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  1. +1 Great guy Responsible Mature Trustworthy Experienced PAC user Excited to see what Tier 2 allows him to create and improve on GOOD LUCK!
  2. +1 Mature and responsible Fun guy to be around Was one of the most active members of Death Troopers that I had the pleasure of working with during my time as Krennic GOOD LUCK!
  3. Lincoln

    Random Moments #1

    "sees Death Troopers and Inferno Squad in thumbnail" "starts to sweat" "watches video" "stops sweating, starts thinking that Marcus should learn to look over his shoulder and Rhino should pick better times to be AFK"
  4. -1 Application could use a more detail, particularly in the scenarios section Your general persona on the server isn't appropriate for a staff member Just last night you had to be re-educated for disobeying orders, which you refused to do until I came myself and sorted it out I additionally agree with Morgan's comment of "minging and disrespecting peers" Improve your application in places and see what happens, however I believe you would be more successful in applying for a moderator position if you took a few steps back, assess your attitude to the server and how you conduct yourself while on it. Then take steps to become more engaged with the community and get well known, this time for the right reasons. I don't believe your a bad person, nor I do believe you can never achieve a staff rank, I just think you have made some poor choices and that you don't currently suit a staff role.
  5. This has been discussed at the staff meeting and should be considered resolved. @Whitey @Wolf
  6. First of all... Second of all, you shooting someone because they are trying to arrest you or your friend is not "valid" when discussing the OOC terms of RDM, and it is highly unlikely that you would have reacted like that if you were actually a Storm Trooper in the Star Wars universe. Typically a good rule of thumb for a murder to not be considered RDM is when both parties involved are engaged in a mutually agreed upon RP situation or event. If you were to just run up to a group of people RPing and started shooting up the place, that would be considered RDM. Another thing to consider is the whole "equivalent force" philosophy when talking about self defence scenarios. (Note: I'm basing this off of real life law and logic and inputting the practice into the context of the server.) In the real world, if someone attacks you with a knife and you defend yourself, resulting in them having a broken arm, that would be viewed by authorities as reasonable self defence. If someone walked up to you in the street and attempted to punch you and you pull a gun and shoot them dead, you will be arrested and sentenced for murder. You have to remember as well, on the server there is a ruling of "AOS over KOS", stating that (as long as it is possible) people should always be arrested as opposed to killed. A reason this was implemented was so that staff didn't have to deal with messy RDM sits and less people got annoyed. In response to your suggestion of refining the RDM rule, I do no believe that this is a good idea, as pretty much every single staff member (except possibly the ones on their trial) are very well aware of what constitutes RDM and how to deal with it appropriately. Management also created guidelines for us to follow to help us determine punishments for various different offences. Hopefully this answers your question, if not, don't hesitate to send me a message or quote me in this thread.
  7. +1 Has improved massively since his warn and ban Great guy Well mannered Responsible Trustworthy Well known within the community GOOD LUCK!
  8. Can't contribute any dosh to your cause (saving up for my schoolies trip in a few weeks) however I'm mad keen to get in one of your first games
  9. -1 Despite the fact you apparently didn't receive a verbal or official warning from a staff member, you used to be a Moderator and have been with the community for some time now, meaning you are aware of the rules. Saying that you didn't stop because a staff member didn't tell you to is pretty weak. You also make the point that you only managed to kill 1 person in your various RDM attempts, which doesn't really matter, attempted RDM is just as bad and is treated in a similar manner by staff. You also said that this was all while the server had a population of under 20 players. This does not matter in the slightest. Regardless of player count, all server rules still apply. You also, in the "why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned" section, never apologised or really acknowledged what you did was wrong, you just highlighted how it could have been worse. Personally, I believe you were fully aware that what you were doing was wrong, and your attempting to hide behind that fact that a staff member didn't approach you and say that what you were doing was wrong. You used to be a staff member and should be well aware that RDM is unacceptable. I don't think you should ever be allowed to play on the server again.
  10. NEUTRAL Not very active Fairly basic and confusing (somewhat questionable from an RP standpoint) PAC examples Could have a bit more of a detailed application
  11. RESOLVED: Turns out after lots of head scratching that it was an issue with my internet itself, which was also affecting parts of steam and certain games/programs. This is fixed as of today and I am able to join the Teamspeak fine.
  12. +1 Trustworthy individual Great PAC examples Excellent application GOOD LUCK!
  13. Starting last night, I have been unable to connect to the IG Teamspeak, with the error message just being "Failed to connect to server". I'm able to connect to the public Teamspeak server without any dramas, as well as use my internet as normal. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. If a person is constantly running in to and out of GOV without any reason to be doing so, it then becomes a staff issue. Call an admin if someone is just running in and out for the sake of annoying and disrupting RP and it will be dealt with. Also, as both Frank and Whitey have said, Nova Troopers are not a regiment designed for guarding. Any regiment can guard anything if they are required to, however only certain regiments exist for the sole purpose of defending people/places. Believe it or not, it's actually quite a task to change the loadout of a regiment, especially with the overhanging possibility that the regiment could just die off in a week or two, or get to a point with their behavior that they do not deserve those additions anymore, prompting more work. I hope this clearly outlines the reasons why Nova Troopers wouldn't be receiving a loadout change.
  15. *looks at the title* *looks at today's date* hmmmmmmmm
  16. I left him with the Death Troopers. Uh oh...
  17. +1 Excellent application Good responses to scenarios Mature, responsible and friendly GOOD LUCK!
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