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  1. Does a backstory really matter if the writer doesn't play on the server anymore? Dunno. Here is a backstory plus a short story. The file part of this took me months to write, and the short story took two days. I am not lazy, just inconsistent.
  2. Woah, you can post your reply twice without receiving any notification? That's actually lit.
  3. Fell off a swing at a park, fractured my radius and bruised my tailbone I was at that park to support type 1 diabetes, which I have, which is probably the worse of the two incidents, because of the chronic illness and lifelong drain on my bank account. But otherwise, I'm physically alright.
  4. Look, I intended for my next post to be a backstory for a character, but I gotta ask you ladies and gents an urgent question: What is your favourite dinosaur (or favourite prehistoric creature in general)?: Mine has got to be the Carnotaurus sastrei, as featured in the 2000 Disney film "Dinosaur", and as seen in this video: I'm a pretty big dinosaur enthusiast, so please let me know what your favourites are so I can look them up! (P.S. 'Creeping in my Soul' would be the name of my Stand if I had a Carnotaurus variation of 'Scary Monsters'.)
  5. On this somewhat auspicious day, with myself being somewhat inebriated, I briefly return this community to conform to the recent trend of ultimately pointless topics, and ask several questions of you all: 1. Why/How are you all not dead yet? 2. How fares the community? 3. Have any recent changes greatly affected the social climate of the server (any juicy drama)? 4. What's going on with the STs and ST Command? P.S. To old members of Widow Squad, I hope you are all doing well and are prospering. Sincerely, "Department"
  6. After seeing so many people make good-bye posts, I didn't think I would be making one myself, but, here I am, making a good-bye post. To those of you who don't know me, I am (or was) one of the longest running stormtroopers on the server. I have been a part of this community since late 2016-early 2017, and haven't joined a regiment other than the STs in that lengthy time period. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. The STs will always hold a soft spot in my cold, hard heart. As for my reason for making this post, several technical difficulties have prevented me from joining the server and
  7. My name was the setup for a joke. I've no idea why I came up with such an awful joke, but I did. Unfortunately, no one made the joke, so I'm stuck with a silly name. Fortunately, it's allowing for a somewhat alright story to be told, so I've come to terms with it.
  8. Ok, I wasn't gonna buy it, but Droidekas are always worth it. SOLD!
  9. Yo, actually this. Healthy, cheap ingredients, and it tastes pretty good/alright/mediocre/amazing, and I didn't even make it that well when I cooked it.
  10. Though I'd die instantly, the far future of the 41st millennium would be wicked cool to see.
  11. I hope I don't need to bring up the roleplay possibilities that would surface if ISB implemented this. inb4 /me tells you to watch the conker. welcome back, btw
  12. Here's a theory to theorise with: Rose will turn out to be a First Order spy or something like that. Evidence includes: (Only open if you have seen "The Last Jedi" or don't care about spoilers.) Okay, so my evidence is extremely limited, but that would be a cool plot-twist.
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