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  1. Instead of a wipe i would suggest reset it to how it was. And instead implement the update in the F3 menu. As such make it have a new tab for Quest rewards and use the already existing quest section for the quest. And for implementing of the actually rewards. Make them their own little image. This way new things can be added with out old ones being removed and people are therefore able to enable or disable the ones they dislike. Such as turning off Steel feet and diseases if they want a more hard core mode. This could also allow more permanent rewards. Such as adding blasters to which you get get and equip or dis equip from the rewards. I would also reset it to a previous safe of the server and inform people to screen shot what they have so they can be reimbursed for what they had in the new system if they did this.
  2. Not sure if this still alive but i would recommend already using the resources available from HL2. Stealing the Script from a HL2 medic Rebel and then giving a custom model with animation possible. Set the weapon value to false (Or how ever it is set) and do this along with join squads) If you wanted it to be static it can once again be turned off making it a static healer. Removing the weapons and using the default HL2 healing kit. Im not 100% but the NPC gives 30 hp every min? I think. Which i'm sure if you were to attempt to edit could be changed. And using the tool gun settings already on the server you could set it to follow a person using simple squad. Problems: You may need to make custom animations or models on which way you set it and play with item values. Also making it a NPC means it is Killable. Alternatively you can use a HL2 healing wall entity (Like the already made bacta walls) And have it so that it remains static only and change its values.
  3. ~*BUMP*~ I have updated rank, fixed a few errors in my writing, created new PACS (Which are on my steam if you wanna view) and updated my time! Thank you to all people who have voted to support me and left a comment. @Wind Thank you any and all comments do help! <3
  4. Ok we gotta admit that the god dam storage zone noise its stupid loud and annoying... and that stop sound will only give you 20s of quite before it resets itself.
  5. The chaos that @Cecil now has...
  6. ~*BUMP*~ Not a huge fan of writing after every message because i feel it makes me look bad. Though since i'm bumping i can write SO.. A huge thanks for the support to all members who have voted. Another one for all people who took the time to make a comment to provide feed back both positive or negative to help me improve. @Delta @Wombatiacus @Splonter @Sterling @Bailey @Welly @SCHEFF @wflizzi @Vanilla @Solar @Luigi @Marsh @Galle @Sully @Crunchy @Chris @Mord @Tonberry Big thanks too you. <3 <3
  7. My recommendation for such a large sim would be to build under the SD out of Tiebays. Use 32x32 blocks and from their building it. Wouldn't be hard at all but you require the space inorder to build such a sim for 5 regs at once. Other wise its a simple idea. You would need staff to agree as well. @Delta What y u @ me...
  8. Prob when Gamma was IC Brig and we PKed Krennic. That or some events on CWs. Too long to write.
  9. This feels like a Big MEME but then i also see that people do fall for this Crap... And WTF are there Neko bombs and other CRAP... isnt this meant to a PSA not a war of memes...
  10. More EMs means more events. And Taki has pretty good nature. +1 Plus should be fun if he gets it.
  11. Ill take your whole stock of these two.... mainly the first.
  12. A slightly lighter version of what we have currently. Not too much but from the Dark blues to a Grey blue to give more metal view and let you see more. As well as give the option for people to swap between what they like.
  13. +1 Active, good at pac, decent meme of a human, pretty sure he's human. He's skilled, knows what he's doing. (mostly).
  14. Chocolate: A triple choc fudge melted cookie heated freshly from a oven. 1. What is it? (Describe the Chocolate) Think of a cookie. Now add more cookie and more chocolate, make it fresh, warm, home baked and filled with home cooking. No but really its a super nice cookie that I have to hand bake IRL. Abit sugary thow but worth the weight. I would OD. 2.Why Do you like it? ... do i need to answer this?
  15. Steam Name: [IG] Limestrider SteamID32: 76561198199754227 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198199754227 In Game Name: Lieutenant 37 - Lime Time Played Imperial RP: 2 weeks 3 days (How ever this is after coming back from CWs where before i had 8 weeks +) Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes i have and have been accepted before. Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I have previous had pac 3 before on Imperial gaming multiple times. I had it on Halo rp when that was around I have on it on imperial rp before I had to leave from real life issues and I also had it on Clone wars rp. I have it on these servers which are all Imperial gaming servers. I would like to think i can be trusted as I am a long time community member who has been with the server for a long time and i have managed to get PAC before and not abuse it. I have created items on which members today use and are shared among players a few examples are me giving mic a combine drone with idle animation and movement, a hud shoulder cam with client side eye scanning (Follows the cam view of any player) which I've lent to outback, a easy to see and visor following marker which any person can see, the basic of weapon reskins for delta and other things which I've lent to members. In the time on which i did have PAC i would like to think I treated it well and didn't abuse it as well as enhancing others rp. Why do you want access to PAC3? I would like to get access to PAC for the reasons of enhancing rp situations and helping to create a lasting image in new members of the community. I would like access to help express myself with creativity and be able to share this with the community and assist new players with PAC as well as older ones to learn new things and create lasting memories of there own original characters which they bring to life on IG. I feel the reason people enjoy playing a long lasting game is because they can express them selves in a more natural way with less consequences letting them express how they want to. I feel if i was able to get access to PAC i can make the rp for other members more enjoyable and fun. I also feel the way to import, reskin and edit items for a better rp experience with others would enhance role ay for everyone. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? If i had to state reason as why i deserve it i would like to think the things I've stated above assist with this as i am a long lasting member of IG who has managed to get PAC 3 before. I think I've been seen by management to be trusted and am willing to assist others in their PACs. Although i feel the word deserve is strong, I think it is a gift from IG to players to express them selves. The decision comes from both management and the community alike as they make the choice. If had to state other reasons it from the memories with IG members I've made with them and the lasting impressions I've made with members. (If there are any errors with anything in this post please inform me!) PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: More PAC STUFF! Terms & Conditions Yes I do accept all terms and conditions. More PACS (Quite abit so be careful if you got slow net like me) Other photos of PAC can be found at my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198199754227/ Also a link to my old app from Imperial: Along its with down below inside here: Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 2.37.36 pm Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 2.37.36 pm Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 2.35.14 pm Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 2.37.13 pm
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