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  1. Yo if we remove EC kills. FOR THE LOVE GOD. REMOVE NPC. EC kills are easy to get cause they get nocked down to a 100 hp in 2s. BUT NPC. Never happen and it becomes a race.
  2. The IC has all special nade launcher which u can only get there :0 (and its stronger then the armoury 1) No but straight up remove the bonus weapon perk. Armoury is fine. Bonus weapons need a change or a removal. Join IC
  3. Ok so this ^ im 70/100. Changing the Cycler back to recharge? And having it set too say? A 1 minutes recharge? Good! Limits it, stops spam fire, stops amo stock up. It should also either be placed further down the quest line or removed. Smart Launcher? I mean it was never on recharge to begin with. I think it's reload is already terrible... but i also think we should change it for say the RPS-6 then we make that have a 20s reload. This way it doesn't kill regiments that have the lanceher (JT), still provides basic troopers a strong combat weapon, But limits the living hell out of them. 20s in
  4. @Joel Is this regimental disrespect??!?!?!?!??! :SHOCK FACE: Are you saying im... a relic? :sad:
  5. Or we fix what we currently have before adding more fish to the barrel? :thinking:
  6. LimeStrider

    Nerf Dio

    Nerf is needed. Dio. Is a pain in the ass as a EC to kill. This is in no way the Player's fault. The main problem... is the Hit box, cloak and healing. You shoot him. He hides... he heals... he then comes back and its a ass to hit him. Limit point shop? No thats stupid. Thats their to reward people on playtime and luck. That idea is dumb. He earned them. He gets to use them. The main problems with Dio are only his hit box and HP. Now of course increasing hit box? Thats dumb... hes small. HP however. Should be nerfed. He is a fly. In BF2 at no point is he a c
  7. If your a long time player. Your aware how IG has changed over the time. I as a long time player can state like 30 different era's and how there use to be huge RP and drama which impacted the server and what not. BUT This is about combat. Weapons. Blah blah so on. Most people agree. Combat and events are actually garbage now days, because of kill hungry, unthoughtful people. And to make it even better. Because people act like this. IT MAKES NORMAL PEOPLE ACT THE SAME. All out of pure rage. I mean even I myself act like this. Why? Cause if they wont listen to someone whos CL4 and
  8. Neutral I am aware of your past PAC's and am aware of how they are well made. Basic examples Limited pictures Made a sword for corvo Give us a fancy pose for the picture babe. Your being lazy! You just need to update the photos really and provide something that's different then the rest. Or maybe that's just cause i added so many when i did mine.
  9. When I’m getting talk behind my back??? Ill say as as a person who joined FoR PVP. It’s honestly trash on the server atm. Was way better. And the constant changes to kits and weapons makes it pointless to bother to learn. I’ve learned my 1 gun... THE DC-17m over at least 6 times trying to figure dps, spread, reload and glitches to make it hit better or faster or stronger. And honestly as a main blaster... it’s kinda a fast but shitty e11 I’m not gonna lie. now looking at the other comments. I have been learning blender as of resent as well as crowbar. Because IG stuck t
  10. 1+ - Long time member - Active - High ranking We are all aware Tinky has a fun side to him but when needed is able to follow rp. He has shown he has dedication to the server and recently has shown the initiative to request from EMs to assist in running his sims / micro events. To not give it to him? No that would be dumb of IG. (We better see some quality or it’s the newspaper for you) [minus as well cause it’s also tinky ;3]
  11. @Ragetank Can u at least make a way to sell spare quest points, and buy them or convert quest points to credits then credits to points
  12. @Ragetank Can you give the player base a small hint in the right direction to your end master goal? Such as if its leaned towards weapons?
  13. @Helsing I see on where you are coming from, but as a person who has prestiged 3 times.... I have 74 spare skill tree points which sit there and are useless.
  14. Im sure we are all aware how worthless credits are at this current point in time! BUT What if they didn't have to be? I give you the suggestion of Perks: What would this be? Where did it come from? How would it work? Is it even doable? How does it affect gameplay and the server Will it be practical Will it be fun...? What types? The addition of Perks is the idea of a new tab inside the point shop. This tab will be full of possibly 10 boost or less, very similar to the HP tab with the exception of allow possible 3 of eve
  15. Well since I was tagged to this chat. Earning points. It’s tiresome, I’m sure we all agree. As well as there are no real benefits other then the health buff. Instead of making points easier to get. Add more variety to things. Such as adding s extra bonus tab where it’s smaller less expensive boost. E.g. Deep pockets: spawn with extra amo on all weapons by 50% Higher jump: 20% higher jump Fast hands: 30% quicker reload Quick hands: Swap weapons and put away faster by 20% Good eye: Better accuracy by 10% Fast charger: Quicker fire rate 5% Supe
  16. I mean idk if it’s patched but for $30 u can make amo... then resell it to a vendor for $2400.... and u know make like 40 stacks of amo and sell it for 400k... what I use to do... anyone else?
  17. When you cant choose.... but you also dont know if they deserve it... so you write space
  18. And as a second thing. Could prob reskin the the crow bar with the scout batton from fallen order. Or the stun stick. Also use some of the components of the PT staff to get the lightning.
  19. @Bailey Question. Im guessing you plan to use... Blender? Cause i would be interested in knowing how your doing it. Cause if i can steal the Delta squad models off steam and the blank commando. Could then place the blank over the delta models and get cleaner ones with the equipment. As well as if its possible to make body groups attempt, as well as to attempt to develop a more imperial skin or 2 as well as a camo such as DT's bodygroups. Finally update IC... ;-;
  20. What if i port the model to Gmod and wear it...
  21. Those large droids that look like a fuel tank wouldn't be so bad... hmm what other things are in their? Rancor bat looking thing would be a cute pet?... Is there a way to port animations... hmm questions.
  22. I could suggest this website if you wanna produce something similar to a Jersey. You can create a design on one of the formats and provide to people the key things you did or i think you can create a link to a pre made one? http://indigowolfdyo2.com/ (not a virus . or some crap)
  23. ~*BUMP*~ Bump has occurred now cause I've heard of a new rule where i can not bump from 7 days of the last comment. Support and comments are always appreciated even if they are negative or just suggestions. Here is some more PAC 3 content! I also updated my RANK TO CAPTION BOYS!
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