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    Yeah that would be a good idea
  2. Badgers


    This was just a thought but I think it would be easie to have /pm instead of !p I think it's just a bit more simple and a bit more obvious to newer players
  3. I'm talking about STs who really just want to join a regiment and only that regiment not all STs
  4. Badgers

    SIM rooms

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking permanent sim rooms
  5. Really cool models especially love the zombie
  6. Badgers

    SIM rooms

    It also allows us to do zombie survival sims and cool shit like that
  7. I think the bigger regiments is mainly ST improvement though I'm sure it will help regiments
  8. Badgers

    SIM rooms

    I think we need some sim rooms so there's more to do around the ship or ground base if that's happening and this would also help with regiment training
  9. Wait you have to donate for inquisitor
  10. Also I'm not sure if this is still a thing but you have to wait a few days after leaving a regiment to join a new one so if you join a regiment and say for example you want to join DT but to join Shock to impress DT and then suddenly there's a few spots in DT but then you have to wait after leaving shock and then DT will probably be full again
  11. Or I think we should at least raise the limit
  12. But what I'm saying is that there's STs who really want to join one regiment and only that regiments and it would help regiments as well I believe
  13. I was pretty lucky that TT were cool enough to let me have my opinion that there armour doesn't really strike terror into my heart Thanks TT for letting me have an opinion
  14. Since regiments have been shrunk to 8 people max it has left allot STs job less and for allot of STs it makes it very hard to join a regiment that you want to and then once there's space open you have to hope that you're online for a tryout before it's full thus regiment size causes so many issues for STs and regiments e.g. Death Troopers say there's 8 ISB on 4 naval on and Krinnic on then there's all the Death Troopers on (8) it makes the situation much harder or for other regiments have to deal with less active members and as I said before this regiment limit makes it very hard for STs and I
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