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  1. Sums it up. Have known Stryker for maybe 2 years now, there has been so many times where he has shown he knows what he is doing when it comes to development. He will greatly aid the dev team! ACCEPT IMMEDIATELY.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpireDidNothingWrong/comments/auzr31/the_sun_never_sets_on_vaders_empire/ Higher quality w/ sound ;) came back from the dead just to post this
  3. Next installment of clips is out. I definitely feel as though I've improved with editing, this one didn't take nearly as long to edit as the last. This one also goes for longer even though it felt like I had less footage, and after some feedback, I think people would rather see the video focused more on funny moments rather than just random noises and goofy sounds. Hopefully you enjoy this one as much as the last! Please don't be afraid to comment any criticism as it really helps me know what you want to see more of!
  4. I legit thought I was going crazy or that you were someone's prisoner since NOBODY was shooting you. Well played.
  5. Thanks for the comments fellas , appreciate it. Maybe in the future when I've got more practise
  6. Hey fellow gamers this is my first time editing this type of footage. hope ya'll enjoy Just a bunch of clips I got from playing, some are loud Leave any feedback in the comments , all feedback welcome really helps me know what is good and whats bad, also suggestions like "no loud shit" or "more egghead closeups" helps. Thanks <3
  7. I'm like a PEZ dispenser, twist my head and eggs come out.
  8. So basically SCAR troopers? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Special_Commando_Advanced_Recon_trooper http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Task_Force_99
  9. +1 -Mature -Good roleplayer -very -cool
  10. +1 -James is a great bloke, -Never breaks rules, -Always knows how to bring the most enjoyment out of any RP situation, -Will benefit greatly from PAC.
  11. When did "Media" become "Shitposts 24/7" needs a quick purge tbh
  12. Merry Crismas from ISB and DT!
  13. +1 Have had great experiences with you in events and on-ship. Would be a great fit for mod, GL!
  14. Deathaxx

    Clipping bones

    Thanks, this seems way easier than hiding each bone one by one.
  15. -1 For all the other reasons people have stated. And also for the fact it looks like you copy pasted my application and changed a few of the words around.
  16. @Delta @|Stryker| @Emerald @Ramirez @Ralla @Lincoln @Hisoka Thanks for the support guys, really means a lot Now to answer @LePaul , As I and others said, Death Trooper models are quite limited to what we can change with PAC, and I wouldn't want to change too much of the iconic armor. What I had in mind was just small changes that look aesthetically pleasing, but also don't break away from that "Star Wars" feel. Examples would be; robotic limbs, laser sight for the E-11D , smoke that curls out of the barrel and holstered weapons that actually appear attached to my back/sides. I
  17. What is your In-game name: DT Major 73-02 Axx Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52897785 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Deathaxx/ Play time: 2 weeks 1 day 2 hours Have you used PAC Before: I'm only just scratching the surface of PAC3, but after only using it for a short amount of time, I believe I have grasped many basic techniques that, with more practice, could be perfected. I have receieved help from one or two people, just to learn the basics, and the rest I picked up on myself. Obviously I don't want to be a burden for other PAC users, bugging
  18. @|Stryker| Get one-upped kid @KIX Looks not bad
  19. Ah righto, screenshot makes it look smaller I suppose. Looks good! Super hyped to play it @LordTrilobite
  20. TBH That debrief area looks a little small, don't think we'd fit everyone on the top of that balcony area. Unless thats a smaller version of a bigger one somewhere else..
  21. Might as well use this thread to giveaway games from Humble Bundles that I don't want: Full Throttle Remastered: 4MXJW-YFB8Z-K8C9G Grim Fandango Remastered: 9HI65-85ZAK-XHJZP Loot Rascals: 7Q98I-75936-T0ADN Day of the Tentacle Remastered: GT20L-KCZTC-C4CXG Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator: B6L0L-DCQB4-X5Z64 Enjoy :)
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