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  1. Well I got mentioned. Guess I’m still remembed... for all the wrong reasons but owe well what u gonna do? Live a meme die a meme~
  2. LimeStrider

    IG Memes.

    Glad I made this sub or chat or post or whatever... good memes
  3. LimeStrider

    Server Screenshots!

    God Dammit of course a Glow stick feels the need to hide in the back and ruin it... I am sad now...
  4. LimeStrider

    RAFT - Game Giveaway

    A classic I made...
  5. LimeStrider

    "Elite" Regiment Status

    (This is a edit ^ not real) Hmmmm??? Is this what he said? 🤔 (Jk ❤️ )
  6. LimeStrider

    SC, VF and NT Commander Applications!

    Maby I’ll have fellow commanders in the 501st... hope there good!
  7. LimeStrider

    Hello from Peguin

    when your only redimable feature is giving cookies...
  8. LimeStrider

    IG Movie Wallpapers

    Why not? Lime IC Commander (well Colonel) Lets see what happens???
  9. LimeStrider

    Change of the Defcon Noise

    I believe i speak for many when i say we need the change the Defcon noise... I don't mean to sound rude at all but the noise is a bit.... Ear Rapey... This is a simple vote to change it from what it is to something cleaner or calmer... It would be nice if people where to voice there own thoughts and ideas of the noise. With +1s or -1s No offence to staff team what so ever!
  10. LimeStrider


    I’m giving u a new hat... a nice 1
  11. LimeStrider

    Server Change Log - 04/05/2018

    Night vision has me the most interested 🤔 hmmmm. It a swep... a entity or other 🤔 hmmmmmm i wish to play with it when I can...
  12. LimeStrider


    The designation driver award? I point you shoot! So best aim or heavy fire power? Moon? That’s no Moon! That person who miss called something super simple? Shadow. That person who you server see but is always there... im just trying to help or give ideas idk?
  13. LimeStrider


    Your right... so get out and the big boys talk... shoo. Shoo! 🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmmmmmmmm
  14. LimeStrider


    We need to think of awards for the next one.... Biggest minge who hasn't been kicked yet. The nerdiest nerd!!!!! The Person we shouldn't let fly... IDK...
  15. LimeStrider

    Another solo trailer

    A Snow shore trooper... a Kylo ren Sand person... IDC about that main story just give me some tasty armour sets... not remakes