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  1. -1 Bruh how can I cheese the tests anymore and I never train recruits what're you talking about.
  2. What's the difference between just being DT or Stormtrooper to the ISB Stormtrooper position?
  3. Should we be worried or happy?
  4. Always see Stitches in there training recruits.
  5. As a ISB member, I will be definitely cracking down on people attempting to extort others. As it is against the law. But yeah, I agree with you. Though I'm not saying people can't attempt to extort people or anything though, I just mean that they can get arrested for it.
  6. May the Emperor Bless Chef Jr, Chef Snr and Scheff
  7. -1 From me because of most of my experiences with you have been quite negative. Unless something improved I wouldn't be considering given a +1 for long while. And personally I've not seen you give a good performance in the way of maturity, leadership or in any sort of role that would be comparable to the responsibility of T-Mod.
  8. Hmmm ... Congrats ... If you post more though, people will love your content more...
  9. I know what it's like needing surgery for an infection, very not good. Hope you're doing well now Frost.
  10. I would say Tank Troopers or Engineers should be given this instead of a normal regiment.
  11. The question is, who am I going to team up with?
  12. I'll say, Ridge has been caught quite mingey before especially when he changes himself to Shock Captain and runs around and does what he likes. If anyone has seen this before, I've also got some footage but I'll keep that for a later time. Some people have already seen it anyway.
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