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  1. Apparently I'm playing again so Hi
  2. Tackxo obviously should be general
  3. Just a couple hundred @Squid
  4. Should watch bleach
  5. Vertex

    Lua Panic

    Case solved by the one and only @Born
  6. Vertex

    Lua Panic

    Whenever I have tried to connect to the server I get the error lua panic! something went horribly wrong "not enough memory" when sending client info and I have no idea why. I have unsubscribed and subscribed to the content. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled. I have no idea what else to do so I would like some help
  7. Well hello I'm back, so for those of you who don't know me I am vertex and I have no life ;-;
  8. I really hate that droid now, also I hate spin. Anyways cya Greyback ;-;.
  9. Vertex


    So, the time has come. After me thinking a lot about this I have come to the decision that I will be leaving this community. It has been a great time while it has lasted, a good 5+ weeks I have spent on this server and all of it was worth it. I may come back, who knows but for now that is basically it. @Ricards3 Thank you Arkas for being a really good friend and always telling me if I mess up. @Pablo Thank you for giving me so many chances and making me a better person in general. @ANiX You have always been friendly to me and I thank you for that. Thank you for introducing me to your friend
  10. Way too many people are leaving
  11. Vertex


    You did some stuff to a certain ISB and I approve... also hi
  12. Vertex


    let me correct myself biggest meme in ISB
  13. Vertex


    As there have been a lot more people joining the server I think I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Acting Operative Vertex and I am the biggest meme in ISB around. Hope to see you around. I gotta go take my 20 pills now.
  14. You cant do this to me Cya man
  15. I listen to this version every night before I go to sleep. +1
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