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  1. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

    Your Task: Create a good meme about anything in IG: Regiments People Events Task Anything! Once it is made post it for all to Enjoy! Try to remain respectful and keep it clean. Nothing too Terrible.
  2. Well I got mentioned. Guess I’m still remembed... for all the wrong reasons but owe well what u gonna do? Live a meme die a meme~
  3. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

    Glad I made this sub or chat or post or whatever... good memes
  4. LimeStrider

    Server Screenshots!

    God Dammit of course a Glow stick feels the need to hide in the back and ruin it... I am sad now...
  5. LimeStrider

    RAFT - Game Giveaway

    A classic I made...
  6. LimeStrider

    "Elite" Regiment Status

    (This is a edit ^ not real) Hmmmm??? Is this what he said? ? (Jk ❤️ )
  7. LimeStrider

    SC, VF and NT Commander Applications!

    Maby I’ll have fellow commanders in the 501st... hope there good!
  8. LimeStrider

    Hello from Peguin

    when your only redimable feature is giving cookies...
  9. LimeStrider

    Change of the Defcon Noise

    I believe i speak for many when i say we need the change the Defcon noise... I don't mean to sound rude at all but the noise is a bit.... Ear Rapey... This is a simple vote to change it from what it is to something cleaner or calmer... It would be nice if people where to voice there own thoughts and ideas of the noise. With +1s or -1s No offence to staff team what so ever!
  10. LimeStrider

    IG Movie Wallpapers

    Why not? Lime IC Commander (well Colonel) Lets see what happens???
  11. LimeStrider


    I’m giving u a new hat... a nice 1
  12. LimeStrider

    Server Change Log - 04/05/2018

    Night vision has me the most interested ? hmmmm. It a swep... a entity or other ? hmmmmmm i wish to play with it when I can...
  13. LimeStrider


    The designation driver award? I point you shoot! So best aim or heavy fire power? Moon? That’s no Moon! That person who miss called something super simple? Shadow. That person who you server see but is always there... im just trying to help or give ideas idk?
  14. LimeStrider


    Your right... so get out and the big boys talk... shoo. Shoo! ???? hmmmmmmmm
  15. LimeStrider


    We need to think of awards for the next one.... Biggest minge who hasn't been kicked yet. The nerdiest nerd!!!!! The Person we shouldn't let fly... IDK...
  16. LimeStrider

    Another solo trailer

    A Snow shore trooper... a Kylo ren Sand person... IDC about that main story just give me some tasty armour sets... not remakes
  17. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

    No more today... from me
  18. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

  19. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

  20. LimeStrider

    Lime's Tier 1 Pac 3 request

    What is your In-game name: IC COMMANDER 37 - 'Lime' Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:119744249 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198199754227/ Play time: 7 weeks 6 days Have you used PAC Before: Yes I have used PAC 3 before using it for many things and even using in back in Halo RP when that was alive. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been apart of IG for a long time and have remained loyal to my regiment for that time. I have helped with many events and other things even trying my part to help the server if I can. As well as I have made it to the rank of commander. (Thank you Fox ;P). As well as I have PKed other people before (with Super Admins) and kept professional not abusing power. This as well as i feel i am a trusted troop in the community. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I want PAC 3 too allow me more RP experiences as well as to show I am a loyal player to IG who has played for a long time. Allowing me to show off old stories from the server I have gotten as well as to develop a lore for the characters that I play as. Such as a event person who may look new for some reason such as a robotic arm. This as well as to make situations more entertaining not only for me but others as well. This would make med bay RP funnier as there would be some custom posses, making hostage situations better, as well as changing appearance of my self in order to look different from the rest of IC. Some E.g. are having a tied un position, carrying cargo, have robotic limbs & using a intel pad. With Pac you can do anything so the possibilities are endless! Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): Why do I deserve PAC 3? The main reason why i think i do deserve it is for the reason of how long I have spent with the server. This as well as all the things I have done on the server to allow me to tell a story to new players creating a better RP experience for them. If I was allowed PAC 3 I would use it to add to RP situations and make the best of it. Creating a whole new feeling to RP for the better of others. Making the game more fun for me and others to better create longer and funner RP situations. As well as i would be open to help teach basics of PAC to new comers as well."As well as i would give more cookies" I NOW HAVE A WORKING CAT AND BB8 UNIT¬! Some Images: POCKET FOX AND COFFEE VADER!!!!! I have alot more PICs such as IDs, Holo Grams, Ghilli suits, and more down below! U can find more here! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1txUYWutU9l2RiY4V3ptkHckypzBBHY-TBiMNJKeGOHM/edit?usp=sharing & http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198199754227/screenshots/http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1123658649
  21. LimeStrider

    IMPERIAL AWARDS - MARCH [The real one]

    I actually got something... neat? Now what?
  22. LimeStrider

    We all love some one

    What are you a Clanker... Jesus... no
  23. LimeStrider

    We all love some one

    We all love some one ever if there old and gone. OG IC will never be the same but ill make do with the new Love some old friends? Why not share?
  24. LimeStrider

    Lime's Tier 1 Pac 3 request

    Bump. Its been a year but i still hope
  25. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.