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  1. Neutral Cool guy but your answers to all of the questions are very short. Make them longer and I'll give you a +1
  2. Kallus I remember you pretty well. You gave me my one and only warn. That was ages ago though.
  3. Cody I dunno if I can trust you with that statement. You've just said it to so many people.
  4. Tom

    Suna's Staff App

    +1 FINALLY somebody actually puts in their Steam ID.
  5. HI! I am Tom, a trial moderator on the ImperialRP server. On the ImperialRP server you'll find me as Inquisitor Apprentice Tom so feel free to talk to me if you find me in-game! On the MilitaryRP server you can find me as 24th Special Operations Chief Warrant Officer Tom. I hope to see you all having fun on Imperial! Tom
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