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  1. I think it should be called "Silver Sword", "Grey Horn" or "Grey Hound"
  2. Ragnarok

    Hey! ^_^

    STFU kraken...
  3. Ragnarok

    Dom's Posing

    oh ok i understand
  4. Ragnarok

    Dom's Posing

    1st one looks very good but the others are not bad but not the best
  5. Move this to random discussions pls ;-;
  6. If you want a High Definition Signature made from GMOD but unable to, just follow this template and I can make one for you- Name: Font For Name: Models: Posing Models: <--- if you have a possible reference I can go off, give me a link Effects: Lighting: Extra Info: Example: (imma crop the pictures dont worry)
  7. Neutral Should Be More Sci-Fi themed Neutral The Actual Main Part Of The Skin Is Okay But The Cape Just Doesn't Work +1 Looks Great But Should Be Used By Another Regiment That Isn't Rancor
  8. hey that's pretty good
  9. to be honest, this could be used for future regiments that are in lore. There is a regiment in lore that actually has this armor and i also think that IG wouldn't grab a skin that has 4 varieties of design. i personally think that we should save this for a possible-future regiments -1
  10. I have some problems with alot of players in the server. With the mental disability i had for while called deppression by my side, I am going to have the stay out of SWRP until I feel better or my regiment i worked hard for gets accepted into SWRP. I treat people equally (except for rude people) and i get people saying "he's such a autisc kid", "lazy ass faggot" and worst of all "fuck you gay ass ******" I don't really get why I get this treatment by fellow members as I play as many event characters, help out community and treat people like classmates. I don’t see why, just why other pla
  11. +1 Looks pretty good and would be a great backup map
  12. Breif Description: A riot trooper who is pointing (with a ignited lightsaber) at a sheet for a ST (who is sitting down) has to sign. Models: Riot Trooper: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=805799312 Storm Trooper Private: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=797954110 Lightsaber (dark red when ignited): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=664941368 Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=707623912 Posing: I want a riot trooper threatening a storm trooper (with darth maul's lightsaber) to ke
  13. we will miss you hisoka ;^) hopefully you come back to us soon!
  14. Bill Nyesoka Highsoka
  15. DEBT REEE-SPOONS We will miss you very much good sir. Just sign in between the square brackets for your bankruptcy because your memes are dead -[ ]- I Hisoka will no longer have the rights to use my memes
  16. ayy thats a pretty good meme. can i call you that from now on and not arrest ig?
  17. Ragnarok


    yeah you should join us again ;^)
  18. +kek i dont think this should be on the community announcements
  19. that is the worst idea i heard since miraak thinking he had a mental disability called depression
  20. seriously though, you cant cure depression. it sticks with you for a while you also just can't talk about having a mental disability then having it cured. that isn't how mental disabilities works
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