): @Little5avage has approved my playtime which is currently at 3 weeks 5 days 17 hours
  18. This is my official leave of the IG staff team, i've been contemplating this for a few weeks and I have decided that the way the server is heading towards is something that I personally do not look forward to. I enjoyed my time on the server and I luv you all. Thanks to everyone whos supported me and helped me in getting to where I am. Thankyou all Love Rooster
  19. *Insert generic comment here*
  20. Sad to see you go man, have fun on your future endevours mah dude.
  21. Look people can leave in thier own ways no need to hate on someone because of their choices.
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