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[IG] Tackxo

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  1. [IG] Tackxo

    Anime Opening

    God damn it Puppy why am I the character that looks like she came from a hit or miss parody :C
  2. [IG] Tackxo

    Permanently Stepping Down

    Well fuck.... hope we can still abuse each other in stick fight:(((
  3. Don't lie you dont go to parties
  4. Luv u stevie, we had our good chats in our little ooc zone while telling minges to heck off
  5. [IG] Tackxo

    Hornet's Farewell

    luv u hortnet
  6. [IG] Tackxo

    Any Advice?

    Dexoys has already pretty much done whatever I could teach puppy, have an eye for detail and theme and you’re good.
  7. [IG] Tackxo

    Sully's Intro....

    Rusty boyyyyyy
  8. [IG] Tackxo

    ?Tackxo's Tier 1 PAC3 Application?

    Could this please be moved to Denied please, thanks. @Ridge @Imposing @Head Coach Frank
  9. [IG] Tackxo

    ?Tackxo's Tier 1 PAC3 Application?

    Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] tackxo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:220615329 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198401496386/ In Game Details In Game Name: [224-02/SL1] Tackxo In Game Rank: Captain In Game Regiment: 224th Imperial Armoured Division Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes, I have roughly 5-6 months worth of experience with the tool over various servers, include Imperial Gaming. I have sufficient knowledge of both the basic tools and the more advanced tools such as proxies, timers, and custom animations. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I am quite a trustworthy guy, being offered the position of Royal Storm Trooper commander even after leaving for other reasons (if you know about it, don't talk about it, I'm not associated in anyway with it anymore) by someone I had barely talked to before hand, showing I gained the trust of higher-ups, and most recently I have been given 2IC of 224th. I have also been a valuable member to this community before, holding the rank of Event Master (one of the longest serving Event Masters underneath Head EM Edwards) with a high number of events under my belt. I have also been a helping hand towards the community members surrounding PAC, giving advice and tips to get straight into making them. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I deserve PAC due to the dedication I show to the server and friendliness I tend to radiate (not my own words :P). I attempt to assist anyone with anything, and I make sure to check in on people if they're feeling down or what not. This server has been my second home for quite a while and I am staying for good this time. My history as an EM has shown all these traits in the past. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph)? With PAC, the metaphorical sky is the limit. You can do anything you want with it, and that makes it incredibly helpful for roleplay. With 224th, it is quite important to relay orders and communicate to my regiment. This can normally be done with audio-cues and /comms and all that jazz, but is so much more immersive and enjoyable with PAC access such as using a hologram or radio. Anything is possible in PAC, but that is only a small example. PAC3 Examples:
  10. [IG] Tackxo

    Honor's EM Application

  11. [IG] Tackxo

    Ana's MIA form

    @Uncle_BobbyB is Bobs tag btw. Cya Ana, was lots of good fun in 224th and everyone will miss you. Good luck
  12. [IG] Tackxo

    The Memes. Remastered.

    o fucking wo
  13. [IG] Tackxo

    Auzii's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    owo +1
  14. [IG] Tackxo

    Bailey's Writer Application - (13/11/18)

    holy FUCK +1
  15. [IG] Tackxo

    what's up nerds.

    Legit I’ll punch ya head in dog
  16. [IG] Tackxo

    what's up nerds.

    Wanna die kid? welcome back btw
  17. [IG] Tackxo

    My time on IG has currently come to an end

    wow doesnt even quote me :C bye bye eros hmu whenever you wanna play rust or what not
  18. [IG] Tackxo

    Deployable Turrets

    One issue with this addon on the previous server Splonter mentioned is that it potentially causes bugs/general issues with picking up normal props. Just a heads up.
  19. [IG] Tackxo

    Gunime "Tackxo" Jowa

    This was better than whatever I could write out and I legitimately thank you for it. It finally brings an end to the Brigadier of RST that my own words couldn't.
  20. [IG] Tackxo

    Gunime "Tackxo" Jowa

    thank you so fucking much bailey <3 I'll stop grappling you now xx
  21. [IG] Tackxo

    Boris Galaxy News

    /comms ISB we have treasonous acts
  22. [IG] Tackxo

    Commander Applications 3.0

    Hotel? Trivago.
  23. [IG] Tackxo

    The Imperial Defence Force - Star Citizen

    fuck yeah lets dust off the old joystick