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  1. +1 I feel I could trust you with PAC. You should add some more PAC examples maybe more complex in nature. Other than that looks good!
  2. I think maybe you should also add quests to the DS map, like collection and carry.
  3. Not a epic gamer moment Gonna miss you man.
  4. One day I'll be laying down on my deathbed wanting only a few more minutes of life. When I could of had the countless hours I wasted on grinding this questline for it to be reset not once, but twice. How can we trust you in the future to not reset it again? Because it was only your decision to make the random weapon perk. Then when people get to that stage you just take it away from them?
  5. If fallouts S.P.E.C.I.A.L system was a real thing what should your stats look like?
  6. +1 I am currently a heavy, and find that I never see support troopers having their shield placed down. They are always healing somebody and are usually on the move. The support role is more mobile than the heavy. And as heavy I usually only use suppressing fire or be point man so to have the sheild I could be at the front obsorbing fire, or take a position and use the sheild as cover. Or even place it down for others to use. I believe heavy getting the riot shield would be more beneficial to heavy rather than the support. Unless I see more support utilising the riot shield I'm
  7. Sounds like a good idea, but not something in the star wars universe. I think personal sheilds are a thing but not armor that recharges. If you armor breaks in needs to be replaced not recharged. It's a set or armor, not a battery.
  8. I have tried the fixes listed in the help section. However, none of these have worked. I have tried factory resetting, heapsize, dxlevel, uninstalling and reinstaliing gmod and addons but all to no avail. I think i need further assistance from a support team member. With thanks, Dallas aka Mag
  9. UPDATE: This is what my game looks like with 0 Addons installed and joining the server. (Mind the connection issue)
  10. I only just saw this today @Parks. Ive allready done 6. And i dont have motion blur enabled. Done 3, and 4. 1 the addons are from !content on the server. 2 I only have one steam account. I dont understand 5, special screen effects?
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