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  1. RP Name: [Nix Vulpes] Regiment: [Range] Rank: [Private First Class] Steam Profile Link: [https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLordOfGames/] Can you afford the buy in?: [easily] Do you meet the requirements listed: [no, i have 1 warning.]
  2. same @Hyperion id love too. but i have a warn too, meet everything else tho. the requirements are a bit harsh.
  4. Misty, Task force 99 yes shes a chick.
  5. the good ol days were early 2013 when starwars rp was new. not many of the players here now where around at those times tho. shame i dont have any pics of them ;-;
  6. I have something bewutiful in the works for my return (idk when) i didnt mean to hurt yourt feelings (i still ❤️ yah) just floatin around making memes, obviously im not around so i dont know whats happening, just making memes of what i hear (i wemoved it 4 u) ❤️ + i have some great new pac 3 ideas that ima post all ova the place when im back, but till then im making memes
  7. re install your graphics card Or do the tesltra thing, off and on!
  8. yeah nah we talked to whitey last night and got our questions answered its all good, I just want to apologize to the staff who thought i was just taking a trying to insult and stress them them aswell, my goal isnt to stress you out or piss you off, it was simply a attempt at applying a unbiased view, to as what i saw it, a very bias reply base (and hostile reply base) on a application, i will say this again though, is still think he should not have been permabanned, but again it is a issue that is out of my hands and i wanted to express my view.
  9. -starts by saying he loves how i want to be taken seriously -Starts by saying i insulted him -goes to saying the "insult" was sub par and doesn't matter -Goes on to insult me and saying im hypocritical, while being hypocritical to your self. -all by trying to be serious himself The hypocrisy man, hold your horses. Can we get a mod to remove the abuse please?
  10. yeah no i cant delete posts so here have a pic of this plane ✈ it went giant for some reason ?
  11. woah man didn't imply that, i was saying if you dont have any irl things going on around you you should be going out and doing stuff man, everyone has issues of their own. well i mean many people have these issues regardless of their "life", i know you personaly and i am appalled at what you have called me man, thats hostile.
  12. @WhiteyPs. you may have posted bens ip in the logs, he may be hit offline please delete ( i see 2 ip adress's there)
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