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    You are the first person to have a problem, why are you so triggered?
  2. +1 he owns up to his mistake and wants to come back
  3. So im leaving the server due to boredom. Bye
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053855134/
  5. Just a few screenshots I took a while back
  6. Why did you leave?
  7. Riperoni boriseroni see you around o7
  8. /me tips fedora in a welcoming manner
  9. I have played too much of GMOD and I am now bored, and when i'm bored I minge. And since no one wants any minges on the server I have decided to take a week break. Could be more could be less. I just want to regain my love for the server and come back and be refreshed. See you soon, Wilson
  10. I saw this and I was like ooof lokin guuuuud
  11. /me does a one handed wally fedora trick with respect
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