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  1. -=UPDATE=- Now a Engineer Junior Foreman, Commanding Officer of the Navy Engineers
  2. Neverwinter is also Free to Play So any worrying that they will not be able to get the game, grab it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/109600/Neverwinter/
  3. Hello Everyone. So, I came across this game on the Steam Store; 'Neverwinter' and found something great. It's an online, RPG game based off of the pre-existing DND game. However, it is without hassles such as marking health, level, and AC and HP. There is no set GM or DM, all players are, well, players. Now, I will be hosting a Neverwinter game next Friday, to join you must complete the following: -=REQUIRMENTS=- The process: You must Install Neverwinter by the set time Comment that you are intrested in playing Neverwi
  4. I find Troopers shooting sith extremely incessant, it's simply a display of a troopers Self-centered Ego, thinking; "Hey, f&%k respectfully allowing Sith to do their jobs, let's disrespect their purpose by putting some blaster fire their way." But, I get that you had a meltdown, I would have too, however, what really pissed me off was that you called these Troopers 'Mentally Impaired', please, just don't say shit like this, I take personal offence to insults involving ones mental state. ___ Jigsaw
  5. Yeah, that was probably the area I'm working on to improve the most. You speak my language. Thanks man, yeah I'm looking for a Voice Coach or something similar, but I'm pretty much trying to learn from what others say, hence why i made this post. Thanks all ___ Demonic
  6. Hey guys! I'm currently trying to do impressions, mainly Star Wars impressions. I've worked with tons of great Voice Actors, however I need a public opinion. I'm attempting to perfect an Emperor Palpatine impression, be honest, I need your opinion to further improve my lines. Maybe I can use the voice in further work for the server Here's the line, it's edited by me, adding Bass Cuts, distortion and what not. The line is from the new Battlefront II, "Admiral Versio, the Rebellion cannot be allowed to Persist. Enlight the Inferno". You may need to download the line.
  7. Dang, it's been awhile hasn't it. This has been going on so long I forgot to update ;-; -=UPDATE=- I'm now known as Navy Leading Crewman Jigsaw My Playtime is now 2w 1d 17h I've now been granted the honour of being accepted into the Imperial Gaming Advertising team. I've gotten reletivly decent with my PAC knowledge now, spent a few hours in SP learning it. Though I still have much to learn. Thanks all. __ Demonic.
  8. -1 Sorry man, but from the other Day, you showed you lack the Knowledge of the Rules. You AOSed a Sith for entering the Engine Room. And then turned the entire server against you, just so you could validate yourself in defiance of Server Rules. Spend more time on the server, make yourself known. Maybe I'll change my vote down the line. __ Demonic
  9. Hey guys! Thanks for your love and personality. I didn't however create this suggestion for use in-game. I created it for Players to deliberate, discuss, and forge their Character I personally spend a good Hour or a few looking over server's Character Sheets. Just to read something interesting. And while the person reading cannot bring the knowledge they are given with a character sheet into the game. The person that made their backstory can. It can open the server to many new opportunities. In RP and out.
  10. Thanks a ton Guys! I was looking for this as a reference, as I'd seen it somewhere. I'll see you in-game! __ Demonic
  11. Hello all, I keep having an issue with my game. Whenever I open the Garrys Mod game everything is fine. I only have the addons for IG, however when I open the server and load in, without fail my game will crash. I'd like to apologize to my fellow Navy Crewman for my potential absence if this issue is fixed. And I hope someone can help me fix such issue.
  12. Tried it, but I'm an idiot. I shall continue my quest!
  13. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Yeah man, is it all good if I could get your steam? I don't really see you in-game that much.
  14. Signing up. I'm already apart of the Advertising team, and would love to get involved with this. I'll message you or Chef when i have the time (I can also use my Palpatine Impression Ingame Name: Jigsaw Age: 14 __ Demonic
  15. Remember you, complete minge. -1
  16. Hello all, today I'd like to talk about a minute detail, but such detail can provide tons of detail on a specific Character. Speaking of characters, I'd like to ask that a Character Sheets section be added tot he Server Forums. Character Sheets are small Documents which allows Players to expand their RP and add Backstories to their Characters. I will provide a Template below: __ Character Name: Nickname/Ailias: Current Rank: Regiment History: Current Regiment: Allies: Enemies:
  17. It gives them Motive, for a SGT, training is a measly task performed to Recruit another mingey ST. Meanwhile a Drill Officer, Recruitment ensures possibility, opportunity, comradery, and connection. Which will be made apparent through the emphasis on Drill Officer Recruitment.
  18. ALSO: the pressure for SGT's to train will not be completely lifted, the priority comes to Drill Officers. However if they're not on or are busy. SGT's must train.
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