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  1. See ya buddy ❤️
  2. o7 I hope your IRL problems gets better for you. Good luck Crims <3
  3. Hello all, I won't be on the server for 16 days because I'm Going to Europe from the 08/01/2018 to 24/01/2018. The reason I'm making this post is the fact that last time I went away a lot of people though I had left the server.
  4. Saturn

    My Personnel Life

    This is really really sad to see. Any time you need to talk to someone just give me a poke and we can have a chat. I hope life will get better for you. I also hope that you, your father and your sister live long happy lives. I know everyone in this community will be wishing you good luck. Good luck.
  5. If you need help just ask
  6. Good luck on your future endeavours @Barron
  7. The RG and SG commanders got removed yesterday for inactivity and other reasons.
  8. Thank you for bringing this up @Pureus. When sith are fighting jedi it’s very annoying when troopers start firing at the jedi. Most of the time they end up htting sith not jedi in the back and sometimes killing them. If you see a duel between a sith and a jedi don’t get involved.
  9. Good idea. I think this would be really useful for the people who are having issues with their gmod
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