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  1. Reference photos, The inside of the base is a mystery however it 100% contains these things 1. Garrison housing aka a bunch of bunks and stuff for regiments 2. Multiple Control decks 3. A power Reactor deep in the mountain 4. Engineering Service areas (under the landing pad and probably throughout the entire facility 5. A large landing pad connected via underground transport systems. 6. Tie Fighter hanger inside the wall somewhere off to the right of the first image, Probably could house a couple shuttles aswell (basically MH1 but a little bigger) And then since its Gmod probably everything else everyone wants like Debrief, Brig, Medical Bay and a few large rooms for things like ISB and Sith. Images Below
  2. Eadu Base A rugged, mountainousplanet located in the Eadu system of the Outer Rim Territories' Bheriz sector, Eadu was a remote, blue-hued world shrouded in gloomy rainstorms, wind, and lightning strikes. The planet's cloud cover was so thick that it appeared to be a night world even in daytime, and clouds mired visibility while gales battered any starships attempting to reach the surface. It comprised difficult, rainswept terrain which afforded the planet natural defenses, although the southern hemisphere also contained an Eaduan village cluster populated by nerf herders. The ground was uneven and was made up of jagged rock formations, broad mesas, black stone ridges, and narrow spires. The rocky canyons bottomed out in dozens of writhing streambeds. The planet's rain had the smell of fecund soil with an undertone of acrid stink. Good References http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Eadu Screenshots from the Rogue one Movie the 15 minute long sequence of the outside area of Eadu base. Not much is known about the interior but it atleast housed a garrison and also had a cargo shuttle bay that was quite large. I believe someone tried to make this base but they didn't base it off the actual movie footage very well and it didn't function great either.
  3. +Support, DT Commander now Brigadier (Much deserved) for a long time, Anyone whose ever been in DT would agree that he is respectable and trustworthy. Sure hes not a big name in the community but I don't think that should impact you on an application... He just likes sticking to his guns and his regiment comes first. I gotta respect that, DT Couldn't have a better commander. And I think with the recent influx of his members getting PAC3 he as the commander should also have it, I feel he could bring a new element to DT with PAC.
  4. +Support, Back when I was in ISB with Jerta I of course watched him closely being his superior but also noticed his strengths and I definitely think that he could make a great asset to the staff team.
  5. |Stryker|

    Movie Night

    Its small enough to be placed in MH1 :). Seats 220+ Players and I am more then happy to give people I trust the dupe.
  6. |Stryker|

    Movie Night

    I think I have just the dupe to watch this in. [Insert photos here]
  7. May The Gods bless your travels through this rough time.
  8. -Support, Before I got staff you were the most annoying minge I had ever encountered you had little respect for players and the server rules and you have even gone out of your way to insult the admin who banned you because I doubt whitey ever had his name as "Tighty Wighty" I also remember how many chances you where given and how you disregarded them like they were nothing.
  9. Someone spoils this movie for me I'm gonna BAN YO ASS and if you spoil it big time IMA goto my boi RIDGE and get you DESTROYED.
  10. I Like Trunks, Hes a good kid But I think people just need to stop the "Memes" so that he can just RP in peace.
  11. +Support, Red has been in engineers for a while and as his commanding officer I have seen how he functions and I couldn't be happier to have him in my regiment, He is an all around stand up trooper who has alot of potential in and out of RP.
  12. Recently got kicked from EM and the reason you where removed (I will leave it out) also impacts my response aswell v -Support
  13. +Support, My reasoning behind this is because sure he may be a bit of a meme every now and then but Ben is generally a good guy and definitely has some PAC experience
  14. btw the code you gave me is 1 letter short on the end.
  15. The baby fell out of the first floor.
  16. +Support, Good Engineer and a Good Event Master.
  17. SCAR Corporal Cthulu, Hes having issues logging into the forums.
  18. Thank you Everyone for the Support, I really appreciate it.
  19. I have known Admonish for a long time and I believe that he could be a valuable asset to this staff team. Hes Active, Friendly, Mature, Responsible, Trustworthy And also a great role model. You have my SUPPORT
  20. +Support, Axx is a great friend of mine and is well trusted. This is also a really nice application and it shows his dedication towards achieving the ability to use PAC to better his RP and those around him.
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