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  1. ofc ofc....Never doubted it
  2. You and me both man, this went real deep.
  3. R.I.P Nova troopers and my beloved RTO Jimbob, and Joshua the trainee. I remember this all too well.
  4. Um didn't they already start developing a gmod sort of game in Unreal engine or was it unity, one of them?
  5. I'm sorry what is this about...my eyes
  6. And it's at this point you realise what your apart of, your no longer an ST pvt on some swrp server, your a member, a person surrounded by warm people, all people with a common goal...Spread joy, happiness and most important of all, comradery. Congratulations everyone, your apart of a community bigger then you could ever imagine.
  7. It is times like these we experience the most joy in life, the ability to give joy to others. I recently volunteered to help care for and manage local bush land in a time where it seems the environment is becoming second class to many people. It is great to do something or help something for a cause that is larger than you.
  8. You still remember haha, it seems trainers are like riding a bike in the imperial gaming world...you never forget. Miss you too ofc, I will come back after Christmas to visit dw!
  9. And it finally happened. Good Work!
  10. The Time Has Come. The time you have all been waiting for... My official last post and legacy of and for the server... It gives me Great Pleasure to present to you the Official Nova Trooper Trailer of 2018 and onwards! Before you watch it, everyone gives @cjhrjone54an upvote if he replies to this, as this would not have been possible without his hours of effort and dedication to the project! I thank everyone who gave up their time to also be involved! Without further or do, I present... *cue curtains please* I once again thank everyone who was in No
  11. Well, this is a post I didn't think I would be writing so soon. I won't blabber on for too long, but essentially I am leaving IG. Why? May you ask? I have been offered another permission on {REDACTED} Gaming (Thought you could warn me for advertising XD), and my focus has merged from IG to that server. The owner is also an IRL friend of mine, so I couldn't say no. So I just want to thank each and every one of you guys, for making this one of my favourite servers I have ever played on!!! Special thanks to all the MHC staff/personnel for making my 3 weeks of total game
  12. stranger danger REEEEEEE
  13. Tatsumaki


    What has the dev team come to....
  14. Tatsumaki

    V.5 complete

    still didn't make it....*shakes head* LOVED IT
  15. Man, I am sad that I wasn't there by my troopers side to say farewell to another great general.
  16. ...I saw you blink...not good enough crisp I expected better.. jk Hello nova younling
  17. YOu will be missed beloved MHC staff memeber
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