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  1. Yeah Thanks Ik From Last Night Wasn't The Best Time............. I Woke Everyone Up At The Camp Site (About 200 People Where There)
  2. Hey guys I won't be on as much for a while as I have a few thing on right now IRL mainly my 16th, my cousins 18th and my mates 17th so I'll be a away for a bit hoping to come back around the 20th -Plasma
  3. Fox Ill Love To Help You But My Game Is Broken
  4. @Puppy I have been busy sorry for that but I'm ready to help now after school
  5. i've fix the problem thanks guys
  6. ive done both of them they dont work i dont have TF2
  7. Every time i try to join a server i get Lua Error: Not Enough Memory I have re-downloaded the game idk what to do Please Help
  8. You Forgot me We Joined around the same time
  9. Hey Guys I'm very sorry but i won't be able to come on for a few weeks I have a Few Things i need to deal with in irl i don't know when i'm coming back but all i know is that it will only be a few weeks
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