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  1. My name was the setup for a joke. I've no idea why I came up with such an awful joke, but I did. Unfortunately, no one made the joke, so I'm stuck with a silly name. Fortunately, it's allowing for a somewhat alright story to be told, so I've come to terms with it.
  2. Ok, I wasn't gonna buy it, but Droidekas are always worth it. SOLD!
  3. Yo, actually this. Healthy, cheap ingredients, and it tastes pretty good/alright/mediocre/amazing, and I didn't even make it that well when I cooked it.
  4. Though I'd die instantly, the far future of the 41st millennium would be wicked cool to see.
  5. I hope I don't need to bring up the roleplay possibilities that would surface if ISB implemented this. inb4 /me tells you to watch the conker. welcome back, btw
  6. Here's a theory to theorise with: Rose will turn out to be a First Order spy or something like that. Evidence includes: (Only open if you have seen "The Last Jedi" or don't care about spoilers.) Okay, so my evidence is extremely limited, but that would be a cool plot-twist.
  7. A Focus on Notable Cults in the Galaxy While rebellious insurgents remain the main threat to Imperial wellbeing, the concern that unregulated religious cults pose is too large to be ignored. These fanatics, while often under-equipped and under-manned when compared to Imperial troopers, have shown that they are capable of overwhelming small patrols of Imperial personnel. In light of a recent attack on the “Chimaera”, I have taken the liberty of researching several cults that could potentially pose a considerable threat to military operations. So far only three groups have proved to be capable of such attacks; an enormous cult of raiders and murderers known as Felonious Maximus, a smaller group of Jedi hunters known as the Slaughter-Room Purgers, and a very small but extremely devoted cult known as the Cult of the Kaiser. Further research may unearth more problematic religious groups, but for now, these three cults will remain the focus of my research. Felonious Maximus: Founder: Ferrant Norb, Sullustan, deceased. Date of Founding: 261 BBY. Current Membership: 20,000+. Current Leader: Thwiolronk Razam, Kubaz, male, 31 years old. Current Location: Unknown, last seen in the Northern Outer Rim, Gordian Reach sector. History and Description: Felonious Maximus was established on Kessel after Ferrant Norb, a high-ranking security officer of the Republic, was found guilty of conspiring to engineer several viral bombings of several planets, including Mon Cala, Felucia and Naboo. He was stripped of his rank and sent to Kessel to labour in one of the planets many glitterstim spice mines. He, as well as several hundred other individuals, escaped, fleeing into space. It is suspected that during this time Norb and several other prisoners established themselves as the dominant members of the now space-faring group, with Norb at the centre, his focus on bringing ruin to the Republic through as many criminal acts as possible. Since then, thousands of like-minded individuals have joined Felonious Maximus, and leadership of the group has passed through several members of different species, all of whom remain fervently convinced that, despite the Republic’s fall, the Empire is still to blame for their harsh lives. The current leader is notorious even in Felonious Maximus for his brutal methods and tactics, and many Imperial operations may be thrown into chaos if his mob use them against us. Summarisation of Goals: True to their name, the members of this pirate mob intend to commit as much crime as possible, however minor or severe. Threat Classification: High. Recommended Course of Action: Razam uses a translator to give many of his orders, a Gran named Olveb Gru, who assists in discerning truth and lies for his master. The death of Gru may force Razam into a panic. However, due to the group’s highly mobile, space-faring nature, I cannot give a truly effective stratagem. Recommending deference to a fleet close to their last location. Slaughter-Room Purgers: Founder: Kozir Kozam, Pau’an, deceased. Date of Founding: 63 BBY. Current Membership: Approximately 7,000. Current Leader: Dhim Tridal, Bothan, female, 62 years old. Current Location: Eastern Mid Rim, Mytaranor sector, Kashyyyk system, Trandosha. History and Description: The Slaughter-Room Purgers were formed when Jedi Knight Kozir Kozam fell to the Dark Side of the Force. It is theorised that he fell after receiving visions of unknown content. Using his limited grasp of the Force, he influenced several civilians to join him, including the Trandoshan Thrunteerssk Dokraaz and the Bothan Knenn Tridal, who was heavily pregnant at the time. The fallen Jedi took these civilians to an unknown planet in the Kashyyyk Region, where Dhim Tridal was born. With her mother dying in the throes of childbirth, Kozir Kozam forced Dokraaz to care for the infant Bothan. It took 9 years for the fallen Jedi’s mind to finally waver. Next to nothing is known about what occurred during those 9 years, except for when Kozir Kozam’s influence over the Force failed, the Trandoshan tore him apart. The remaining hostages of the Pauu’an Jedi attempted to find exit off the planet, but the young Tridal convinced them to follow her and the Trandoshan in gaining mistaken revenge against the Jedi. Since then, the group’s members have swelled with those who bear bitter resentment against the Jedi Order. Dhim Tridal has grown wise to the nature of the Force and has instructed her cult to kill any who show signs of affinity with it. Summarisation of Goals: The Slaughter-Room Purgers are extremely committed to causing the deaths of as many Force-sensitive individuals as possible. Threat Classification: High. Recommended Course of Action: Due to the risk presented to Sith Regiments, it is imperative this group is dealt with as soon as possible. The group is known to frequent Trandosha, which will allow for easy surveillance. The weaponry used by them is extremely effective against sabre-wielders (flamethrowers, slugthrowers, etc.). Deployment of 212th Troopers and Shadow Troopers may lead to a swift resolution. The Cult of the Kaiser: Founder: Ste-Ste Manning, Gungan, living. Date of Founding: 19 BBY. Current Membership: Unknown, believed to be no more than 900. Current Leader: Ste-Ste Manning, Gungan, male, age unknown. Current Location: South-Eastern Mid Rim, Chommel sector, Naboo system, Naboo, exact location unknown. History and Description: The Cult of the Kaiser formed almost exactly after the First Galactic Empire. The exact reason for the cult’s formation is unknown but is believed to have been started by extreme fans of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, perhaps to show support for the politician after his being attacked by Jedi. The cult’s leader, a Gungan named Ste-Ste Manning, is a mysterious individual, as no information about his past has been revealed, but the fervour with which his followers obey him indicates a charismatic leader. His followers come from across the galaxy, seemingly lured in by Manning’s promises of “blessings”. In the years since, the group has carried out numerous raids on Naboo cities. They have gained a status as “bogey-men” with the Naboo. The “blessings” given to the cultists by their Gungan leader only further this superstition, as many of the cultists have been reported as heavily and obviously mutated. Summarisation of Goals: True goals remain unknown. Threat Classification: Medium. Recommended Course of Action: While stating that they are an Imperial cult centred around worship of Emperor Palpatine, their raids against Imperial resources and civilians directly go against this claim. The legitimacy of their worship must be confirmed. If confirmed, place restrictions on their actions outside their areas of worship. If not, they can be eliminated. While identification will be made easy due to their deviant bodies, care should be taken if taking hostile action against the group. While these cases seem horrific, they are but the tip of the iceberg. The galaxy is full of groups that revere anti-Imperial policies, such as Felonious Maximus, or that wish to harm those vital to our cause, such as the Purgers. Even the Rebel Alliance that holds our galaxy in a vice of fear and violence can be considered such an organisation, clinging to the remnants of the Jedi Order and the Republic. My focus remains on these particular groups of interest, as well, of course, as the rebel threat, but others must be alerted to the growing threats. I urge for a crack down on these cults before they grow to become truly problematic and sap attention from the main issues threatening the Empire. - ST 6094
  8. Disclaimer: This document is a bit different to the other two I’ve previously made, as this one incorporates a small story at the end, and leaps ahead in time to not long after the Battle of Endor. Regardless, I hope you enjoy. :booting up: :date of access – 14:45:09, Zhellday, 32/06/4 ABY: :enter terms: =access Imperial archive= :accessing Imperial archive: =find file “Rockatansky”= :locating file: :file found: !Warning. Required clearance level: 2. Please input password! ---**********--- !Passcode accepted. Please proceed! Imperial Personnel File: Stormtrooper Rockatansky Personnel Information: Name: Oliver Rockatansky Current Regiment: Stormtroopers Current Rank: Staff Sergeant Current Age: 36 Species: Human Birthplace and birthdate: Kuat, 32 BBY Family: No known/living relatives. Early Life: Born to unimportant scavengers, Rockatansky was cared for until he could fend for himself, at which point he was promptly abandoned to carve out his own life as a scavenger. He gained some notoriety after it was found out that, at the age of 15, he had managed to sell several core components from a ship stationed at the planet’s orbital repair yards. While theorised that the parts simply fell from orbit, Rockatansky was seen boasting that he stole the pieces using incredible techniques. He never revealed what those techniques were. Military Life: Rockatansky’s military life began when he accompanied Stormtrooper Major Department to Tatooine after the Major’s alleged kidnapping by a Rebel cell. After an ensuing battle after Rebel forces pursued them to the planet’s surface, the Major fainted and Rockatansky was debriefed by several members of ST Command. After the Major recovered, he recommended that Rockatansky be put through training to become a stormtrooper. While his training until 3 ABY had only shown a standard trooper, Department clearly saw something in him, as he holds Rockatansky in high regard, even surpassing some members of the elite Widow Squad. Rockatansky’s training and instruction bore fruit during the Battle of Hoth as a Corporal when, under the now Brigadier Department, he assisted in the clearing out of the so-called Echo Base, and saved the lives of several troopers while under heavy fire. Rockatansky is now regarded as a promising and loyal soldier, and as Department’s closest ally within the Stormtrooper Corps. =exit file= :exiting file: =delete file “Rockatansky”= !You do not have the clearance to delete files from archived storage! =Bow to the Kaiser.= :override accepted: :deleting file: =exit Imperial archive= :exiting Imperial archive: Quickly shutting the console off, the man jumped up and hurried away through crumbling corridors and shaking stairwells, the thunderous beat of battle pulsing around him. His escape from the doomed building was cut short when he heard a noise almost indecipherable through the sounds of the bombardment outside: footsteps, drawing close. With a smack to the small pile of metal on the back of his waist, his armour sprang to life, covering him in a dark protective shell. His HUD turned on and began to beep softly at him. “Active camouflage function inoperable; ranged weapon ammunition low; heat-signature detection, night-vision, communications, are being repaired; stress levels at new high.” He silenced the notifications and pressed himself behind a pillar, hoping that whoever was coming wouldn’t see him. “Squad 3, down this hallway.” Stormtroopers. He began to panic. If they were rebels, he wouldn’t have a problem with killing them and continuing on his way, but he couldn’t hurt any other Imperial troops. He wouldn’t. All he could do was stay still and listen in on their conversation. “Why do we have to search the buildings when we can just blow up the foundations and let it crumble?”, asked the trooper at the end of the line. There was 4 of them, three regular troopers and another with a black pauldron, who was leading them. The leader’s response was short and simple. “Civilians aren’t to be left in the middle of this, lance corporal.” The line of soldiers passed the hiding man and he released his breath. He watched them turn the corner and began to move when his HUD showed a small notification. “Communications repaired and online.” The message flashed away while the man tapped at his left wrist and began listening to the squad’s comms. Their numbers and names flashed on his HUD, but he payed no attention to them, listening to the trooper’s conversation while he waited for his other systems to be repaired. “I still can’t believe this is happening, sir.” “Neither can I, lance corporal. Too bad it all devolved into this. At least we know co-operation is actually possible.” The man looked at the progress on his systems. Seeing that they were nearing full functionality, he stood up and began to walk to the exit. “Breach on 3….2….1!” The man stopped, curious at what they would find. “Clear, sir!” “Wait, bodies, two of them. One’s a trooper. ID them, quick!” The man hurried down the hallways, knowing what they would find. “The civ’s missing his left hand, sir.” “Found the hand, sir.” “The trooper has a large wound in his chest, maybe inflicted by a sword, sir.” “What? Comms that in and take his helmet off.” “Yes sir.” The man quickened his pace, now running for the exit. “Sir, I don’t know who this civ is.” “Hold on. That’s one of the bigwigs of Interrai Inc. Don’t know which one, though.” “Well he’s human, that might help identify him if we can talk to a representative, sir.” “Sir! I think the dead trooper is Sergeant Rocka-“ The man hit his left wrist, breaking the connection to Squad 3’s comms, and ran through the exit into a city on fire. His heat-sig detection finally operational, he looked for any enemies, only to be momentarily blinded by two sudden explosions in a nearby street. His ears were cut by a claxon blaring from the sirens mounted throughout the city. “All Imperial military personnel are to remain on high alert. The mutated individuals are dealt with. The Rebel force has been scattered both in space and in the city but remain a threat. The traitor Department is still in Theed. Current primary objectives are as follows: Evacuate all civilians from Theed; eliminate all Rebels. For the Empire!” The man ducked into a dark alley, and began to evaluate his options of escape from the city.
  9. Can't remember where I heard this, but I believe it applies to this situation. Dont feel a need to stick to the lore like glue, but use it as a foundation to build your own story. Cool and awesome things can be done if you put your own unique twist on things.
  10. To the man who encouraged me to come back after O'Hare's reign. To the myth who created Widow Squad, the elites, the best, the true OGs. To the legend who got to General as a user. To the greatest Brigadier the Stormtroopers ever had (sorry Alex). You are, and always will be, the greatest work associate I have ever had the absolute pleasure and whale of a time to work with. Lord Ragnarok smiles on you, @Stevo. Come back soon. I miss you.
  11. Damn. @addamcor, you are, without a doubt, incredible. From fighting rancors on Vanqor as a Lieutenant, to being the little drummer brigadier of the STs. You are one of the best work associates I have had during the 2 years I've spent in this community. I'll miss you, dude. Much luck with your future endeavors. You rock, -Department
  12. I once tried to kill Cthulhu on Tatooine. I failed.
  13. The lack of playtime is due to my computer's graphics card being corrupted 3 months ago, only being restored a few weeks ago. The lack of extra PAC examples is also due to this occurrence.
  14. Disclaimer: This application is a second attempt to gain access to PAC3, and is a copy of my previously denied PAC3 application, with several parts changed and some more PAC examples added. Most of the example screenshots have been copied from that application. Steam Details Steam Name: fwoinsap [IG] Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107528767 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198175323262/ In Game Details In Game Name: Department In Game Rank: Lieutenant Colonel In Game Regiment: Stormtroopers Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 1 week, 44 minutes PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: I have been using PAC moderately in single-player, but I am still relatively new to it. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been a member of this community for over a year now, and over all my time on the server, I haven't received any warns or bans. While I may not be the most serious person, I maintain a strong commitment to the server and community rules, and always attempt to be the most effective trooper I possibly can be. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I began to experiment with PAC by myself in single-player games, as I was inspired by the many inventive and sometimes downright absurd PACs that other people have created. I believe that PAC can not only be used to truly create a character, but can also be used to further a narrative, or a story. Not only would access to PAC allow me further a certain story, but I believe that it would allow for more depth with dear old Department as a character. It would also allow me to further stand out to new troopers who may be confused as to who to follow. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I deserve access to PAC due to my commitment to this vibrant community. However, I don't have the final say on whether or not I truly deserve access to PAC. That's up to you, the community, to decide if I'm worthy of this powerful privilege. PAC3 Examples: Department without his helmet (and with a self-made replacement). A non-combat uniform. (Based on Wookiepedia's description of a Stormtrooper officer's uniform. I left the pauldron on because I don't know how bodygroups function in PAC.) A propaganda poster that can function as both a morale booster in battle, and a recruitment poster out of battle. Due to certain events that occurred while Department has gone missing from the ship and base, he has gained a fascination with taking trophies from fallen foes, which he affixes to the underside of his weapons. (E-11: The head of a Trandoshan bounty hunter, along with a self-made bayonet, and undecipherable words etched into the gun's side.) (Pulse Cannon: Three human skulls. If you know, you know.) An incomplete suit of Phase III Dark Trooper Power Armour, with a half kilt attached to the belt. (Department currently only has the left arm.) A chaplain of a certain cult, armed with an augmented stun-stick that resembles a mace. (This is where the absurd side of my PACs begins.) (Yes, I know the cape is clipping into the pauldron behind the crystal skull, but the above PAC is optimised for...) Department with his Power Armour, and in his Cultist Chaplain garb. (Two capes, because why not?) And of course, my proudest PAC to date....... Due to my normally deadpan voice, many situations have arisen when it isn't clear whether what I said was a joke or not. This PAC aims to resolve that issue. The Joke Sign. And finally, what I hope I can develop Department into... The Sixth Trait (These PAC examples were all created before my promotion to LT Colonel, hence the black pauldron.) Thank you for reading this application and for considering me for this powerful privilege.
  15. Goodbye, good guy. I think you're the first person that's leaving that I'll actually miss. Much luck with your future endeavours.
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