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  1. Does a backstory really matter if the writer doesn't play on the server anymore?


    Here is a backstory plus a short story.





    ---access Imperial Archives---



    ---find file “Kommisarr”---



    :warning. clearance_level_4_required. input_password:





    Imperial Personnel File: Dossier on ‘Kommisarr’

    Personal Information:

    Name: Alecksi Vrostri-Halta

    Current Regiment: Surveillance Division, Bureau of Operations, Imperial Intelligence

    Current Rank: Assistant Division Chief

    Species: Human

    Current Age: 72

    Birthdate: 73 BBY

    Birthplace: Arkanis

    Family: No living relatives


    Early Life:

    For most of his childhood, Alecksi was primarily raised by his fisherman father, as his mother was largely absent due to her career as a traveling banker, occasionally visiting her son. Being nurtured by his father’s patience and wisdom, and emboldened by his mother’s stern lectures, Alecksi began to develop into an intelligent, albeit overly conniving young man.

    In his mid-teens, Alecksi began to hold a notorious reputation for causing disruptions amongst the children he grew up with, organising raids on local markets and shops. His continued presence as a public nuisance brought him to the attention of his planet’s law enforcement officials, in particular a Senate Bureau of Intelligence operative named Nial Jiin, who had been sent to Arkanis to investigate recent terror attacks. After many weeks on assignment, a stint which included several personal encounters with the youth, the operative managed to convince Alecksi to cease his misaligned habits. Enthralled by Jiin’s charismatic nature, Alecksi aimed to serve in the Republic’s intelligence services.


    Working Life:

    Alecksi left home in his early twenties, working his way towards Coruscant on various ships. This journey from Arkanis took place over a period of several months, during which he made use of the skills taught to him by his mother to negotiate and weasel his way through troubles that were presented. During his employments, he learnt to work machines, gaining a particular expertise with robotics during a job on a spice freighter.

    In 48 BBY, Alecksi arrived on Coruscant and began his life in the intelligence services, seeking work in the same branch as Nial Jiin. First employed as a simple gofer in the halls of the Senate Building, he was given a chance to prove his mettle after meeting Jiin once more. The operation he was given was to investigate a senator’s suspected dealings with the pirate group ‘Felonious Maximus’. He succeeded, with the operation resulting in the senator’s arrest and a dead Shistavanen thug belonging to the crime cult. After this first operation, Alecksi’s career within the intelligence service was assured. In the decades that followed, he participated in and led multiple operations and investigations, earning both accolades and admiration from his peers as one of the top agents within the Bureau.

    An operation of note occurred when he investigated the operations of Interrai Incorporated in 23 BBY over concerns of the megacorporation supplying Separatist advocates with weapons and supplies during a build-up of tensions during the Separatist Crisis. During his investigations he managed to strike up correspondence with Shonton Al-Sira, an ambitious agent working for the Information Division of Interrai Inc., and Roma Jeda, the quiet Vice President of the Marketing Division of Interrai Inc. These communications eventually landed him several interviews with Interrai Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Malvolio Store. The interviews between Vrostri-Halta and the young businessman allayed suspicions about Interrai Incorporated’s activities relating to the Separatists, though investigations into the more dubious of Interrai’s business ventures continued throughout the following years. Because of these interviews, a strained friendship began between the serious, strait-laced Alecksi and the arrogant, hedonistic Malvolio.

    During the Clone Wars, Alecksi’s fame within his department became infamy within the senate, as he refused to take part in the increasingly corrupt dealings of the senators, focusing on his duties as leader of a taskforce that indiscriminately investigated any individuals suspected of collaborating with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. His dedication to ruthlessly, and sometimes brutally, investigate threats to the Republic gave cause for his fellow agents to give him the nom de guerre ‘Kommisarr’, a name that terrified both those who built droids on far-off worlds and those who illegally benefitted from the war in the Senate.


    Removal from Field Work:

    In early 19 BBY, the then Head Agent Alecksi was involved in a simple census on Nal Hutta when he was injured by an insurgent bombing. The culprits escaped, as the more pressing concern for the rest of the census team was assisting those who were hurt by the blast. Alecksi’s wounds were extremely severe. His left arm and both of his legs were blown from his body, he became blind in his left eye, and his jaw was destroyed.

    While his critical condition became stabilised thanks to a lengthy rest in a bacta tank, the loss of his body parts required cybernetic replacements. Even then, he was stricken with a pronounced, painful limp, necessitating the use of a cane, and ever since the incident he has frequently discharged an oozing red liquid from the hinges of his replacement jaw, which he must constantly clean with a handkerchief.

    Even after months of physical therapy, his injuries, on top of his age, ensured that he would not be able to continue work as a field agent, and he was relegated to a tamer desk job. Despite this reassignment, Alecksi persisted in venturing out to root out traitors to the Republic, though far less frequently than he did before. Though his dedication to protecting the Republic was paramount, other agents noted an apparent desire to exact justice on those who disfigured him.


    Work in the New Order:

    Throughout his career in the intelligence services, Alecksi remained steadfast in his mission to protect the institutions he believed in. This can be considered the primary reason for why he remained employed within intelligence divisions after the rise of the Galactic Empire. His record both as an agent and an administrator within the Senate Bureau of Intelligence allowed him to keep his authority as the intelligence service he dedicated his life to was reformed into Imperial Intelligence, choosing to work within the Surveillance Division of the Bureau of Operations.

    Vrostri-Halta’s work in the New Order has led to the success of several major operations to rid the galaxy of Separatist influence. Under the seeming omniscient guidance of the ‘Kommisarr’, this threat to the security of the Empire has been wiped out. It was this achievement among others, as well as his duty and drive to keep the Empire safe, that led to him attaining the lofty position of Assistant Division Chief of the Surveillance Division. While his new rank has largely halted his active participation in operations, he still keeps personal files on several individuals who he believes could pose a threat to Imperial security. The subjects of these files range from prominent senators such as Bail Organa of Alderaan and Mon Mothma of Chandrila, due to their attempts to de-escalate the Clone Wars and sympathy towards current insurrectionists, to low-value Imperial stormtroopers such as ST-6094 ‘Department’ and ST-9921 ‘Rockatansky’, due to the former’s alleged relations with occult groups and the latter’s scavenger past. He constantly journeys around the galaxy to discreetly check on these individuals.

    Vrostri-Halta’s current work involves administration of operations concerning the growing threat of insurrection by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, an organisation that he views will enforce a return to the corrupt government he hated. Several operations have led to arrests of rebel sympathisers in the Outer Rim, though he continues his work investigating Imperial figures for rebel collaborators.



    ---exit file---



    ---exit Imperial Archives---



    ---erase search history | shut down---





    The bounty hunter had become accustomed to the glare of the terminal screen and blinked as it shut off, revealing a dim reflection of his unshaven, sleepy face. He leaned back, wincing and rubbing his eyes. His chair rolled along with him, pulling him away from the computer. He glanced at the unconscious guard on the floor next to him. He noticed that a small pool of blood had formed under the guard’s head and shrugged, standing up and kicking the small knife away from the guard. He stepped over him to leave the room, but stopped as his holoprojector began to vibrate, signalling that his client wanted to speak with him. He pulled the device out of his pocket and switched it on, causing a small blue projection of a Selonian in an ornate robe to appear in his hand.

    “Mister Mungus,” growled the figure. “Have you done what I asked?” “Damn right I’ve done it,” replied Mungus, stepping back over the guard to sit back in his chair. “You got the rest of my pay, Bisten? Not easy work, this is.” He barely suppressed a grin as he lied. His break-in had been one of the simplest jobs he had ever taken. The only guard he had encountered was lying next to him with a dent in his head. Not that the client needed to know. “Of course I do. Now, tell me what was in the file.” The hologram shifted as the Selonian seemed to sit, though no chair came through the projector.

    “Righto. This Kommisarr bloke seems pretty high-profile, some shady kind of public figure-“ “Not him,” the hologram almost yelled before composing himself. “The marketing officer, Store. What was said of him?” Mungus furrowed his brow in confusion. “Not much. Just that he was a bit of a prick is all. Don’t mean much to me. I think all those business types are like that. Ah, no offense, Moyd.”

    This response caused Bisten to click his tongue in apparent disappointment before Mungus continued. “Shame you’re focussed on this one guy. This Kommisarr’s made some pretty interesting allegations. Like, there’re some bucketheads who’re involved with cults, some senators who’re funding rebels. But you wanna know about this loser who used to work for you because, what? He take your wife or something?”

    The hologram’s head snapped towards Mungus. “All you need to know is that his actions disadvantaged Interrai Incorporated, and that any information about him will be rewarded handsomely. That being said, are you sure that there is nothing in the file about Store?”

    The bounty hunter paused to think. He tried to push past the thoughts of money, straining to make a connection. Store. You spend money in a store, you make money in a store. Did Store make these guys a lot of money? He’d heard about Interrai before he was approached for the job; they were even mentioned in the file. Widespread corporation like that, they’d have a lotta stores.

    “… lotta department stores,” he mumbled to himself.

    “I beg your pardon?” queried the Selonian in his palm. “Ah, sorry Moyd. Just thinkin’ out loud that you guys would have a lot of depar-“ He stopped, slowly sitting up straight, a grin slowly spreading across his face. “Department,” he said quietly. “Department Store,” he said, louder this time. “Mister Mungus, what are you talking about?” asked Moyd Bisten, sounding increasingly confused.

    “Right, so the file talked about this buckethead that’s in a cult or something,” Mungus said excitedly, “name’s Department. You think him and this Store bloke could be the same person?” The hologram stayed silent for a few seconds before the Selonian let out a chuckle. “By the Force,” he said, “I think that’s the best lead we’ve had in a long time, Mister Mungus. What details did it have on this ‘Department’?”

    “That’s…” Mungus briefly paused before altering his sentence, “… gonna cost you more, Moyd.”

    “What,” came a cold reply, causing the bounty hunter to involuntarily shudder before he resumed speaking. “You said that any information about this Store bloke would be handsomely rewarded. Your words, not mine. Now if this is worth so much to you, then I want ten times the original payment. You can afford it, I know you can.”

    Bisten stayed silent before responding, sounding almost bored. “Hugh Mungus, I would recommend that you simply relay the information to me. Do this and I will get you three times your original payment for it on top of the credits you’ve already received.” Mungus licked his lips, steeling himself before saying, “Ten times the original payment, or you get nothing.” A sigh came through the projector before Bisten began to speak again.

    “Mister Mungus, I thank you for your cooperation with Interrai Incorporated. Your services are no longer required, as I am sure there are other bounty hunters who will prove more obedient. I despise lies, as any Selonian does, so I will be frank with you. You have been followed during this assignment. As I now consider you untrustworthy to know the information you have read, you will be silenced.”

    Mungus sat, staring wide-eyed at the hologram before it called out much louder than before. “Guts, kill.” The bounty hunter heard a metallic shifting behind him, and as he looked up from the hologram, he stared into the dark computer monitor. Above his left shoulder shone a pair of red dots, and when he snapped his head around to look behind him, he saw a large robot holding the knife he had previously kicked away from the guard.

    The MagnaGuard droid plunged the knife into the side of Mungus’s head, knocking him to the floor. When the bounty hunter didn’t move, the robot lowered its hand back to its resting position, looking around the room for more opponents. “Is the bounty hunter dead, Guts?” came Bisten’s voice from the floor. The droid picked up the holoprojector to look at the Selonian and replied with a simple “Yes, sir.”

    “Good. Then everything is fine. Exfiltrate and get this holoprojector to Trun so he can reset it for future use. Tell him that I said you did your duties admirably, Security Officer.” “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” came the deep-voiced reply. “You can turn this device off now, Guts. I’ll have to forward the information I did get to Al-Sira, his agents will make short work of that investigation.” Bisten’s voice grew faint, as if he was talking to himself whilst setting his own holoprojector onto the table in front of him.

    The droid switched the holoprojector off, causing the Selonian to disappear and shutting off the blue light that had softly illuminated the room. Its work done, it kicked the body of the guard aside and strode from the room, leaving the dead bounty hunter to stare emptily at the doorway.


    My name is Hugh Mungus Head Injury. Go away.

    The file part of this took me months to write, and the short story took two days. I am not lazy, just inconsistent.

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  2. Fell off a swing at a park, fractured my radius and bruised my tailbone

    I was at that park to support type 1 diabetes, which I have, which is probably the worse of the two incidents, because of the chronic illness and lifelong drain on my bank account. But otherwise, I'm physically alright.

  3. Look, I intended for my next post to be a backstory for a character, but I gotta ask you ladies and gents an urgent question:

     What is your favourite dinosaur (or favourite prehistoric creature in general)?:

    Mine has got to be the Carnotaurus sastrei, as featured in the 2000 Disney film "Dinosaur", and as seen in this video:

    I'm a pretty big dinosaur enthusiast, so please let me know what your favourites are so I can look them up!

    (P.S. 'Creeping in my Soul' would be the name of my Stand if I had a Carnotaurus variation of 'Scary Monsters'.)

  4. On this somewhat auspicious day, with myself being somewhat inebriated, I briefly return this community to conform to the recent trend of ultimately pointless topics, and ask several questions of you all:

    1. Why/How are you all not dead yet?

    2. How fares the community?

    3. Have any recent changes greatly affected the social climate of the server (any juicy drama)?

    4. What's going on with the STs and ST Command?

    P.S. To old members of Widow Squad, I hope you are all doing well and are prospering.




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  5. After seeing so many people make good-bye posts, I didn't think I would be making one myself, but, here I am, making a good-bye post.

    To those of you who don't know me, I am (or was) one of the longest running stormtroopers on the server. I have been a part of this community since late 2016-early 2017, and haven't joined a regiment other than the STs in that lengthy time period. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. The STs will always hold a soft spot in my cold, hard heart.

    As for my reason for making this post, several technical difficulties have prevented me from joining the server and taking part in the community for several months now. While I am glad my absence has not caused difficulty among ST Command, I regret not being able to make my dreams for the regiment a reality. I sincerely wish the best for the current and future command staff of the backbone of the Empire.

    Now, as in tradition, the mentions of the most memorable people in my time on the server.

    @Stevo. , I highly doubt that you're here to read this, and I know you didn't leave the community on the best of terms, but you were the one who inspired me to keep going through out many difficult times. For that, I thank you.

    @addamcor , you are one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Your PAC3 creations were what made me attempt to create my own masterpieces. For that, I thank you.

    @Regret , I sincerely believe that you were the greatest commander the STs ever had. You raised us to new expectations. For that, I thank you.

    @Alex , we didn't talk as much as we should have, but what time we spent together only improved my opinion of both you and the STs. For that, I thank you.

    @Corvo , you are nowhere near as bad as I made you out to be. If I made your time on the server unpleasant in anyway, I am so f**king sorry. You didn't and don't deserve it. You are the closest thing I had to a friend on this community. For that, I thank you.

    To the STs, and the former members of Widow Squad, most of you were tolerable.

    In regards to the character of Malvolio "Department" Store, he is far from dead. I hope that you will see him again in the future, fighting the good fight against the galaxy-spanning conglomerate known as Interrai Incorporated.

    To the rest of the community, I may not hold a positive opinion of most of you, but, with all my heart, soul, and mind, I wish only the best for each and every single one of you. You have proved to be a formative experience in my life. For that, I thank you.




    Until we meet again,


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  6. Here's a theory to theorise with: Rose will turn out to be a First Order spy or something like that.

    Evidence includes: (Only open if you have seen "The Last Jedi" or don't care about spoilers.)

    • Forcefully keeps Finn on the Rebel ship, probably to keep him from escaping.

    • The First Order version of Widow Squad tries to end Finn, but makes no attempt to kill Rose, they might have tried to kill her later but why wouldn't they just kill them both?

    • Literally saves the First Order from Finn's kamikaze attempt, and says,"We win by saving the things we love." THAT'S KINDA SUSPISH, DONTCHA THINK?

    • Explains her willingness to just let the Resistance's cheeks get clapped by the teenee-tiny deeth ster so cute heehee.

    Okay, so my evidence is extremely limited, but that would be a cool plot-twist.

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  7. To the man who encouraged me to come back after O'Hare's reign.

    To the myth who created Widow Squad, the elites, the best, the true OGs.

    To the legend who got to General as a user.

    To the greatest Brigadier the Stormtroopers ever had (sorry Alex).

    You are, and always will be, the greatest work associate I have ever had the absolute pleasure and whale of a time to work with.

    Lord Ragnarok smiles on you, @Stevo.

    Come back soon.

    I miss you.

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  8. Damn.

    @addamcor, you are, without a doubt, incredible.

    From fighting rancors on Vanqor as a Lieutenant, to being the little drummer brigadier of the STs.

    You are one of the best work associates I have had during the 2 years I've spent in this community.

    I'll miss you, dude. Much luck with your future endeavors.

    You rock,


  9. 44 minutes ago, Bevan said:

    -1, NONE of these PACs make sense apart from the first few, they are also extremely basic. There is a single PAC that was made since your last application. Almost 4 months ago, you had 3 days playtime, and now, in late October, you only have 4 days more playtime.

    The lack of playtime is due to my computer's graphics card being corrupted 3 months ago, only being restored a few weeks ago. The lack of extra PAC examples is also due to this occurrence.

  10. Disclaimer: This application is a second attempt to gain access to PAC3, and is a copy of my previously denied PAC3 application, with several parts changed and some more PAC examples added. Most of the example screenshots have been copied from that application.

    Steam Details

    Steam Name: fwoinsap [IG]

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107528767

    Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175323262/

    In Game Details

    In Game Name: Department

    In Game Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

    In Game Regiment: Stormtroopers

    Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 1 week, 44 minutes


    PAC3 Questions

    Have you used PAC Before:

    I have been using PAC moderately in single-player, but I am still relatively new to it. 

    Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

    I have been a member of this community for over a year now, and over all my time on the server, I haven't received any warns or bans. While I may not be the most serious person, I maintain a strong commitment to the server and community rules, and always attempt to be the most effective trooper I possibly can be.

    Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph):

    I began to experiment with PAC by myself in single-player games, as I was inspired by the many inventive and sometimes downright absurd PACs that other people have created. I believe that PAC can not only be used to truly create a character, but can also be used to further a narrative, or a story. Not only would access to PAC allow me further a certain story, but I believe that it would allow for more depth with dear old Department as a character. It would also allow me to further stand out to new troopers who may be confused as to who to follow.

    Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

    I believe I deserve access to PAC due to my commitment to this vibrant community. However, I don't have the final say on whether or not I truly deserve access to PAC. That's up to you, the community, to decide if I'm worthy of this powerful privilege.

    PAC3 Examples:

    Department without his helmet (and with a self-made replacement).



    A non-combat uniform. (Based on Wookiepedia's description of a Stormtrooper officer's uniform. I left the pauldron on because I don't know how bodygroups function in PAC.)


    A propaganda poster that can function as both a morale booster in battle, and a recruitment poster out of battle.



    Due to certain events that occurred while Department has gone missing from the ship and base, he has gained a fascination with taking trophies from fallen foes, which he affixes to the underside of his weapons.

    (E-11: The head of a Trandoshan bounty hunter, along with a self-made bayonet, and undecipherable words etched into the gun's side.)


    (Pulse Cannon: Three human skulls. If you know, you know.)


    An incomplete suit of Phase III Dark Trooper Power Armour, with a half kilt attached to the belt. (Department currently only has the left arm.)


    A chaplain of a certain cult, armed with an augmented stun-stick that resembles a mace. (This is where the absurd side of my PACs begins.)



    (Yes, I know the cape is clipping into the pauldron behind the crystal skull, but the above PAC is optimised for...)

    Department with his Power Armour, and in his Cultist Chaplain garb.


    (Two capes, because why not?)


    And of course, my proudest PAC to date.......


    Due to my normally deadpan voice, many situations have arisen when it isn't clear whether what I said was a joke or not. This PAC aims to resolve that issue.


    The Joke Sign.


    And finally, what I hope I can develop Department into...

    The Sixth Trait


    (These PAC examples were all created before my promotion to LT Colonel, hence the black pauldron.)

    Thank you for reading this application and for considering me for this powerful privilege.

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