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  1. call me basic But I will be dammed I love ME some Dragon Ball just everything from the medium to the story just mhwa
  2. So over the past week I hit a rough spot and just looked back on my life, and I thought I would give up the world to turn back the clock and re-live the past back to 2015-17 back when life was abit simpler, Mueselk still posted TF2 and I just started on the internet and Play SWRP for my first time. relive all the happy moments, learning about the internet something that would change my life for ever good and for bad. and even off the Internet still having a full family life being its best, having close friends and people I could fall Back on, I'm sort of ranting at this point so I just wanna a
  3. iy's hard to Hop on to a group of people that traet you unfairly.
  4. Not leaving Fully gonna hop on see whats going on once a week
  5. Hello IG, Recently I have been inactive. For very personal reasons. Once I returned I resumed my role on the server. To then be put down by people in my own regiment, Those know who they are. When asked to stop it has not. When put into higher ups' hands they have failed to complete their Job to keep everyone happy, they got a measly slap on the wrist, Mind you these people were older than myself and knew full well of what they were doing. This led me to go Inactive and later get kicked from my reg. I want everyone to know Bullying is not nice. It stops being a “JOKE & BANTE
  6. Death Star BORING........ Rishi would be fun the map as it all
  7. Ahhh shit here we go again o7
  8. my three years coming up soon to
  9. You looked at my Bunks. I am Famous by association
  10. Dracks

    HOI4 moments

    Imagine Playing Sweden and staying Democratic. i don't even play and i know that dumb
  11. This Week on Weight watches we have a very special guest Maximillion the Fourth
  12. Sitrep spam for the bois
  13. hahaha I will achieve the Biggest free library
  14. Damm he Really is a big part of this Community.
  15. this makes sense and then event masters wont need to beg
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