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  1. Yes, that is my point. I always broke rules.
  2. In-game alias: ST *something* Zovio Your SteamID(s): STEAM_0:1:199867275 76561198360000279 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198360000279 When was the ban: About 2 Months prior to posting this How long is the ban: Permanent Which admin banned you: Little Savage AKA Darth Vader Explain the situation: I was an immature person. All I did was minge constantly, eventually I got perma banned and I do not blame the staff. They tolerated me so well but one day it all happened and I got banned on all IG community links. Why you deserve a second chance: I b
  3. Zovioo

    Zovio Ban Appeal

    In-game alias: Your SteamID: When was the ban: How long is the ban: Which admin banned you: Explain the situation: Why you deserve a second chance:
  4. All these people playing BF2 and Destiny 2... Meanwhile I am banned and have come on the forums because I am waiting to for MY server to restart. Should I make a ban appeal? I have really changed
  5. I've seen him do it. He can reanimate the dead and bring death to the ones who double cross him...
  6. Not my fault someone else advertised like ffs
  7. I never put him up to this, he just always says he wants me to play with him so I finally made this appeal and even if i was a "little bit racist", that is diffrent to "EXTREME RACISM"
  8. In-game alias: Jimmin or Jimmin Jawb (I forgot) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:199867275 When was the ban: About a week ago How long is the ban: 2 weeks and 1 week now Which admin banned you: Havoc Explain the situation: I was minging a little and I wasn't sure of SWRP (First time playing) then i was handcuffed and taken to Moderator who explained what I did wrong and I was banned for 3 days... When I came back after the 3 days It said It was 2 weeks so I am confused why this is? Another thing to bring up is I had heaps of reasons put up - like Extreme Racism and Mass RD
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